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  1. Hey everyone, Just yesterday, I was staggered to be given the prestigious honour of "Best Career" at The Vibe Awards 2019 for my "Goal A Mile" adventure, which you can see here: The basics are to navigate from one end of the country to the other, with the goals of your designated striker earning you the miles to qualify for your next job. I certainly enjoyed it too, so I'm up for jumping straight into the new game with another attempt. But what do people want to see? Another attempt at the same route, UK south to north? Truro City sadly got relegated from the VNS in real life, so the route would be Plymouth to Elgin this year. Or maybe I should go the other way round? North to south? OR MAYBE we can go continental with this?!?! I considered France, Germany, Italy and Spain for it, but i hate France so forget that. I asked my Spanish colleague to help me identify the northern- and southernmost clubs, and he helpfully pointed out the Spanish clubs in North Africa and the Canary Islands, so as they're determined to make a mockery of it all, they can fuck right off. Leaving me with Deutschland and Italia. I have tried to identify the two extreme points for each country, though if anyone wants to check, please feel free Otherwise, please vote - I'll definitely do whichever gets the most! Feel very free to leave any other feedback below too Cheers!
  2. Mr Tree

    FMMVibe Community Awards 2018/19

    Apologies, I was genuinely totally oblivious to this section of the site and to this thread until just now - it seems I got Foxy's notification (from the award ceremony) but not Sam's here? Is that because I've blacklisted Sam and y'know, the whole restraining order issue? I'll try and participate a bit more next year 👍
  3. Mr Tree

    The Vibe Awards 2019

    fantastic. I'm honoured, and there are loads of good people in the community too who make it all worthwhile. I hope I can continue to bring occasionally interesting posts to next year's game too!
  4. Just knocked up this quick summary, in case it's interesting at all. Rosolek ended up winning, 11 seasons to 9, as well as the goal-per-game ratio. Worked out we got 92% of the available points in the league over those 20 years too 😮
  5. Mr Tree

    The Gambling Man

    don't you worry my man, i've got a good feeling about this!!
  6. Mr Tree

    The Gambling Man

    i'm gonna steam in with 40 quid on Circle please - yeah, back-to-back circle bets for the Vibe community!
  7. Mr Tree

    The Gambling Man

    Uh-oh, £100 on the line - three defeats could be troublesome!
  8. Hmm - one month out of 12 seems bearable, until FMM20 drops
  9. Me me me me!! Please add me @Foxy - Legia, Zjawinski and Rosolek, 1386 goals
  10. SEASON 20 - Lukasz's final season We shockingly spent net 200m zloty this season, mainly on three full-backs cos I was getting a bit thin on cover. That net spend came in spite of selling this stud, who was happily performing a backup role for me having been overtaken, but I just felt sad for him and thought it's time to set him free: 550+ games, 200+ goals and assists, signed for 1.4m and sold for 125m. Evandro, you're a legend Our reign of terror continued, notching a 6th consecutive Champions League (and a 20th Polish league title in a row) We soared past our previous PB on this career of 60-odd games unbeaten (always hard to avoid picking up a defeat in Europe in the old days), going unbeaten from last year's Super Cup defeat to Roma until this year's Champs League semi-final second leg, when we followed a 5-1 win at Man City by ridiculously losing 6-4 at home - their two strikers scored hat-tricks and gave my centre-back a torrid time. Anyway, bit annoyed that that ended my run at 108, but it was a good effort all in all. And Lukasz? He got the perfect ending, dragging his aging body through 120 minutes to slam home the game-killer in the Champs League final: So yeah, talk about going out in style: And yes you might notice above, I have a son! More full-back cover, just what I need Anyway, Maciej was still contributing too, although he wasn't as good as his old mate: Which, uncannily, gives them a combined total of 51 for the third year in a row! And a final DT total of 1386! I also finally got this award: But bizarrely, I've never been close to this: ...which really must be buggy - like, is it possible for someone in Poland to do well enough to get this recognition? 5 UCL's and 5 CWC's in a row (at that point) not good enough for you? Sure... Here's my profile at the end of the DT, for what it's worth: Other details from the season: Where do we go from here? Rosolek has two seasons to go but I don't need to play him - I was thinking of loaning him out tbh, but decided I'll keep him as a back-up, can't be doing that to a legend. Otherwise, I'm probably done here - I was curious to get a son but not too bothered to develop him (as a bloody FB). I'll keep the game for interminable journeys etc, but otherwise I might try and like "read" and stuff - y'know, check out what the other people do with their lives and all that. Many thanks for keeping me company on this journey - all comments and support have been highly appreciated!
  11. Mr Tree

    The Gambling Man

    You mentalist Gimme 20 quid on diamond then, why not
  12. The Roon! He's looking a bit rough there @Foxy, what ya been doing to him?! He's a beautiful beast who needs to be nurtured, not driven into the ground like a donkey...
  13. cheers for the support! i just mean, it's nothing like "yeah man, Metallica, 80k crowd, rock on!!!" Glen is that bloke from Once (Falling Slowly) - he was in the Frames and then had a band with her from Once called Swell Season, nice couple of albums. He's a charismatic dude so looking forward to that one. And yeah, new Elbow album out last Friday, and i love them in general. I'm very tall (hence the name), so i'm not a popular man at concerts, so i gave up a while back (and i was never prolific anyway). but couldn't resist these - hoping to just hide at the side and not obstruct anyone!!
  14. Mr Tree

    International Team Challenge

    yep nice one, good bit of originality 👍 good luck!