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  1. oh i remembered, i used exclusively this in my Roma / Marcondes career too, fyi...
  2. Yeah financial issues... Love Maupay, he was a bloody legend for us, gutted to see him go. So good luck!
  3. Cheers @Ian- actually, nothing Brentford-related for the next plan! Bear with me a few days, I'll get it up and running, then reveal!
  4. SEASON 11 The gods have spoken... Actually, I'm not religious so... I always liked the Bill Hicks line, what do atheists say when they come? "Fate and Destiny, Fate and Destiny"? "Chemical Chaaaaance!"? So, fate and destiny have spoken. I said above, if I get 75+ goals this season, I'll keep going. It was a throwaway line really, not a binding offer, but... We had our best season. New PB GD. But we needed two goals from the guys in the Champions League final. And we only got one Target 1200 Total 616 We finally passed halfway More details in the spoiler... So given how that worked out, I think it's a sign to lay this down and see if my other idea is worth a look. No promises! I can always pick this one back up if that's going nowhere... My manager stats at the end: ...or if you prefer the percentages and averages: So yeah if Vincent Kompany gets three CL's over the next 11 years AND makes 300m+ profit, sure, he'll be seen as a 6/20 kinda guy in the transfer market!! Ridiculous... Thanks for reading, sorry I couldn't get it done but I hope it was entertaining at least!
  5. Yeah mentioned I won champs leagues with Dunfermline and Anderlecht, plus numerous promotions. Check out some of my careers here - a lot of seasons played with this formation. I'm surprised it doesn't get picked apart, and occasionally I get overrun in midfield, but generally I cause them more problems than they cause me, and it seems well balanced. I personally don't like starting Expressive - I've found Disciplined to be very effective, but then I take the reins off (move it up to Balanced) when my players are awesome, don't want to restrict them too much.
  6. FB. I've only just started using WB recently, because of the players I have, but FB was very successful for a long time.
  7. Yep, I've used this the whole time in my current career posted on here - finished 2nd first season in Belgium, then won every year since, plus 3x CL in 6 seasons
  8. Just wanted to record this - it's obviously not amazing or innovative - I'm quite conservative and get easily put off experimenting by one or two bad results! I've won Champions Leagues with Dunfermline and Anderlecht playing like this: Actually, my Anderlecht team, super-dominant domestically, now uses WB on both sides plus SK keeper. I don't mind both CB's being BPD, or just one, whatever, depending on personnel. And up front, I generally use TM and P, but it's worked with two TM's too. I don't think two P's work - I would put the stronger one as TM... I tend to keep them Disciplined until the success comes, then switch to Balanced. And finally, I generally switch to Short passing when the squad gets good enough. But Mixed can be effective too, so I've been happy leaving it like that for my Anderlecht team. If I'm chasing a goal... Step 1 - put "Early crosses" and "Shoot on sight" on Step 2 - turn on all the defensive options except Time Wasting (obv). So defensive line High, closing All Over, Committed tackling plus Offside Trap. Step 3 - go to Overload. But I've been going away from this, don't really find it effective. If I'm 3-0 up I tend to switch to Control, Expressive, Sit Back, and Run at defence and Shoot on sight. And if I'm hanging on, I'll change the full backs to DFB, the poacher to DF, and maybe the AP to BBM or BWM. But I rarely bother these days - I've had challenges where I've been chasing goals and generally, attack does prove to be a pretty good form of defence. Any questions just let me know, but I guarantee with good recruitment, this is an effective tactic.
  9. All my strikers in the "Goal a Mile" career were Poachers or Target Men - TM can be very effective too. Great work here Darlington, take it home!
  10. Yeah it's a very open question for anyone to try and answer here. Plus someone was on earlier today asking about man utd tactics, so try that thread. And there's a tactics index. Afraid we can't just "fix" it for you...
  11. At this rate, they'll be 36 and 38 when I do - unlikely they'll keep going at this rate as they age! I can always save my new project for next year's game though, so we'll see. Maybe (just an idea) I'll put a target of 75 on the next season - 75+ I'll carry on...
  12. Yeah, I prefer them there, but that's just me
  13. Martial's the only one of the four I'd like in my IF rotation - you can do better otherwise, I reckon. I find that BWM (DM) position generally pointless myself, move him up into the midfield three - but that's just me. Otherwise it looks fine. Oh and others have had success with Overload but I find it only useful as an emergency - they tend to play like headless chickens otherwise!