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  1. Both accurate - the club world cup moves to every four years from 2021, and the French league cup ended last season: https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/49747220
  2. Sure, there are loads on here. You can sort the posts by view-count to get an idea of the most popular.
  3. Yep agreed, just persevere, he'll get over it. I would say he "can" play at left-back now, but assume he would have some drag on performance, or else what would be the point of the colours?
  4. Many thanks @smoggy90, @Paul186 and @Ian - much appreciated! Had a few days off here - was gonna try the Messi/Ronaldo challenge but just can't get into it, not my sort of thing really... So I'll bang this out I guess, and then I still have one more career idea, but we'll see if there's time - otherwise, it can wait till edition... Season Six We only have the KO'C Challenge going now, so without further ado: Solid season for Trent... At least he salvaged something after receiving an Adverse international achievement. Up to 33 in total, having played 311 of the 501 games needed. So yeah as a team, we smashed it: Some ropey performances in the league, but no real concern. Haaland joined but he was very up and down: Two young strikers behind him there... Salah dropped off most out of the fearsome front three, who are all getting a bit old now... Nice 1-2 there. Looking like another four seasons to go. Thanks for reading
  5. Yeah mentioned this elsewhere but maybe reputation is a factor? My Liverpool reserves have been good, but it's the first time I've had good results with my reserves...
  6. That is bizarre, but it's been mentioned many times that looking at a match afterwards can sometimes show the wrong names etc
  7. Reckon it'll be violating restrictions, rather than a bug. It'd be better if the game told you what the problem was! But yeah there are a few, and it varies, like in EPL you can't loan more than one player from a club, and in SPL you can't have more than one player (total!) from the rest of the SPL clubs, etc...
  8. Can you show us his personal or contact screen? It says he's expecting to leave... I wonder if his loan deal had a buyout? Or there is a bug sometimes where the system thinks there is a buyout... But you can cancel it (when you confirm the transfer), so no worries. Hopefully that's it. And once that is resolved, you should be able to sort his contract out.
  9. "With Football Manager 2021 are about to be released in about a month from now across all platform".... Not sure about that, has it been confirmed? It's normally November anyway, and I'm pretty sure they said it would be delayed...
  10. Ooh I like this, probably more than the P$G "Neymar's a knobhead" challenge... Dunno if I'll get round to it, but will keep it in mind!
  11. Sure, it's pretty much the point of this site to be honest - it adds another dimension to a game that would be pretty basic otherwise
  12. Agreed. That said, my Liverpool reserves are doing great! But that's the first time - all other saves I've done, the reserves have definitely under-performed in terms of results.
  13. I liked this scout report... "So, what did you make of John?" "Well, he's definitely raw, but there's a lot to like - I reckon he's worth a look, he could become a good player" "Nice! How much do you reckon we could get him for?" "Hmm, yeah - probably looking at £20m or so, and to be honest they might push us up to nearly £30m" "Oof! But, if you say he's worth it, I'm in. What about his wages, what are we looking at?" "Could be as low as £2.5k but he might ask for three-quarters of a million..." "........you're fired"
  14. 4 plus me, yeah - and no, the other stuff seemed fine. It's a bit of an epic read but more details in that thread
  15. Sounds like a youth coach would be best, no? But per @Ian's reply above, it probably doesn't matter toooo much. For what it's worth I did a career with only Youth coaches - there wasn't much downside, and I got a load of good young players through: