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  1. great work smog, good luck getting over the line!
  2. nah leave it be pal, it's summer, go outside, smell the flowers, leave the phone at home
  3. Mr Tree

    FMM19 Bug List

    C'mon, that's not really fair. They've released three fixes, the last of which unfortunately managed to cause more problems than it fixed (it seems) - it's a complex game, it happens. These bugs aren't ideal but the game isn't ruined by any means, it's totally playable. And as mentioned previously - do we want them fiddling with this version, or making sure FMM20 is better? We also don't KNOW that they're not working on a fix, btw! We just have zero comms, so drawing conclusions off that...
  4. Thanks all for your support. Yeah it's not the shortest, but compared to my previous one and my next one (I'm 99% sure what I'll do after this), it's a walk in the park
  5. The what?! With who?! Hey ladies and gents, I'm back with my new project... I had an idea in mind but when browsing the index, this jumped out at me as a good shorter one in the meantime... Credit to @danovic78 for the original idea: So 8 seasons to get two titles, 5x top scorer, 210+ league goals and 0.77 goals per game - referee, I'd like to ask for clarification, is that "goal per game" number just in the league or overall? My chosen club: Simply because the guy who sits opposite me at work is a Roma fan. And my chosen weapon - this chunk of Danish hunk: I know someone else ( @Gunners Rishi?) has mentioned him elsewhere on here, but my basic goal for the rest of this FMM season is to Brentfordify any challenge, and when this dude ain't posing on Instagram, he's lying on a treatment table in West London In real life, we signed him 18 months ago and he still hasn't scored but he's been unlucky, bless him. He looked good in preseason but then got a knock, came back for a while and set up this late equaliser at the Hawthorns with a beauty of a cross... ...before promptly breaking his foot with no-one else's help moments later: (that's him on the left) Anyway, we'll hope for better luck here. We started off incredibly well, with Emiliano banging home a penalty within 2 minutes of his league debut and adding a free-kick 15 minutes later. Find out how the rest of the season went here: And the main man: Some details: Not quite top scorer So for the challenge: League Top Scorer - 0/5 League Title - 0/2 League Goals - 17/210 Goals per game - 0.49 (all competitions, awaiting clarification) - target 0.77 Thanks for reading!
  6. Great write up mate. They're still young so no panic yet.
  7. SEASON 30 - WORLD FOOTBALL ROUND-UP One last look here - as above, I was going to ask if anyone wanted to see anything in particular, but unfortunately I wiped it already CHAMPIONS LEAGUE EUROPA LEAGUE WORLD CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP PREMIER LEAGUE WORLD CUP EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP AFRICAN NATIONS CUP COPA AMERICA ASIAN NATIONS CUP I think that's all, but a little look domestically at some risers and fallers... Bristol Rovers were the lowest current club to be in the Premier League in 2048 (aided no doubt by my heroism): No current EPL team had fallen lower than the Championship. Otherwise, Tranmere might be one of the most impressive climbers: And a couple who progressed well from outside the league structure when the game starts: There were a few current football league clubs who had fallen down to VNS/VNN territory - Gillingham might be the worst: And Yeovil (who dropped into non-league in real life last season) managed to fall right through the VNS: Again, thanks to all for reading and following - it's highly appreciated!
  8. good stuff Mikey - but fyi, don't think you can count the international goals unless you're managing Ireland
  9. Mr Tree

    Complete domination

    that's crazy - the double sweeper is particularly interesting frankly i'd expect to see some crazier results, yours look quite normal really
  10. You're all freaking loonies - good luck! I've re-read the challenge twice and still not sure what language it's even written in?! 😜
  11. Cheers - perseverance, I'd say, rather than patience! Just being THAT bored to actually undertake the whole endeavour is almost an achievement itself - I didn't particularly consider that "2 seasons per week" would make this a four-month campaign! But we made it and I really enjoyed it Thanks Smog! Cheers Mike - yeah it all worked out pretty nicely in the end Thanks Ian. Already halfway through the first season of my next project. You'll never be able to guess it (seriously), so just wait and see High praise indeed! Cheers Sam. I think if you put your mind to it, the actual challenge would be easy enough to complete, but I took my foot off the gas a bit and... Well anyway, we'll see, I definitely enjoyed the concept so I'll be up giving it another try next year Thanks Paul - step one to "beating" it will be being mad enough to try it!
  12. shh, don't tell them!! only planning one more myself in the short-term...
  13. me again Mr @Foxy- and now I wish to take my spot at the top of the leaderboard! now that i've finished my Goal-a-Mile challenge, I have just another 4 promotions to add to the tally, taking me to 15 overall. all should be verifiable there if needed
  14. SEASON 30 An epic post to complete the journey This is it baby, end of the road! And what an amazing way to end it... First things first - confirmation that Elgin were not an option: So that meant 5 goals from Bobson could get me to Inverness, or 17 to Ross County. I explained the deal to Bobson and he showed his willingness to get rid of me in the first two games of the season: He did his part (finally)... So that left me happily playing with my nice Dunfermline squad - but as that was the "default" position, I would merrily have jumped if either job came up, just for the sake of it. They didn't, so I didn't. So what then? We thumped our local rivals in the Betfred: ...before promptly getting knocked out in the next round We started well in the Champions League: (not sure what happened in the 51st minute there as I wasn't fully paying attention - it wouldn't surprise me if he managed to miss two penalties though, the dickhead) So through comfortably enough, but another horror of a draw: And a great FMM-ing to start things off, with Bobson shining again: But we had a pretty tasty squad by now, so once we got going, we were hard to stop: Which set up a reunion, gulp! Meanwhile the league was going well - after playing everyone once, I'd beaten them all except St Sodding Mirren, who held me to a draw in the 11th game: With this as a particular highlight: Motherwell handed us our first defeat, but we were still in a commanding position after the second round of games: And we never really faltered, cruising home with three games to spare in the end: Breaking Celtic's 15-year reign (!!) in the process: Of course the lads cleaned up with the prizes: (only 3 for me, but 4 for Motherwell?! Sure, ok...) We added the Scottish Cup for the domestic double: And we still had the Champions League... I was welcomed back to The Thunderdome with wild applause from the fans and a cold shoulder in the boardroom, but after a tense first leg... ...we got the job done in Scotland: We got another English team in the quarter-final... And... An 11-2 giant-killing If any Liverpool fans thought that was funny, well, we got another English team in the semis, and... Especially after conceding as soon as the game started, that result was jaw-dropping! We completed the job of course: (didn't even get a giant-killing graphic, sick burn) So somehow, we'd reached the final - against Barcelona at the Millennium Stadium. My last ever match of the career. They weren't going to FMM me now, surely.... Those thrashings in the knockout stages had helped to boost this number to a crazy level: Really, it was a beautiful season and a nice way to end. Just had that really nice mix of a squad where I was honestly happy to use any of them, so just had the morale view on all season and selected the happiest guys who had a full circle of fitness. Worked out pretty well! Waugh and Henderson were the two young reserve strikers mentioned previously who seemed like decent prospects - they certainly did their jobs, with Bobson pretty much slipping to 4th in the pecking order by the end: (Hilson was the main man but probably missed 6-8 weeks overall with a couple of knocks) Of course Bobson's contribution overall can't be forgotten - he was my designated striker to finish my journey. I guess the elevated level of competition helped his stats to improve slightly, too: So the final tally: The squad that I leave behind - who knows how far they could have gone... The final manager profile: And my trophy cabinet: And my "All-time Best XI", apparently!!! This is totally bugged / not working, this is utter drivel: Good to have the Roon in there, i guess, but otherwise... MacDonald played maybe 2 years before I replaced him with a better younger prospect... I sold Krones quickly, he barely played for me! Sellers was a bit-part player. And it's OTT Torquay-dominated. Silly - a nice idea but very poorly executed So that's that - we've reached the end of this epic: And hopefully I had a positive impact on all the clubs I was at I tried to highlight my time, but the tool on the phone is a bit imprecise (and me a bit lazy!) Many thanks for reading and for your support! I'll be back later in the week with some screenshots from "the state of world football" - I was going to take requests but unfortunately, I've already written over the game with my new project!