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  1. Well I simulated every single game and I guess a winning 4 champions leagues (2 in a row) means nothing ha!
  2. Not the best regen ever but in my English journeyman I signed him to every team I managed accept city
  3. If you do give it a try. Please tell me the results
  4. Version 1.0.0


    I have already talked about this tactic in my previous post. Long story short it is a defensive tactic that relies on the defence to stop attacks and then start them. This will not work for every team but I would like you guys to test it in different leagues with different teams! Enhanced Match Engine How to add tactic. Documents/FMM 2019/normal/tactics and overwrite any files
  5. Hello guys! This is a new tactic/system I created. The catenaccio counter that heavily relies on a strong defence to defend then to start the counter-attack. THIS TACTIC RELIES ON THE DEFENCE AND WILL NOT WORK FOR EVERY TEAM. I would still like people to try this and tell me their results in different leagues.
  6. On FM you can't put the goalkeeper outfield so I can't make it a 2-7-2
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Download file then move it to Documents/sports interactive/FM 2019/normal/tactics