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  1. Many thanks as ever, @George Traistăand @Paul186! I was gonna say "frantic transfer dealings" but actually, i had the luxury of all of July to work on the team. And not an awful budget. But it was hard to get used to the idea of putting a whole squad together for less than £3k a week! Kept £55 aside for a couple of celebratory curries in due course... This was the man identified to take me to the promised land: And the early returns weren't shabby: But this: ...aside from being brutal personally, cos it just meant a lot of pressing Continue without being heavily invested, the injury also led to a tailspin with seven winless league games Even that cup defeat was a kick in the balls: Couldn't send everyone upfront at the end as i was distracted by wailing child! Also, plot twist - Truro City are in the mix! They are currently in the VNL, and they are more southerly than Plymouth - argh!
  2. @billy2shotsi think @hhoootouched on it but i think together on here we worked out that there's a maximum of two players per "instruction", and if that's exceeded the AI just does what it wants...
  3. Great stuff Foxy. A lot of familiar names now... that Romeo bloke always plays well against us in real life, hopefully he can do a job for you 👍
  4. Ok @George Traistăhere you go: A great efficient move that really puts us within sight of home. Find a good striker now for the next couple of seasons and we should be laughing... Newly promoted to the Vanarama South, the computer was lazily filling their squad up so they have 11 players (total) when i join. Typified by the note in the middle of this assessment: Also, it's a one-man show for now! So some fun ahead filling that all up
  5. Cheers @George Traistă! Leicester beat me 4-0 (three late goals when i went kamikaze) and went on to win the cup. As for the league... and... ...as we hit 5th place with 3 games to go. But it was very tight and i had away to 3rd then home to 1st. Drew both, then bottled an easier last game of the season to stumble home and tumble down We were the people's champions, of course: and... So you can see there, Tricky Ricky got 31. Up to 127 goals in total in 3.5 seasons since signing for £1k from Dover. Decent As for your question though, George - I've flicked on to the new season and there appears to be an ideal job available... So it looks like we won't play in the Prem in this career
  6. Thanks @Paul186, always appreciate your support mate! We needed to find some upgrades in the January transfer market, and we got a stroke of luck... Happy New Year!! But it wasn't much money... But useful, can't complain... Every now and then, i remember a big part of the transfer market I'm missing out on... And this time, it was the dawning realisation that 99.9% of the players signed in this career have been Free or Listed (either). Now that i had some cash, i could go and bully some slightly smaller clubs and nick their best players. Not that i got anyone too significant - struggled to find affordable players who looked like good investments. But i got two old friends back on loan in wingers Matheson (Bradford youth now at Liverpool) and Taylor-Crossdale (star loanee last season). A good loan CB from Aberdeen. A quality young RWB loanee from (somewhere foreign). A couple of midfielders, one of whom cost £1m from palace. And a young Italian striker whose u21 caps got him a work permit on appeal. February was pretty good - not perfect, high-flying Sunderland got an injury-time winner which hurt... But a 5-0 win over Blackpool vaulted us up to 7th all of a sudden, 2pts off the playoffs... Rick has 24 from 32 now i think... But most importantly: And i believe we can journey now down into the bowels of Sixfields to discuss tonight's victory with the winning manager - Mr Tree, are you there? Hi, good evening Harry! Good evening... Mister. Congratulations on tonight's win - tell us what it means to you... Ha, thank you... Well it's fantastic, we're thrilled of course - reaching the FA Cup Quarter-Final, the last eight in the country - it's a remarkable step for us in our journey. Couldn't have imagined this when i joined three years ago and we were scrabbling around League Two mid-table! And who knows - we smashed a League One team 6-0 when we were in League Two, in the cup, and last year we beat a Championship team 5-1, so... we're not scared of anyone, we think we can beat anyone on our day. I mean, obviously, tonight we played a team who are clearly "almost Premier League" themselves, I'd regard them as premier league, so to get past them is just incredible for us. A word please for young Terrell, the match-winner. I mean, they're all match-winners for me Terrell, we had him on loan here a couple of years ago, he came through the ranks with me at Bradford - there was no surprise at all for us that he went to Liverpool. I know things haven't worked out for him there so far, but he's still young, plenty of time. We suggested to them that he needs to get some game-time, and I'm glad they could allow him to come. And what a goal eh! Cutting inside and smashing it in, that was a beauty! Mm, wasn't it... There were some grumbles about your team selection before the match, but it all worked out... Yeah i mean, we're clear - the league is the priority, the bread and butter. Everyone loves the cup but it's just a bit of fun, y'know - it's always difficult, you just throw all the teams in a pot and see what comes out. Now we're at the business end, we'll see how our fitness is at the quarter-final stage and take it from there. We really wanted to make sure that everyone who started tonight was at 100%, so we rested a few - but we're always confident in the lads behind them, and we knew extra-time was a possibility. And we got some great performances, Ollie at centre-back was immense, played for me at Stoke and now this, sensational... Isaiah, we just brought him in for a mill last month, he was brilliant... and obviously Murray up front, in a purple patch with Nicky out, hat-trick last week and fantastic again tonight. Great thanks Mr Tree - and if i could just ask you to stick around for an instant reaction to the quarter-final draw... (Draw: Happens) Ooh! Oof i mean... there's no easy teams at this stage. Leicester away, that's about as tough as it gets - we all know, they've been phenomenal the last 25 years. But we'll be ready, we'll fight with honour and class, we'll fight for the town, obviously they're big rivals for our rugby team so I'm sure we'll get a few more fans involved for that. Should be a great day! Ok, thank you for your time Mr Tree, enjoy your evening! Namaste.
  7. The only benefit I've found with the affiliate so far is that it's easier to loan the player out - you basically assign them to play there (although they can reject it). The downside to that though is that the affiliate won't pay the player's wages. I have found too that the affiliate clubs usually offer to take your Listed for Loan players (and then they'll pay, although not always). But I'm actually just experiencing them for the first time, 20 seasons in, as bizarrely Northampton Town had 3 affiliates when i arrived. I wonder if they start with them... Too lazy to find out, i assume they do... Otherwise i definitely prefer Reserves to B team, found out about the flaws with that system when i did a challenge in Russia with Spartak Moscow, so i avoid B teams now. I'm happy enough elsewhere but it's a bit of a shame, hopefully it's getting fixed... I tend to only keep 12-14 players in my first team squad, using "Promote for Next Match" to fill the bench and ensuring that backups are playing regularly etc. I think it's good for development - it feels like it, and my bees youth save went well last year, even though i was doing sub-standard training (lesson learned for this year thanks to @broodje kip!). Sometimes i get caught out cos i don't pay attention to fixtures, so players I'd want to fill in the first team have got knackered playing for the Reserves the day before, but that's easily fixed if you pay attention. I generally loan out as much as i can, it's hit or miss but some players do improve significantly on a loan spell. Plus you can call them back anytime, if you get caught short with an injury etc. I've written about it elsewhere but loans are very exploitable - you can fill your squad with free loans to give you the depth you need, allowing your young players to go out on loan and develop well.
  8. Lads, i got sidetracked and didn't notice the end of this epic, apologies! Really sensational stuff from all three of you (you lunatics), bravo and well played 👏
  9. Cheers @geordiekrispy! Plan A is that the goal that gets us to Plymouth will be the winner in the Champions League Final... But it might not work out that way... We beat these fools: But got kicked in the goolies by my old buddies: (don't know who he is, not one of mine, but i HATE him now!) Rick caught fire a bit: But a rotten spell in November set us back. We're still doing "well" but not quite marching to glory - probably need another good CB and CM in January... One success story - look at this kid blossoming: Btw i got the notice that Rick's contract had six months left, so i took the plunge - increased his wage x10, and he has a £10m release clause, but he's staying and he's happy, for now. He's scored 15 in 21 so far this season, so we're on 111 goal-miles overall. Thanks for reading!
  10. Slow couple of days here, sorry... Difficult to get the right players in, but we're 6th after 10 games and the squad seems in pretty good shape... Rick struggled with the step up, although he still played well enough to get some recognition: My loanee winger from Barcelona with top spot. Barcelona S.C., that is... Ricky hasn't been finishing well though, including a couple of missed penalties Of course this year sees a few reunions, with Bradford and newly-relegated Stoke joining me in the Championship. My first such encounter was Stoke at home, with Hepworth missing out injured (no doubt a broken heart) : Good to see Ricky bag a brace. Newman is a loan winger from established SPL powerhouse East Fife, but he can't stay bloody fit And finally... "Ah... mio bueno massivo complimento linkare trainer espana... ¡tengo mucho espanola, i mucho bueno opportunidad!... ale con Northampton es importante, so i no go nowhere. ¿Comprende?"
  11. Lol, no issues here with my Samsung, i update whenever i can... no idea if I'm on android 11 though
  12. Kane, you're a legend mate, that's why you get the responses! Good luck, though I'd have gone with Mbeumo and Benrahma if i were you but too late now...
  13. Great effort Kun - shame about the end but that's what you get for not giving the game the respect it deserves