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  1. Does anyone know how to move multiple clubs to different leagues on FMM 2017 using hex editor
  2. This happened to me too
  3. Is there a way of swapping clubs to different leagues using the hex editor?
  4. If I were using myclub and created a club how do get a logo for the created club
  5. Databases League Swap

    can you write a tutorial on how to do it
  6. Is it possible for you do a short tutorial
  7. Yes i have done every step
  8. What do you mean by national team id to manager strings and manager id to club strings
  9. what do you mean
  10. Yes they do have matches to play and i can even call up players for the national team
  11. See as you can see i can see my manager name next to 'manager' and it simulates all the games with this national team and i can't really play them
  12. I would like to know why i can't play with any national team using the hex editor because when i do the games with that national team gets simulated
  13. Is there one for the new update
  14. Guides/Tips Managing Germany

    U Genius! @marnixg