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  1. again a quick apology, i might try and get the list sorted this afternoon but work has been annoyingly hectic of late... anyway i have an issue - i put a good striker into the reserves because he got a three-month injury and it annoyed me to see him there injured all the time, so out of sight, out of mind. then one of my updates, after six weeks ago, tells me about my reserve team winning 6-0, with this guy getting a hat-trick. check and he's at 60-something percent fitness and his Eligibility page says he's still doubtful for three weeks. so why are the reserves playing him?!? i thought i'll just see how it goes (it didn't matter much) - and within a couple of weeks, he got another three-month injury. fab! i've noticed before that the "demote until match fit" option wasn't really working, they were using the players too early so their general fitness was staying low. i didn't see that experiment through, just promoted the guy back to my first team so that he could properly rest and get back up to 100%. but these functions don't seem to be working as intended or as i'd imagine.
  2. Cheers @Gunners Rishi- he did slightly better, but..... Season Four We needed to improve, and we had a bit of budget, so I searched hard and made some purchases - some short-term competence and long-term brilliance (Ewandro, Hristov, Everton and Maiorino): The game, as if reading my intentions suspiciously, set up a preseason friendly between the northernmost and southernmost teams in Italy. Hail the North! Simone started well, encouragingly... And he notched a couple of goals as we exited the cup with another entertaining game at Inter: Alas, that was part of a horrendous run where I didn't win for the first 2.5 months of 2023: ...before a miraculous spurt of 4 wins from 5 gave me hope: ...but a brutal run-in seemed to take that hope away again: We needed a win on the last day, plus SPAL needed to lose. We did our part thanks to the big fella, despite going one down early: ...but was it enough?? Yes! Phew! This was, however, disheartening - a step backwards even compared to last year. Although at least Simone seemed to have a slightly better season: That puts us on 83 goal-miles overall, with the nearest club 90 miles from Alto Adige. So hopefully, next year options will start to open up... The manager profile after four seasons: NEXT TIME - can we finally get over the line and move on? Can Alto Adige avoid another relegation battle?
  3. nonsense, i've had stuff upgraded after a year or two. big difference between LLM and top-level of course...
  4. If you want more in attack, you're probably gonna have to take some impact defensively. Personally I wouldn't worry too much. There are aspects of your system I'd change, as others have suggested, but otherwise I've had low-scoring tight-defence seasons that have exploded later in the season. Maybe your players adjust, maybe you'll spot a couple of things...
  5. yep, my Italian save at the moment, i won Serie C and then Serie B but that means i'm in Serie A too soon, first season was a real struggle... and the second season... will be posted soon
  6. good luck - the moose report has totally captured me, will be following developments with interest!
  7. Financial control 20?!?! Net spend of more than a billion inside five seasons!!
  8. Thanks @Gunners Rishi, @Ian, @Lord Danish and @BatiGoal! Season Three I tried to recruit but it gets tricky... I sold a faithful defender, Ierardi, to raise some cash, and Pierini turned out to be an excellent buy. However an early cup exit hardly got the juices flowing... ...with the boys showing some nerves ahead of the first Serie A game - except for my boy Simone! 💪 And what a match it was...... Followed by my first home match, against fellow northerners: Alas, the nice start slowly fell apart, and by Christmas the media needed a scapegoat: Makes sense to blame the players - it was hardly gonna be the fault of the award-winning manager: We got a big scalp when the "zebras" came to visit for the first time: But in the end, this crucial late equaliser... ...and a very timely goal by Mazzocchi... ...brought another year of Serie A football to Südtirol: My loanee backup striker for Simone impressed: ...which is a good job because the main man had a rough season: That puts us on 70 goal-miles overall and we're in a bit of trouble here, slowly plodding towards an escape from the North. Manager profile after 3 seasons: NEXT TIME - will we see desperately needed improvement... Or will things take a turn for the worse?!
  9. No to goal-kick, but sure they can take penalties and free kicks (think it was @cezzz16 who had fun with a Gavin Bazunu goalscoring career last year) and they'll go up for desperation last-minute corners, but not regularly. Never seen them do anything useful from a corner.
  10. how would you handle it in real life? you can't just give up on them, so throw em in and see if they get over it or not, i reckon
  11. quality. got a feeling the next hole will be child's play for you two, too. looking forward to the first slip-up though - surely you won't be tied at -17 going into the last...
  12. Luscombe definitely looks useful - maybe tweak how you're using him to get the best out of him?
  13. great stuff so far Titjes, increase every year, are England going to inevitably let you down
  14. yep, 5-star man has an average of 8, 2.5-star man has an average of 6.50 🤷‍♂️