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  1. For me, i implement my style of play in my style of tactics. The players i choose are stat dependent on the formation. This makes tactics very good in my opinion
  2. Chat FMM18 ISCOUT

    Be patient. It will come when it's ready to come. Continuously spamming and asking about it won't speed up the process. Be patient. I am also looking foward to it
  3. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Hi, i noticed this. Against every team i play, everyone and i mean every single one plays contain against me. Even barca and those 2 madrid clubs. I manage adarve and have been promoted to 1st div in spain. All my games everyone plays contain. Why?
  4. Save your savefile into Google drive. Go to your new phone and download it back from Google drive. Place into the correct folder and you will be having the same game. I think. I always do this. But Samsung to Samsung. You can try
  5. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    When you offer your players contracts, do you include big club release clause? Usually you won't have any say in those kind of deals as you cant reject it if it matches the criteria
  6. Chat Can't bid more than 225M

    People are paying over 200M for established players and here i am thinking 10x if i want to pay more than 5M for a 16yo wonderkid...
  7. Chat Any sign of Iscout?

    His last online date is on 29th nov. I've emailed him and no replies...guess all we got to do is wait
  8. Chat Any sign of Iscout?

    @jaymarvels any updates?
  9. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Here's an idea for best managers in game. Usually after 5 or more seasons in game, you have huge amounts of managers who are of continental ratings. Why not have a system where every manager are ranked by points and only top 10% are of continental ratings? I dont see the point of seeing a continental rated manager getting fired and then still staying 1st place in ratings. Kinda....unfair? Then we have managers who win cups and leagues, allowing them to be 1st place. However after a international cup tournament, you will drop to a position lower than a 3rd placing. I see... it weird. To me it feels like it'll be better if we have a point system.
  10. Help owe you one achievement

    No. Owe you one is for a club you are currently managing. If you leave the club after you unlock the achievement, you will reset. Quite common sense actually
  11. Chat Any sign of Iscout?

    Still waiting for an update tho...hmm
  12. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Anybody have this issue? I have this player as my coach and before i offered him the role, he said he'll immediately retire and focus on the role. Now i get this. Constantly every season
  13. Looks great, however, for defence, you set it as pressure for all over the pitch. Isnt that taxing on the players? If in lower leagues, players will low stamina will be a problem with such defence tactics