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  1. Tried this on my long-running career, we were successful, but not with the same impressive numbers as some of you managed. But pretty decent
  2. Thanks @Avengiz! @RichDave32- thanks, I appreciate it. Not sure what's next - this was my second 30yr career this season, so I might just stick with short challenges for the rest, but we'll see... I have some ideas in mind, but it all depends... Season 29 For my penultimate campaign, I went for the 3-5-1-1 tactic posted by @Plimmerz92, mainly due to the shape being radically different to anything else I've done recently... I was a bit lazy, both in terms of recruitment and constantly forgetting to push mentality up to Attacking when I needed a goal. We didn't seem as tight at the back as Plimmerz managed, and of course it took some time to get comfortable with the formation, especially working out which midfielders were best to use... When Arsenal beat me in November, they stretched their lead... But over the next 20 games (until I beat them in the return), we went 15-5-0, gaining 11pts on them. We needed to win on the last day to be sure, but we did, relegating West Ham in the process Again, this isn't necessarily indicative of problems with the formation itself, as there's always some transition going on with the squad, plus other factors, etc. I was using my "worst" keeper for a long while (he looks like he'll be good though), and my midfield could be stronger, etc. Still, job done - and we swept Europe aside once again, too: Yarney did enjoy the number 10 role, although Ferrer came back and nabbed "Best Player in Europe" from him by the end of the season: Otherwise, here's the squad overview: Chamberlain had a bad run and then got injured, I think, and young Pleavin came in and took his chance! (Cartwright was away on loan most of the year). Rubbish stats for the wingers compared to usual, with their roles reduced this year. Our new striking sensation: Plus young defender Milner enjoyed his chance in a centre-back trio: I have another couple of rising stars - it's a bit of a shame that we won't get to see how good they'd have turned out... (some red arrows due to a late-season injury) Speaking of "we'll never know", this was my penultimate youth batch, none of whom will ever see their 19th birthday Great year for my impact on the England squad: Eight of my own, plus another SIX old boys! (Rooks, Rogers, Milambo, Iseguan, Hetzke and Willis) I think that's a PB of 14, although I'm too lazy to check now so we'll find out when I post a new snazzy graphic summary after the last season. Thanks as ever for reading - got an interesting strikerless tactic to try for the final season, so please give me a week or so to bang that out while pretending to look after the baby, and then I'll post that and some career summary stuff next time
  3. We played them on Tuesday and, as well as Ovie Ejaria (on loan from Liverpool), who's impressed all year, I thought Olise and Rinomhota (or however it's spelled) looked very decent. Anyway, my answer should be obvious, I guess
  4. Lol good luck with it, and let us know how you get on! Many thanks @Cziffra @Paul186 and @smoggy90, too!
  5. Just finished a season with this tactic on my long-running save - good fun:
  6. Many thanks @Ian @Cziffra @smoggy90 and @Paul186 - much appreciated! Season 28 For this season, I went with @Dan13l's suggestion of @El Sheim's 4-2-2-2 This wasn't much of a departure for me because it was the same shape I played for the first 20 years of this career, but it's a little different being Narrow, Fast, Expressive, High and All Over, all ways I don't usually play. Youth crop: Pretty irrelevant now. Good news though - 80 years of hurt were finally ended! But no goals for my lads - and indeed, an injury! It didn't matter much cos Toby was finally fading - he only played 5 games and then went to the footballers' graveyard that is Scotland at the end of the season: I never loaned him (you see he got up to speed quickly), so for me he had 621 appearances and 536 goals - pretty decent, although not elite of course... Here's how he looked by the end. Smashed Rooney's England record It was also goodbye to another legend as we let Rich move on cos he wasn't getting games any more: Those were his only loan spells, so for me he had 537 games, 125 goals and 135 assists. He was still pretty decent, I just had better, and no room for sentiment here... Anyway, we had a couple of early losses, but we got rolling. I loved this spell: Worth noting that in both the domestic cup games, as usual now, I didn't play any of the first XI - so the loss at Wembley was a heartbreaker, but they responded well!! And then trounced the Putney scum Here's some match stats, from the Champs League semi: I did struggle a bit with the final though, holding on for dear life before finally prevailing for our seventh CL in a row: My best FOUR wingers were injured in the weeks leading up to the match, so thank god for my strength in depth and prospects (Sheckleford and Bakambu stepped up, with Mikey Tree even coming on off the bench, go on my son!). The defending was more of a problem, wtf - I was playing a young keeper, with my experienced Croatian keeper deciding he didn't want to spend any more than his initial three-year contract in smelly old England. Once he signed a pre deal to go to Portugal, I gave my boys more game-time instead, and they did well... So I don't blame the keeper. Not really sure what went wrong, but we survived! So here's the season summary: And the lads: Goals flying around. I used this tactic first out of my last three cos it had two up-front and I had four or five strikers. Next year I'll use one up front and then the final year will be strikerless, so it's a bit like Survivor now - this year saw Adebayor-regen Abraw get eliminated cos he's just a twat, despite being talented. Chambo, Carty and Lofty will fight for the shirt next year, along with a returning loanee. Conspicuously absent from the above too - Europe's Best Player. Can't get him firing really, but they love him. Maybe he'll get on better as a number 10 next year... 9 past or present bees in the England squad - only five of my own, plus Iseguan, Hetzke, Rooks and Rogers. So two years to go now, and two slightly more interesting formations to try - I'm looking forward to it, hope you are too! Thanks for reading!
  7. You don't even win anything but you fluke your way to one Champions League final, and suddenly...
  8. There's a lot of posts with examples of success with tactics. There's more to it than that though - gotta make sure you recruit well and build the club right. Plus Bournemouth look like going down, sheff utd have done remarkably in real life but were tipped to go down, so their squad is not strong, and spurs are rubbish of course, so you might not have the best sample there. Chopping and changing systems etc won't help. In my current save, I'm changing system at the start of every season, and we always start slowly as the players adapt...
  9. As mentioned, he's just out of form, hence the drop. Make sure he's getting regular games for the reserves at least, if you don't loan him out.
  10. Cheers, yeah, simple and classic. Loans are great down there, and frees too as Ian said, just for the opportunity to sell them at worst and make something on nothing...
  11. I'd loan some quality from above, and my base 4-4-2 (or 4-2-2-2) was effective throughout my careers in Italy and England.
  12. There should still be plenty of non-grey players out there - I don't think it's accurate to say "I can't scout any player from another nation"
  13. Yeah he was, but he was utter shite too. We played against him the next season too, he was on loan at Hull, and he was comically bad - terrible attitude. I read a piece about him after he moved to PAOK and I think he got a big head, too much too soon, and then got humbled.
  14. Good luck to you Scratch, but Chuba can eternally do one: (but IRL fair play to him for getting his career back on track - he looked like he was gonna flame out badly at one point)
  15. Well Shoot on Sight implies they're pulling the trigger from distance rather than getting closer for a better chance...