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  1. There's an option to turn it off, i believe, if you want...
  2. Lads, i can't see me picking this up again - i think i got Bohemians back to the UCL semi before crashing out, and then i was gonna quit with one last desperate jump to St Pat's Athletic, try to save them from relegation and actually get them to 5th in the first season, giving me just enough time to squeeze some more points out and maybe get up a spot... But i just can't be bothered now It was good fun and i think I'll start FMM22 with something similar, but we'll see.... For "Goal A Mile" fans, this career ended up being very poor (or for some perspective... couldn't even fit the whole of Ireland in here without making the route basically invisible!) Even adding St Pat's in wouldn't have helped! Thanks for all the support throughout, especially the legend @Paul186! Cheers
  3. Exceptional performances by you 3 (and the Fox of course) - I've got a lot to learn still. But glad to see my final week score wasn't so bad. So often i was barely afloat in midtable and one of you would pop up with "struggling here, only 10 games unbeaten"!!
  4. My performance was pitiful all tournament long... but it was all worth it for this: F### QPR!!
  5. Gonna have to blitz it and push the deadline! Nearly halfway through overall as it stands...
  6. I'm in a similar boat geez, not even started yet...
  7. We've all got something to do. Feel free to update us when your schedule clears.
  8. Once upon a time i saw it live at Brentford... well, i missed it! Preston equalised, their winger Paul McKenna hypnotised our defence and banged one in. This is back when i was at school, and my English teacher was a Preston fan - i sat near the away fans and i saw him celebrating, flicking V's at us! I responded in kind of course, but then suddenly became aware of the crowd around me rising, and then going wild! Our skipper Paul Evans had done this to put us 2-1 up. Unfortunately this was before video cameras were widely available (1999), so the only existing footage was filmed on a potato
  9. Good luck fella, may the best man win! What a smelly choice of clubs
  10. Looks like the club choice was vital - we debated long and hard but i think hhooo locked on Fenerbahce early and fair play, it was a great call 👏 Thanks as always to the Fox for a fantastic write-up!
  11. If @FuddledFoxand the ugly islanders aren't against it, I'd be happy for you or @L_Dotzto sub in for me for the last week? Clearly i was off my trolley when i put my hand up for this, and I've struggled to fit the challenges in, work etc. Plus I'm clearly shit
  12. ecstatic mate, a real statement of intent. i thought our biggest mistake coming up could be failing to upgrade on Pontus at the back, but going for and then actually getting this target is just bloody amazing. let's hope it works out!!
  13. I haven't been explicitly named here, but i am offended!
  14. I didn't test, just relied on my natural ability........ But if i had, you know I'd be battling relegation
  15. I'm struggling a bit, life n stuff, but will do my best... might be frantically finishing this evening!