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  1. Mr Tree

    Battery drain on FMM19

    No, that sounds about right. Just close all other apps and minimise the amount of other crap on the phone, but that's about it AFAIK.
  2. He doesn't play for Ireland 🤷‍♂️
  3. Thanks, just caught up with that, fun challenges. @ManLikeRobbieBrady I'm sure you could do better than me but I'll do me best
  4. Sure mate. No idea what's needed etc, but I'll try to contribute
  5. SEASON TEN We took our reputation as the great entertainers seriously, and I was immensely proud to end the season averaging four goals per match. The fact that I scored just over two per match and conceded just under that is neither here nor there... I was never really in the playoff mix, to be fair, but finished well and glad to get so close. Unfortunately that confirms that I didn't get a new job. Not for the lack of trying! Redditch (70 miles) and Kidderminster (71 miles) came available while Sammy was on 68! Our next game was against our local rivals, and while it was a legendary match for the Gasheads, I was just screaming "pass the ****ing ball, Listy!" A missed penalty for salt in the wounds. I did get one job offer, but hadn't quite earned enough miles to take it (and it was a bit the wrong direction): So we were stuck, but we had fun. Dalbs only had one hat-trick during the season... ...against poor Shrewsbury, who were having a mare: They finally picked up their first win of the season shortly afterwards, but look closely and see if you can pick out the real reason for this screenshot: I'd say that was ridiculous but Forest have been involved in a 5-5 IRL this season It was slightly disappointing after being 4-0 up in 20 minutes though That capped a fun run: ...which was then further capped by a whooping at PL opposition in the cup: Anyway, Dalbs was recognised for leading the line: And he ended up top of the pile: Although my loanee striker bizarrely stole player of the year for his efforts in the run-in. I got the sympathy vote manager of the year: My manager profile with a third of the career completed: And the main man added one goal in the cup to leave us at 88 overall Programming notice: I'm off for a two-week holiday tomorrow, so the updates will have a similar break. I probably would have the downtime for it, but I want to avoid just doing the same thing in a different place, so will have a break from FMM while I'm away. I've got season 11 in the can (it's a beauty), and I should be able to write it up on the (ten hour!) journey home. And hopefully I'll get season 12 sorted to get back into rhythm thereafter. Thanks for reading
  6. Mr Tree

    Winter Update

    Not sure what you mean. My lad here seems to be coming on alright. Can't think whose regen it is though...
  7. Mr Tree

    FMM19 Bug List

    This was a bit odd... Signed a tasty young striker on loan, played a couple of friendlies, all gravy. Ready for the first league match, I see he's injured. I check and... Ouch. I was thinking damn, how did I miss that?! But checked my news and I hadn't had a notification on it. Funnily enough, I checked again in January and he was fit again and had played one game for QPHa. So I signed him again and later, he got a 10-day injury or whatever and I did get a notification. Hmm! Can't provide the save game for it, sorry...
  8. I've been adapting to the teams that I inherit in my "goal a mile" career, but generally going Attacking and Disciplined, with Short passing (if good enough players) and Through Balls as the only option from the "Final Third" options. If it's even at half-time I'll add "Early Crosses" and "Shoot on Sight", and if I'm chasing the game then high defensive line and all those options, plus Overload and Mixed passing. Working pretty well
  9. SEASON NINE Of course it was a World Cup year, so who won the big prize? Blimey 😮 At home I was hoping to recover from the crushing pain of playoff defeat. Let's cut to the chase: we did it! A stonking season with my team taking the mantle of the great entertainers of the division. We'd already crushed promotion rivals 4-3 and 5-3 before this mentalness came around in the Checkatrade: And we carried on in that vein... What of Dalbs? Oh, he was getting his - he even managed to convert a penalty!! Some fun in the cup saw us knock out Championship opposition... ... before succumbing to the big boys: Meanwhile my old mates at Torquay were doing well, adding some extra spice to my second trip back to Plainmoor: Big Sam came up trumps - well and truly sorted his spot-kick jitters! Fair play to the Gulls though (although I'd like to claim all the credit due to the strong foundation I left behind etc etc blah blah blah...) - they got the job done in the playoffs. Second year in a row that 10 men win the big prize! Meanwhile, with promotion in the bag and Lincoln already relegated, bottom by a mile having lost 20+ in a row at one point (!!), this was amusingly inevitable: Anyway Dalbs had a great year: But where did it leave us? After 18 goals with me last year, this year's output left us on 57 goal-miles overall, putting us within sight of Worcester (fat lot of good that does us...) And my manager profile at the end of nine years: UP NEXT: my first ever season in the Championship - but how long will it last?
  10. Mr Tree

    FMM19 Bug List

    Just to say, I haven't seen that one at all yet (I can't actually think of any one occasion where a player has complained about this, even in legitimate circumstances!). So definitely a bit buggy - either on yours or on mine!
  11. SEASON EIGHT Jobs Frankly, I was desperate to move at this point, not least because still being on the South Coast was making this thread a wee bit pointless. Salisbury was available in the off-season, but alas it was more East than North - I was hoping to get a bit higher up the country. With Barnesey on 122, I had a look around and got Swindon into my mind, 126 miles from Torquay. It looked ideal except... Of course, their manager got poached early in the season!! I went kamikaze but alas, the tactical option of "run into the area and fall over" hasn't been invented yet, so I came up short At this point, my range of options was this area of England: ... which, unfortunately, if you know your lower reaches of English football and your geography, you'll be aware: doesn't contain many football teams. Hmm. But not long after, the Gloucester job came up! I was almost literally giddy with excitement. I tapped in "Gloucester football" to my Maps app, an effective way of quickly getting the direct address of the football club and save having to mess around looking it up... But for some reason it didn't work here 🤔 So I had to Google it and oh... Guess who don't play in their home city but actually ground-share 20 miles north-east of it? FFS! I couldn't take any more. Even though it wasted nearly a year of BB's good work, I had to go: 7 more goals in the new season had put Barnesey up to 129 overall. He wasn't good enough to lead the line at this point, but he was one of my inside forward rotation and still my penalty-taker, and he still had his awesome free-kicks too. So time to say goodbye to Torquay, despite a decent start to the new season, inspired by a great free-transfer pick up: !!!! My manager profile upon leaving: Hello, Bristol! I took over the reins at high-flying Rovers: They were, in fact, on a tremendous run of form when I turned up, with one "notable" exception... Could I keep it going?! Of course! ...not, of course not Their squad was ghastly - I much preferred the team I had left. I performed some hasty surgery in January but still, bleh. My new hero looked pretty good, though: And he started spectacularly! That's me three-quarters of the way to Bristol City already! Of course, again, I didn't bloody screenshot his goals the day I arrived. So see the dates below - he was on 13 before his first game with me: Sammy did pretty well, but we couldn't defend for toffee, so results were pretty inconsistent. And then this: Knackered for the run-in, especially after a decent run of form - gutted We survived the cauldron of hate in my return to Plainmoor: But the injuries kept piling up: So we just didn't have enough to keep pace with Ipswich and Shrewsbury at the top: Scunthorpe lost on the last day, allowing Torquay to overtake them and sparing me an awkward playoff semi... Big Sam ended up as top scorer, good lad: Scunthorpe were dispatched easy enough, so then I nervously clicked on... Would rather not face Torquay at Wembley thank you... Phew, it's Millwall instead. And after 20mins, penalty to me, red card to them! Unfortunately it'd seem big Sam, for all his talents, is not a penalty-taker. This was his third miss without a successful conversion. And when the computer awarded itself a free-kick 30 yards out with 2 minutes left, I could see what was coming... Balls. Especially as big Sam is already agitating to move to a bigger club (and won't discuss a new contract). Still, he earned me 18 miles this season: Among the season-end honours for all my guys, one glory-stealer 🤔 My manager profile at the end of the season: And finally, the chance to display some new high-tech graphics!! The journey so far... (apologies that my google displays "Great Britain" etc in Czech language, but i'm an immigrant so 🤷‍♂️) Thanks for reading - next time, we'll see how far Sammy can take me, and whether I can keep him happy!
  12. Mr Tree

    Winter Update

    I'm going to abstain in the poll. Shit, it really is getting like BBC Parliament here i honestly don't really notice much difference (now I'm on the most recent update). This may be because I'm a simpleton. It may be because my first child (now nearly two) has totally destroyed my memory. But I think it might be because it suits how I play the game. I was never an elite on here, never did a 100-goal season or a 1kc, wondered how you did it. Now maybe I see So while it's quite possible that I wasn't maximising my ability before, now it seems the game has shifted towards my style anyway. Nice! Who knows, still inconclusive. But honestly can't say it was better before or after. I enjoy it anyway, which is why I found comments of "fucked" and "unplayable" so weird (to me). Anyway, that's my vote cast - or not, actually
  13. Mr Tree

    Winter Update

    Yep, exactly (I retrain positions too). No doubt you can push them further if you take the time (else what's the point!), but like you say, I can't be bothered, they do well enough
  14. Mr Tree

    Winter Update

    I frankly found the training irritating, so just let my assistant do it. There do seem to some contradictory messages, some more that can be done by SI...
  15. Mr Tree

    Winter Update

    Well, my simple answer is "because I never check it", hence I don't take it seriously So I wouldn't know if it wasn't there before, although ofc I'm occasionally on that screen and thought that type of thing was there before. anyway, I believe Marc was worried people were taking that a bit too literally, like "needs a rest SO REST HIM NOW". It's not that. It's more like "could do with some time off when you get chance". why not keep playing him and see what happens? I've not noticed the performance drop-off. I've said it all before though, it's like shouting into the wind scratch also mentioned above having to play everyone at 100% - I think this is a misunderstanding. You're used to playing like that, so acting like it's a disaster that you can't. But they can perform perfectly well in the 90's...