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  1. New PB for me - unbeaten for a year and a half in the league before this loss to my rivals in 2nd place...
  2. Cheers @StuartM! Btw in all that madness, i didn't even mention my top scorer Pratley - a free agent pick up released by Arsenal who approached us saying "i would be happy to sign for you" - i thought yeah he looks decent, and he ended up with 40 goals!
  3. Season Eight We had reached the Champions League last 16 for the first time - but we wouldn't get any further... A fun second half on kamikaze settings made it look closer than it was - Citeh were 5-0 up on aggregate after 24mins. We had just drawn the second league match of the new season too, to newly-promoted Wexford, but we hit form after our European exit, racking up a club-record 38 wins in a row in all competitions, a run that ended as soon as i noticed it - i happened to look at my fixtures and think "damn, we been killin' it", so i checked, and then we drew the next game (in the Irish Cup - we won the replay ofc). As you can imagine, that's the sort of run that brings success: And it carried us through qualifying too - i was even able to treat my Czech family to a match: Btw, i noticed during the season that, while i entered the qualifying at the first stage again this year, our escapades would mean that i start at the second round next season. Small progress, but just 3 rounds of qualifying rather than 4 will help a little with the fixture congestion (which got a bit insane this year, but at least i have the squad to deal with it - at one point we played 5 league games in 9 days, some of which was during an international break!) Anyway, our unbeaten run overall reached a new club record of 52 games, but it's always going to be tough to maintain with European giants around: Fatty too good, Frenkie scored a peach of a free-kick, and poor Tommy Talbot missed that late pen, gah! A great performance... And two weeks later, we got em back: From 2-1 down to injury-time winner, running round the living room waving my shirt around my head - scenes! And after winning all three home games, we went on to win in Moscow and Lisbon to seal qualification in style: So coming up at the start of next season, a Last 16 match with Liverpool... this is how their squad looks now, out of interest: For the challenge, my Irish colleagues at least managed one victory, but that was all: I think we've snuck up a place, but getting to 40pts looks nice, and just a few more (regular CL progression?) could see us fly up the overall standings... Player of the Season I started this section intending to highlight one player per year, just out of interest. But already, there are 4 or 5 i wanna show each season! Firstly, this (plus another €7m sell-on for my erstwhile teenage Chilean right-back) helped swell the club coffers: I sold Broomy at the start of the season, with a €5m+ offer on the table from MLS. Being in a tiny league, we get attacked at various different times, and although i can now resist bids, i end up having to give bigger contracts to deal with their unhappiness. So Santos, highlighted last year as already far and away my highest earner, upped the ante this year: (an alternate view of those top earners...) And then he got unhappy again at the next bid i told him I'll sell him soon, i have a pipeline behind him so no worries - hopefully we can hold on til next summer, finish the Champs League campaign first. He's been performing great anyway: But I'd trade one Santos for 555 Tommy Talbots: He had a wonderful first "full" season for us: Hoping he keeps growing! Btw i had to throw my right-back in too - he looks excellent. Actually not one of my youths, but i found him in the Irish lower leagues and signed him at 16: On to the January transfer window / offseason now, then hope we can keep up our good form when we meet Liverpool - can we reach the Champions League quarter-final for the first time? (and end a run of three successive last 16 exits, twice from Europa and last year in the CL) Thanks for reading!
  4. 1000% mate - i was always saying before VAR was introduced that it would be a disaster and a slippery slope. I only watch the bees, hardly any top-level stuff apart from highlights and World Cup / Euros, and I'm a little unsure about us going up to be honest because pride aside, it's gonna be a bit tortuous...
  5. Thanks @DIRECTFX- yeah i guess the problem is going to be that their reputation won't increase (much if anything), so they'll remain rubbish for a long time. I'm happy to try it like this, we'll give it a look after 10/15/20 seasons, see if we're getting anywhere, but otherwise i might try six seasons at 5 different clubs (or whatever) on FMM22, see if it's any better. My reputation has increased so that loanees from big clubs are now interested in joining, which is nice. Haven't found anyone worthwhile yet though... Funnily enough i can answer about the affiliate cos i noticed it just last year - Cabinteely finished 2nd but didn't play the playoff, the 3rd-placed team went instead of them. And yes getting some good Irish talent through now... more on that in the next update
  6. Great to see the bees back today, 5-0 away win after 4 draws in a row against bottom-half teams. We've probably left ourselves too much to do - believe Watford have won 11 of 13 and they now just need to get 10pts from last 5 games to seal 2nd. Looking like playoffs again then...
  7. Many thanks @Paul186and @Woody, much appreciated! Season Seven Bottom line... or headline, really, i guess... progress was made. That in spite of losing John-Jules after 28 goals in 30 games attracted interest from England to exercise his €4m release clause I'm getting very rich though so hopefully i can start offering more wages to remove the minimum clauses, and then i can be more selective over who leaves. And in the meantime, fortunately i still have my conveyor belt of talent ready to step up... So basics first, almost got an unbeaten season before inexplicably losing the 32nd game to, of course, the one team you can't see here. FMM!! I lost a cup game too! So not as much on here as usual... And one of the other cup wins was an emotional rollercoaster: That was genuinely a massive goal as we really didn't want to play extra-time during a heavily congested schedule. Anyway Europe's what really matters... we had to get past Dynamo Kyiv and then Anderlecht in qualifying, tough opponents! We just about made it... P$G, Zenit and FC Midtjylland in the group stage - could have been worse. Noone knows how to spell the Danish team's name properly, but i have an affinity for them as they're owned by the same guy who owns Brentford. The first game in the group set a worrying tone: And i checked after but he's my best taker and an "effective penalty taker"! Then i went 3 up in the first half against FCM, only for them to equalise before half-time!! We eventually sealed the win in the second half before jetting off to Paris to face... A P$G team in crisis!! They lost their first two games!! And i almost had them too, but Szoboszlai popped up to score the only goal. In the return though, they had a man sent off early, so we just about grabbed the win... and then won in Russia and Denmark to reach the last 16 for the first time! Our reward? I looked them up to see if they were crumbling perchance - no, they had 10 players worth more than €100m. Gulp! How did my colleagues get on this year? Same as last year At least they had the good grace to fit into one screenshot: Useless wankers. So we remain 32nd, but hopefully some more points coming our way with this PB run... Player of the Season Sorted by goals: Sweeney and Hand were two of the three gold youth recruits i got a couple of years ago, mentioned elsewhere - the other was a keeper who got 10-15 games this year, and he's starting to look tasty too. Tempted to share them all, plus my awesome Irish RWB, but there can be only one and for now, we have to recognise Santos: Our only 5-figure earner, i.e. he earns more than 2x what anyone else does. But he delivers! Cracking player, bit of a dick, we'll see how long he hangs around... Btw all this success led to a new stadium: It always takes me by surprise and i can never think of anything funny off the top of my head. Happy to be the New Tolka Park No upgrade on facilities, unfortunately. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it!
  8. They can go up and down based on form too (temporary). A lot of people here think they're basically meaningless... i actually base my team selection around them, but yeah, all you can do is nurture the players in the right way. What problem are you experiencing? Unfortunately, some players are just destined to be not very good.
  9. Mentoring, loaning, playing regularly but not over-playing. Hard to say though cos it's not really clear what you want. If you put more detail in your question, you'll get more detailed answers
  10. Damn, Cisse got poached for €7m and my Chilean right-back for €5m, minimum release clauses, couldn't negotiate new contracts with them. And Roma ousted me So no progress versus last season, but hopefully consolidating a good ranking anyway...
  11. Cheers, yep already got a couple of affiliates, and beat one of them in one of the cup finals (Roy Keane's old team, Cobh Ramblers). Btw didn't get far with other Board Requests this year, but training facilities are Excellent, youth is Great, and stadium is 20k now, so we're building well overall. I'm basically three-deep in every position with first-team regular, competent backup, and exciting youth potential, and i go even deeper in some positions. I try to clear out regularly too but i find it's good to have a lot of options and then see which players take off. My transfer profits largely go to expanding my wage bill to make it all work. But yeah my competitors are all happy to take my lads on loan and develop them for me, so that works out nicely and hopefully will help to boost the performance of those clubs too... Many thanks for your comment too, @FuddledFox- no worries, we're only 20% in so far, hopefully it won't be long till we see them going further!
  12. Season Six Alas, my European run didn't last much longer, as we couldn't find a way past the Red Devils' defence... World Cup 2026 happened, and the English have something to look forward to - Raheem Sterling's 89th-minute semi-final winner against ze Germans was followed by this: As for Shels, well of course we smashed it domestically, getting our first ton and finishing with an average of 2.94gpg for and 0.97 gpg against Our only defeat was Dundalk quite inexplicably sticking 5 past us on the opening day - as a result we ended up signing a new keeper who wrestled with and eventually usurped Mair to become our top dog. We grabbed all the cups too, of course: In Europe we made it through qualifying, smashing Celtic along the way, before getting another group of Napoli + Giant + Austrian team... A chaotic and sensational group ended up with 62 goals total from 12 matches - i don't have the stats to hand but i presume that's a world record. We came from 3 down to draw in Naples before they got their act together - we were 0-0 in Ireland when they had a man sent off with 20mins to play - i went for it, they snuck a 1-0 win on the counter Bayern threw us around like a rag doll before losing their penultimate game in Vienna, leaving me needing to avoid defeat in the last game in Austria to ensure more continental football in February. Easier said than done as I'd conceded 5 goals in each of my last two trips there. But this time we were rolling and we romped to a 5-1 win to progress (to the Europa League). And our reward: The team who welcomed me to continental group play with a 6-0 defeat in the Olimpico back in Season 2. Revenge..... is unlikely! But who knows! My colleagues were all useless, unfortunately - apparently Ireland's standing has already increased to a point where they all got a first round bye, but none of them could take advantage: So overall, our points have gone up, but we've only made it a couple of places higher, so far... Player of the Season Look at all these goals... ... and bear in mind that Obiero had 30 already when i sold him in August for €8.5m 😮 It's a fine line to tread with player sales - we'll keep being bullied but hopefully i can keep the production line going. To wit, Cisse blossomed this year to get the honours: Plus a decent season for Hugill, and John-Jules (sorry i didn't know this til just now but the real-life nephew of the Cat from Red Dwarf, owwww!) coming in and contributing well, plus teenage wingers Sweeney and Santos showing promise - exciting times! Thanks for reading!
  13. Jesus H. Please tell me you sorted them out in the second leg and they didn't get away with that travesty!
  14. Many thanks @Albionic @DLC @Paul186 and @broodje kip, much appreciated! Season Five Straightforward domestically: But disaster in Europe, as Qarabag (who i beat in the Euro Cup II semi last season) got their revenge: I could only get a 1-1 draw in Azerbaijan, leaving the boys crushed But fortunately, the Europa League was there for me if i could get through another couple rounds of qualifying... Maccabi Haifa were my opponents for the last playoff... 10-1 is quite the giant-killing... An awkward-looking group, and another pasting in Austria, but we got the job done... So we have this to look forward to... No progress on Ireland's overall ranking, but some points were gained, and the chance to vault up to 30th is there with some sustained success (if that's how it works!)... It looks like we had a little progress too with my local rivals - Shamrock only got two games but at least they started in Round 2, which should give them better chances to go further in the future... Bohemians got through one round... And Derry got through two, with an impressive win over Brondby before falling at the third hurdle... Player of the Season Quick look at my regulars: 40 more for Obiero, who's getting very tasty - worth €3m+ now He even ended up as the Champs League top scorer, despite us getting knocked out at the group stage! I'll single out Middleton for this year though - he's forced his way into a regular spot on the wing, and he can whip in a mean corner. 20 dribbling and 20 movement is handy 😮 Got some real cracking teenagers I'm working on too - was tempted to spotlight some of them, but hopefully their time will come! Thanks for reading!