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  1. Funny
    Mr Tree got a reaction from eekim28 in Need some help with tactics   
    You don't even win anything but you fluke your way to one Champions League final, and suddenly...
  2. Funny
    Mr Tree reacted to Rob in Two Bruno’s and the Roofe is on Fire!   
    Just you wait until you meet Andy’s wife: Iona. Lovely woman; unfortunate name.
  3. Favourite
    Mr Tree got a reaction from broodje kip in The 19 season Premier League Legends challenge   
    good effort mate. didn't go through them all but why an African striker for the Villa challenge? better would be a Caribbean striker, no?
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    Mr Tree reacted to Kanegan in Kanegan's Greatest Hits Vol. I - Fabulous Frank (Season 2)   
    Welcome Vibers to my latest concept. This thread will be dedicated to all the challenges that i have yet to attempt and i will keep that in a single thread so that i don't clutter up the space of the forum.
    Now, you all can get involved. I will be running either a poll or a prediction contest at the end of every challenge and the results or the winner will determine my next challenge.
    So, hope to see some support from this wonderful community and make this thread a success.
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    Mr Tree reacted to Struja986 in FMM20 General Discussion   
    Hello. Just wanted to share this funny coincidence 😁

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    Mr Tree got a reaction from broodje kip in Winning Problem :(   
    I'm actually the same mate, only played 17, 19 and now 20...
    Yeah sorry I was lazy to dig it out earlier but this basic tactic served me well through my two long careers this season...
  7. Funny
    Mr Tree reacted to Kanegan in Vibe's Favorites   
    Thanks @Mr Tree for the mention. I had completely forgotten about that.
    My 1st 1KC and a strikerless one, but the thing i loved the most was my attempt at writing crazy and comedy was so well-received here.
  8. Happy
    Mr Tree got a reaction from Rob in The Warriors: The Battle for Goals Begins   
    brilliant introductions, fellas!
  9. Favourite
    Mr Tree got a reaction from Ashez in Tree's "Football Factory" (all Youth coaches) - season 28   
    Season 23
    Starting with the new youth graduates of course - Power looks a decent prospect for sure

    I went for the @Foxy and @Ashez gegenpressing formation this season, confident that my well-rounded squad could adapt. I was a bit worried if we had enough pace in the squad, as I don't look for it but it's a big part of this tactic - I was glad to find we were pretty well off in this regard though

    The boys had to adapt quickly though, as we were in the middle of the Club World Championship. The tight schedule of that tournament, too, makes the highly taxing formation a bit tricky, but our reserve right-winger bagged a hat-trick in the final as we defended our title:

    And we went unbeaten all season, stretching our overall run to 87 games (since Leeds beat us 5-1!). This was my first unbeaten league campaign of the career, and my best defensive performance, while the cup losses were all to penalty shootouts.

    This was a funny one - the podium of the Young Player of the Month full of my loaned-out lads:

    We finally bagged the big one:

    The formation was powerful, but we didn't get too many thrashings, just overpowered each team. See the run-in here for example:

    And here's an example game. Wtf are those attempted crosses about?

    But yeah just 6% of the game in my third, with 59% in midfield and 35% in their third.

    Anyway, here's the overview of my best performers. I had Ojebode pushed up and Milambo on the wing for ages, before realising that the other way round would be better. Toby took a while to adapt to being a number 10 but he was enjoying himself by the end.

    Toby is still the top dog. A slightly bizarre nomination for Yarney, who averaged under 7 and was fined twice for letting us down with regular 6/10 performances!

    I didn't think my CB recruit from last year would have enough pace - he wasn't first choice at the start of the season. But an injury opened to door and he was probably our best "Rising Star" by the end

    9 past or present bees in the England squad, 7 from my current team and two old ones - Reed, who I released at the end of last year (I'd have kept him as a backup but he didn't want to sign a new contract), and Rushworth, a keeper I let go years ago:

    I thought there'd be a few more like that over the years, but it hasn't worked out that way.
    I had a little look at the assistant's report from the world cup - looks like England and in particular Toby are having some fun!!

    Thanks for reading - next up, The Black Pearl!
  10. Funny
    Mr Tree reacted to Foxy in Vibe World Cup 2020: The Final Results   
    Two bronze medals and a silver isn’t too bad in the last 3 years and I do enjoy the fact that you keep up the English tradition of being too polite to actually win the event.
  11. Favourite
    Mr Tree got a reaction from BatiGoal in Tree's "Football Factory" (all Youth coaches) - season 28   
    Season 21
    So we started off this part of the save by using the @BatiGoal"classic" tactic, with a few specific updates offered by the creator, who (I'm hearing now) apparently "never tried" this tactic in the EPL.....
    The season started off inauspiciously, with a horrible youth class:

    But after the early wobble described above, we got rolling:

    There was a period too where Toby and Mario were alternating hat-tricks, which was pretty nice!
    However we did under-perform overall. There could be many reasons, I won't go into it all, and certainly I think the tactic was the least of the concerns. I was surprised how poorly some of my guys adapted to it, with the defence particularly looking vulnerable. There was a bit of transition within the team/squad this year, with Hahn being a particular disappointment - thought he was gonna love the AP role, but maybe it just came a year too late for him. He was decidedly "meh" and I ended up selling him at the end of the season - I rarely get sons on here as I tend to ditch old players!
    We suffered our earliest UCL exit in years, albeit after being handed a tough tie with our old friends at Barcelona. A poor first leg inspired "protest" from these ungrateful wretches...

    And we couldn't salvage it, with Toby getting wound up and nutting someone on our last corner...

    We didn't get the domestic cups either - I tend to play the youths anyway, and they lost to Liverpool in the Carabao semis, and Palace in the FA Cup 5th round...
    And we kept dropping poor games in the league. Brighton (last year's runners up) were still a power, and Arsenal (last year's nemesis) were awesome, holding an 11pt lead with 10 games to go...
    Squad overview:

    Nothing extraordinary, but some nice numbers
    Two Rising Stars of the season:

    And as for the England squad, well veteran defenders Bailey and Blackett are the only "extras" in there, which is pretty poor from the rest of my exes, to be honest. So 7 past or present bees in total:

    Next up - apart from loaning out my full-backs, my squad doesn't seem to need too much surgery to adapt to an @Ian offering - the only "tried and tested" "works in FMM20" offering I've had so far. So I'll give that a go!
    Thanks for reading
  12. Funny
    Mr Tree got a reaction from Rob in Rob’s Threesome: Jeremy Rogers Fabio - Cancelled   
    Ouch. Well, at least he had some fun...
  13. Funny
    Mr Tree reacted to Dagion in Tree's "Football Factory" (all Youth coaches) - season 28   
    That's the problem with world class players. They see right through the shenanigans Bati is trying to implement in his tactics. 😁
  14. Favourite
    Mr Tree got a reaction from BatiGoal in Tree's "Football Factory" (all Youth coaches) - season 28   
    Cheers, but I was hoping for something a bit more fully-formed - I might give some of these "invincible!!!!" tactics on the forum a go, but we'll see, it depends what I find. I'll put you on the list for now
    The list being:
    1/ BatiGoal's 4-1-4-1
    2/ Foxy and Ashez's gegenpressing
    3/ The Black Pearl
    4/ an Ian special...
    5/ AndersJ's Bebeto (placeholder, thinking if there might be something else...)
    6/ Dagion's proposed 3-2-2-2-1
    I'm probably gonna start with Bati's as he's been a great supporter throughout the journey, and it looks quite adaptable to the current squad, although Milambo (second striker) is not gonna be impressed having just forced his way into the team! Well we'll see how it works out anyway...
    Many thanks, and I'll certainly be glad to hear of any other ideas people may have! Cheers
  15. Favourite
    Mr Tree reacted to Kanegan in Vibe World Cup 2020: The Final Results   
    We had a super cyclone hit our city yesterday completely destroying it and disrupting all essential services. So, when internet came back on today, I rushed to this site to check the results. Although dissapointed to not make the final but pretty happy with our efforts. 
    congrats team North east for making the final along with  Holland of course. 
    And @broodje kip, couldn't have asked for a better partner than you. Well played mate. 
  16. Funny
    Mr Tree got a reaction from AndersJ in Tree's "Football Factory" (all Youth coaches) - season 28   
    Aye sorry, just today's post (earlier) mate, but for the last 10 seasons of this epic I'm looking to test various tactics to expand my knowledge etc. I will do a season each with tactic.
    I play a basic 4-4-2 (with wingers pushed up), and I get easily put off when I experiment, so hopefully with my kick-ass team, I can get over the hump here...
    You have any favourite tactic, at the moment? I know you're a bit of a guru when it comes to this
  17. Happy
    Mr Tree got a reaction from Don-x in Finding regens   
    First post asked for Torres, Puyol, etc... Then the post I replied to asked when "already retired" players will regen. They won't. They have to be in the game at the start and then retire in order to regen...
  18. Favourite
    Mr Tree got a reaction from AndersJ in Tree's "Football Factory" (all Youth coaches) - season 28   
    blimey, what have I done! I think I need a lie-down after trying to read the gegenpress!
    Three awesome submissions there - I might have to be careful about the order so that the squad can transition successfully from one to another, but we'll see.
    I could tag many, so no offence if I don't, but I'd definitely be interested if @Ian and @AndersJ have any suggestions?
  19. Favourite
    Mr Tree reacted to BatiGoal in Tree's "Football Factory" (all Youth coaches) - season 28   
    That's what I was most interested in hearing / knowing. Perhaps multiple youth coaches helps them mature faster. Altho they still might be tied to their 'age' to ensure the game remains "realistic" and won't have youngsters mature too fast. Interesting observations there and it's a type of save (final save) I'm considering. 
    Looking at your players they look tailor made for my Classic Batigoals (2017) formation. Only question: does it still work? 😂 
  20. Favourite
    Mr Tree reacted to Foxy in Tree's "Football Factory" (all Youth coaches) - season 28   
    @Ashez and my Gegenpressing tactic was killer in FMM18 and the beginning of FMM19 so I would love to see if it still gets results this year.
  21. Favourite
    Mr Tree got a reaction from BatiGoal in Tree's "Football Factory" (all Youth coaches) - season 28   
    Cheers Bati! (still happy to hear any input from other Vibe elders if they see areas for improvement?)
    The Future Of The Save
    I think whatever I was trying to investigate with this mix of coaches has been "proved". What conclusions can we draw? (Reminder: I don't actually bother to fiddle with the training, I leave the assistant to do it)
     - There's no negative effect from having too many youth coaches, but no strong positive effect either.
     - Youth coaches are strong all-rounders - in 20 seasons I haven't had a single "needs more specialist training" message or similar.
     - A top youth setup and great coaches doesn't guarantee you an incredible supply of youngsters, but you will get a fair few decent players.
     - I would recommend always mentoring a player in his first year, and probably trying to loan them out while they're developing too - it seems to have a strong effect.
    Does that sound about right? Any more?
    So where do we go from here? I'm well set up with a job for life with the best club in the world, and a strong squad. But still, I've never been able to hit the heights some of you manage.
    I think the biggest drag on my performance is probably my formation. I'm tactically unadventurous... I have tried a few things, but I generally get spooked quickly by a bad result or performance and revert back to what I know... my classic 4-4-2 (with the two wingers up as inside forwards)
    So I'm thinking, for the last 10 years, I'm gonna try some of the best formations out there - sticking with them for the whole year, and seeing what I learn and if something might come off (ultimate goal being to perhaps join the 100 club?!?)
    I can trawl the forum and search specific users' posts, if needed, but I'd be grateful for anyone who could save me the time and spoonfeed me a submission I'll list them here as we go...
  22. Favourite
    Mr Tree got a reaction from Rob in Tree's "Football Factory" (all Youth coaches) - season 28   
    Cheers @Dagion and @Paul186, much appreciated! Goldthorp and Duncan are almost like Terry and Lampard regens, except they can't be......
    Anyway, just wanted you all to have a quick look at my first-choice team. The plan was to show you simply "the team that started the Champions League final", but I didn't get that far
    But to be honest the team pretty much picks itself at the moment.
    I'd appreciate if any of you could point out any deficiencies you see, etc, although I think any extra to be squeezed out of the team is probably mostly from the tactics / formation (which I'll get to)... But all feedback is very welcome

    Academy graduate with 123 appearances for the bees (71 goals conceded). Criminally underused by his country, but forced out the quality Jeff Stevens, another academy graduate who's currently being paid 6x as much to be the reserve!

    Academy graduate with 342 appearances for the bees - he's scored only 8 goals, with none in the last three years, but he does have a total of 89 assists.

    Signed for £35m from Ajax two years ago, he's already forced his way into the 1st XI.

    Academy graduate with 184 appearances now for the bees (and 27 goals!) - broke into the rotation in his first year and has been fantastic ever since.

    Signed from Nice for £7.5m back in 2035, he's slowly worked his way to the front of the queue, playing 80 times overall so far. Hopefully he'll form a good partnership with Goldie for many years to come now

    A grizzled vet now, signed from Milan for £14.5m 10 years ago. He's played 338 games for us, with 62 goals and  71 assists. I use him as my BWM, which I appreciate may raise some eyebrows

    Academy graduate who's now made 277 appearances for the club, scoring 64 times and providing 59 assists.

    Bloody legend, signed from Wolfsburg for £1.6m back in 2026. He's provided 268 assists and added 130 goals in a glittering career, with 511 games so far for the bees.

    Relative newcomer who's forced his way in after signing from Dortmund for £5.25m 5 years ago. He's scored 33 goals and provided 40 assists in 131 appearances for the club so far.

    Kid who I signed from Spurs for £30.5m when he was 17, he's been out on loan a fair bit to develop but he's finally making his mark now, with a stirling finish to 2038/39 potentially forcing my man Super Mario out of the team

    Signed from Arsenal for £106m as an 18-year-old, he's been worth every penny, winning numerous major awards. He's scored 240 goals in 333 appearances for the bees so far.
    Thanks for reading! I'll be back soon to discuss how to take the save forward...
  23. Favourite
    Mr Tree got a reaction from S4NCH0 in FMM2021 Wishlist and Discussion   
    Obviously it remains to be seen how everything will be resolved, but if I were SI I think I'd release an "as if nothing happened" version for the 20/21 season - there may end up being some inaccuracies, but it's just a game... I wouldn't bend over backwards distorting the calendar.
    Having tried to helpfully monitor bugs (and grown disheartened by the project), they really need to provide a better system for reporting bugs. Personally, I just want to play and enjoy, so I can never be bothered with the fiddly requirements for submitting an issue. If there were some way to report bugs within the game, yeah it might lead to an increased workload on SI's side for a while for one or two people, cos we all know that all sorts of nonsense gets labelled as a "bug", but they'd be able to filter out the nonsense easily enough on their side and ultimately, it would lead to a better product.
    Otherwise I think transfers and contracts need improving - on my Brentford save, I'm losing players that would be "club legends" totally inexplicably, despite being mega-rich. And I've got a reserve striker who I want to move on, the rest of Europe would love to have him, but I can't shift him. His contract's rich but not OTT and he's quality, so he's worth it. It's stupid. And there seems to be some artificial limit on how many players you can loan out, because at some point the offers just stop, which is frustrating - most of my quality youngsters are loaned out, but I'm sitting on four decent left-backs who are now not developing.
    Two quick extras - I'd add something somewhere (general info or club stats) showing "squad value", the total of all your players values. Just think it'd be interesting.
    And head-to-head records. I know that details of results aren't retained once a new season starts, although maybe there are possibilities because the previews of games against your derby rivals refer to how many of the previous meetings you've won... But yeah, in my bees save, we've had fun rivalries with Barcelona and P$G over the years, and I'd love to refer to the old results, see if I'm starting to come out on top, etc. Or I could keep track of how much I've been pounding F*lham, etc...
  24. Favourite
    Mr Tree reacted to Ashez in FMM2021 Wishlist and Discussion   
    Potentially a wild suggestion but considering we don't know what the future holds due to the virus I did have a small idea. 
    Obviously we don't know what the future holds for football as it stands, thankfully it seems to be starting again but we don't know what the future will hold as another big out break in a few months and we're back to square one. Then you have the impact it'll have on the transfer window and league structure  
    Then we dunno how much of FMM is built remotely compared to in offices and the like. SI Towers is a thing right? Any way they need to safely make the game, test the game and offer after launch support and we don't know if this will be safe to do. 
    So I'd suggest cancelling 2021 but offering a small DLC update for 2020, basically a team update and maybe anything they have done, for like £5-6. Then make 2022 a big event release. Especially as we dunno how football will look or if releasing a game now is feesable, even if the current situation has delayed the game 2 months we're looking at a January or later release potentially.g
    Even things like games rating boards are shut/lower capacity meaning delays are likely across gaming. 
    If not we'll potentially get a Fifa style squad update and be disappointed. Lower those expectations for this year is my warning. 
  25. Favourite
    Mr Tree reacted to eekim28 in FMM2021 Wishlist and Discussion   
    I've been playing alot of cm 01/02 on my mobile during lockdown. Considering it's nearly 20 years old, it has quite a few features that should be in fmm. More options for scouts, more tactical options (remember wibwob?) and just more subtle realism. For example a player recalled from a loan won't turn up in your squad until the next day, not immediately like fmm. 
    Plus more notifications of records. Like games won in a row or without defeat.