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  1. Hi guys, i was thinking, manager-wise, why not allow us to take a mini test similar to the one coaches take in order to get from bronze to silver to gold badge? I do not find taking up the reins of Scotland or Wales and guiding them to European championships. Yes, while you may be able to eventually guide them, why not provide an alternative similar to the one coaches use? In real life its possible but time consuming. Why not add more realism by adding this feature? What do you guys think?
  2. No worries my friend. I apologise too if I came off as harsh. It's just that we all know it's frustrating however, we must also understand life goes on around us. Don't worry about this. I'm sure Jay might release something, albeit delayed.
  3. Bro, what you just did is rude. You may feel it's disappointing that Jay isn't responding and mysteriously "disappeared" but what you fail to understand is Jay too infact is a human. Like all humans, he has a personal life. Obviously he will prioritise his personal life first. When things are settled with him, when he's ready, he will be back. Please don't assume things just cause you're not getting something you want. I too wish dearly for iscout to happen. Jay will release things when they are ready. Let's not forget he does it alone with hardwork. Let's just be thankful for him.
  4. Thats good. Remember to tweak abit here and there to adjust to your players style. Have fun
  5. I changed my width to wide and played with disciplined creative freedom. Try playing with normal tackling and have your back 4 players high in decisions. My players have 15 and above and despite having aggression of higher than 13, i hardly get cards
  6. Yes. i rotate between this and black pearl.
  7. Get players high in decisions and teamwork. That will solve your problem. Leadership is a bonus but i dont really pay much attention to it. I find that whenever i buy players, i only focus on decisions and teamwork. Leaderships usually are around 10 to 15 for most players of these criteria
  8. Thank you for being more elaborate on the scouting. i said similar things about the scout function. What i would like to see more player news. Example: Bale's mother has claimed that he is unhappy in RM and would be looking to leave the club. Major clubs are on high alert. Or something for backroom staffs. Example if a coach sees Kuki as injury prone, he recommends sending him for physio therapy to decrease the likelihood of injury. Or something like press conference. Like news would report they are predicting Tottenham are to finish 3rd in PL. They could interview the manager and then we would have the option to respond back. Stuffs like that seems interesting
  9. Hello everyone! I have been playing FM since the 2012 edition and one of the ideas i have had for a very long time is the usage of scouts. For example, if you use a scout, the scout can search nations and youths. What i feel is that the scout could be better streamlined for usage if we had the ability to assign the scout to look for a specific nationality or position type. That could save us hours (and money. I spent over 100m on youth players even though i have more than enough players and only to never use them, making them deadwoods). What do you think?
  10. Wow im amazed! Keep the good work going! What formations are you using btw?
  11. For me, i implement my style of play in my style of tactics. The players i choose are stat dependent on the formation. This makes tactics very good in my opinion
  12. Dhxn


    Be patient. It will come when it's ready to come. Continuously spamming and asking about it won't speed up the process. Be patient. I am also looking foward to it