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  1. Mr Tree

    FMM19 Bug List

    I can answer all three, as the bosman thing just happened to me again... 1/ entirely random, pretty much happening all the time now 2/ yes, the other guy I got in was loaned from Hearts, who are in the SPL. 3/ it was immediate (or maybe the day after, but basically straightaway). Again, I was asked to confirm the transfer (and I guess I'd have been asked every day), and I checked the guy and suddenly he'd been signed up for an extra 3yrs with his current club. We had just agreed terms for him to join me when his contract ended.
  2. Adventures in Europe The club's first ever European tie took them to...... Northern Ireland 🙄 Well, in fact, the first game will be in glorious Coatbridge. How did we get on?! A few jitters after young centre-back Naylor fell on his sword, but we saw the game out comfortably enough. A quick trip on the ferry for the second leg and.... Davis's early goal sealed the deal really, and it was comfortable from there. Second round sends us to.... Slovakia! That's a bit more like it! Half of my lads have never even heard of it, and the other half can't pronounce it, so there is a slight fear of the unknown. After watching Hostel to help them embrace that fear, we were ready to welcome these guys to Cliftonhill: Davis ripped into them, and Naylor was a lot happier at the end of this one than the previous home leg. Still anything can happen so... I'd love to know more about Vladimir McGrath's back-story, but now's not the time... Game on, so Round 3 sends us to.... Ukraine! The lads have heard a little about that, there's a war going on isn't there, etc... And we start off with the away leg this time.... Wow, can't ask for more than that - phenomenal performance. Second leg was just a formality after that... So now just two games from the group stage and some real big guns, but for sure now we'll have to overcome a proper team... Where to now then? Switzerland. Away in the first leg. And hope is snatched away, followed by an injury-time kick in the balls: Corner was cleared and rifled back in after I'd sat back at 2-1 up and not bothered to push back out at 2-2. Arse. It felt like an irrecoverable blow, even though we know these boys are made of stern stuff... Can we get there in the second leg?? What a cliffhanger!!
  3. Yeah I got Kirchhoff in my Dynamo Dresden save. Good for the first season, then ditched him, but certainly a useful centre-mid. I noticed that the guy (sorry I forget who) that recently posted a Montrose save also picked up Gary Irvine at the start, as did I for Albion Rovers. Probably a bit low for you but a dynamite veteran full-back at that level
  4. SEASON 5 REVIEW World Cup Weeks flew by in November without a game, and then I remembered why. Germany shall end France's reign, you heard it here first: England's poor run led to a shake-up with knock-on effects in my league... Cups My best run yet in the BetFred was ended at the quarter-final stage by Hearts after a crazy extra time period: Yes, Chris Smalling?! I only have Scotland loaded up on this game, so now weird random people are popping up at these clubs - Andy Carroll at Hibs, anyone? Ayr avenged last year's humiliation by dumping me out of the Scottish Cup - seems I was sulking too much to screenshot that. League Here's another good random name for you, plus some classic FMM-ing: And unfortunately this capped an "awful" run that was a "major" concern for the board: As mentioned previously, the conclusion here might be that my board are dicks. Also, see lower down that last picture - my young winger Armstrong was impressing a bit too much. Rotherham came in and met his release clause, and that was the end of that We then suffered a horrendous injury crisis after the break that led to us playing the only 11 fit players for a good month or so. But somehow we survived and continued winning more than we lost. After playing each team twice, we were leading the non-Glasgow portion of the table: And then we gave the blue side of Glasgow some hope... ... before mercilessly crushing that hope 3 days later: Those results were enough to see us crash the Manager of the Month party - still can't get the top step, but a silver medal is the best I've done so far! We also reached an important milestone with our first international call-up: And we ended up comfortably in the top 6 when the league split - no danger of relegation! The best game of the final five saw us come back superbly from 2-0 down at half-time: And we went into the final match (home to Hearts) knowing that if we could avoid a 0-7 defeat, we would be in Europe next season! (4th place only qualifies if one of the top two win the Cup) We just about survived losing 1-3 to secure 3rd place! We ranked well in the league stats: ... which was reflected in the prizes: Unfortunately, Taiwo's meteoric rise was even greater than Armstrong's, with the prize triggering St Johnstone to meet his release clause. I tried giving him a new contract but couldn't meet his demands. This will be "fun" as I establish myself over the next few seasons - hopefully I keep finding sufficient talent to replace them, and I can start persuading players not to sign with release clauses too... On the other hand, the money does at least give me the funds to "level up" Finally, here was how the squad performed (can't work out how to do this without the loaned-out players - "hide ineligible" is ticked) And finally, my manager profile after 5 seasons: So, let's see what signings I can get for the new season, and then we'll have our first European game... And I've got my eyes on breaking into the top two, but that might be over-ambitious given their size!
  5. Mr Tree

    FMM19 Bug List

    Yeah just had this happen too. It strangely seems to be getting MORE buggy for me, rather than less. Hope the good people from SI will be along soon enough to reassure us....
  6. Celtic dispatched in the BetFred, even with a couple of my youths in the team just for experience! And that earned me 100k in transfer funds - very useful! I even scared them in the league... Very promising start to the season - really liking my squad at the mo!
  7. Mr Tree

    FMM19 Bug List

    It's trying my patience today!! I was able to sign the other guy on a permanent deal, so went back into loan Ferguson. It failed a couple of times so now I show you... First I made an enquiry: Then I make the offer: And meanwhile, of course, he is listed: I ended up getting a similar player, f*ck you Ferguson... And the guy I got is out injured for two bleeping months!! 😠
  8. I did it, I climbed the bloody mountain!! I made it through to the second round of the bloody Betfred Cup!!!! Job done, pack your bags, see ya later! Of course I have promptly drawn Celtic in the next round 🙄 I had another cracking game at Queen of the South in the group stage, by the way... 93rd minute professional foul red card, with a second following for arguing the decision!
  9. Mr Tree

    FMM19 Bug List

    But this is really really annoying. Apparently there's some rule that in the SPL, you can only loan one other SPL player. That's fine. But my move here got blocked for that reason, even though I don't have another SPL player on loan!! I have one other player on loan, but that's from a Championship club - different division. I saved the game at that point (and kept it separate), if it's useful for you at all...
  10. Mr Tree

    FMM19 Bug List

    This thing where the "most recent" is not the most recent is annoying:
  11. Season 4 (note: I've put a lot of previous screenshots behind spoilers now to try and make the thread a bit more readable) No IRN-BRU Cup for me, and I got Rangers in the Scottish Cup 5th round, didn't even bother to screenshot it. It's all about survival in the league so... I didn't quite make the top six - lost my last two games to Kilmarnock and Dundee (where I got totally FMM'd) to condemn myself to the relegation scrap... Still, a nine-point advantage with five games to go, you'd take that. And survival was ensured with an emotional 90th-minute goal: Ended up playing Ayr on the last day - they needed a win to stay up (although as it turned out, it wouldn't have been enough anyway). I had thrown a few kids into the mix, including this striker who I hadn't realised had been developing so nicely: And he ripped them to shreds! He's still probably a bit young for SPL, and Hardie and McLennan are half-decent, so I might loan him out for next year for the experience, and then have a potentially tasty player for the future! Final table (well not actually, but who cares about the top six): Hibernian and Morton are coming up to replace the bottom two. I've improved my training facilities, got a silver scout, and a little money, so will try to make a couple of nice pick-ups so that we can push on. Bowers ended up with the best average in the league - he's been a great signing: Of course, cruelly overlooked for Team of the Year, but at least I got a couple in there... God knows how they work this out, McLear ended up being replaced by Armstrong in my team for the last third of the season!! Keillor-Dunn topped the assists chart: As for the squad - firstly, a summary of my transfers: Tanser came in at left-back - Quinn's a good prospect but I didn't want to throw him to the wolves! I ended up bringing in Calder as a competent reserve LB so that I could loan out Quinn for game-time. Turner became my BWM. Knox never really broke into the team ahead of Kirkpatrick, but Armstrong was a great signing. Watters was a young midfielder signed in January who got a few games by the end, enough to earn Young Player of the Month, although the board were still unimpressed... (They had spent the previous nine months telling me that signing my ex-loanee Lawless on a free was a mistake. He was useful insurance and a free transfer. It might be that my board are dicks) So otherwise, here was how the squad performed (sorted by AvR): And here's a look at how their values have (thankfully!) increased: I didn't really notice the moment where the values all started going up, but once I did, I had to get around negotiating new contacts, as some had increased beyond their minimum fee release! And Armstrong has continued to bloom, which is a bit worrying as he's again now worth more than his release clause, and won't discuss terms atm... Finally, my manager profile after 4 seasons: Thanks for reading
  12. was there not a wee competition going on between you and @Foxyhimself in the DM positions? just that i notice one rating is higher than the other and that there hasn't been much comment on that... isn't there some sort of prize or forfeit involved 🎣
  13. So I've played all the SPL teams twice now - time for an update! I came close to stunning Celtic, but couldn't hold on I signed a 17-year-old winger who's proved to be great pick-up... Except, oh... (also, it's a bit odd that I didn't deny anything, yet it says that "the club" did...) McLear again took a few games to get going, but now he's gaining his confidence at the top level: Unfortunately I had a rocky spell with 5 defeats in a row, but we managed to get it sorted, and then....... So we're far from safe as it stands, but it's been encouraging: And then in my 23rd game, the young winger (who's "backed down" on his requests for a bigger club, thank god) scored a screamer to salvage a point at Ibrox Still haven't really been able to sign much, but hopefully my scouts can find me some gems. Finally got the training facilities upgraded, but noone's keen to join, so I only got a bronze gk coach to fill out the staff. Next target: stay up And obviously after that, I'd love to finish in the top six, but that might take a while...
  14. Quality stuff Foxy, well done 👏