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  1. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    i know it affects ur players getting along with you on the training ground. for the first season no player feels that i have influence on them, but in the second year when i realised that i havent got my gold badge and i did, more players mentioned that i have influence on them
  2. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Hi i have a bug where the transfer is for at the end of the season or a loan back but it didnt work, instead the player comes immediately to my club. Also, as a manager with a gold coaching badge, i have to maually 'take the test' to get from bronze to gold in every save added 0 minutes later Hi i have a bug where the transfer is for at the end of the season or a loan back but it didnt work, instead the player comes immediately to my club. Also, as a manager with a gold coaching badge, i have to maually 'take the test' to get from bronze to gold in every save
  3. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Hi, there are 3 'small issues' that i would like to talk about regarding my save in the new update that i have noticed. The first screenshot shows that i have to face barca twice in the league consecutively in May, i have not face Barca the whole year till these 2 fixtures, unrealistic for it to be exactly side by side and at such a late month in May. The 2nd and 3rd screenshot shows a bug where Herrara who is a man u player, is indicated as a PSG player, quoted 'man utd have made a bid for psg andre herrara when its the other way round with the 3rd screenshot to prove it. The 4th and 5th screenshot shows a 'very minor' bug where he wants to move and doesnt want to move on the same day, abit bi-polar. Let me know what you think about these issues thanks
  4. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    I have a bug when i want to add players into my coaching staff, it says this player will remain in your playing squad but after i confirmed it, he became a full time coach instead of a player-coach
  5. Chat 9.0.4 on Android

    same feeling
  6. Chat 9.0.4 on Android

    that is understandable, as there is no proper guide, im pretty sure that many of us assume that 7 is the average rating and above means that the player is performing well whereas below it means the player is not doing good. In my save , i noticed that inaki williams can score 15 plus goals in a season but his rating is 6.7-6.8
  7. Chat 9.0.4 on Android

    yes that i can understand, what is your opinion on a 7 rating or maybe even a 6.5 rating? and maybe you can help us to understand better if it is an issue and what the ratings can affect, because due to this, my players esp my defenders and central midfielders which i always sub in have poor ratings. If i can know that it isnt really affecting my players, development, ratings ect. then it is easier to live with it as well. To add to my point, i can win every trophy and half of my squad can have a rating of 7 and below
  8. Chat 9.0.4 on Android

    i think you are missing the point and is arguing for the sake of it. I am trying to suggest an alternative to this rating, like if they can not rate players for nt even touching the ball in the game or another system or way to do so. If you dont mind, can you be constructive since you are so smart and try to help, other players have also noted this issue, its nt a huge issue but it affects the game in many ways. thanks
  9. Chat 9.0.4 on Android

    u have to understand the difference between real life and the game as well, in the game their rating is everything, it affects their star rating, value, form ect, so its like thier blood, just cause of substitutions, it ruins it, its like nt giving them the credit they deserve
  10. Chat 9.0.4 on Android

    no in real life what they do is they dont give them a rating for their performance if they just come on for afew minutes
  11. Chat 9.0.4 on Android

    yes despite the poor ratings, i still substitute players to give them a rest or for tactical reasons, but these ratings are very important as a player who is supposed to have a 7.10 rating may end up having a 6.80 rating at the end and is labled as having a bad season due to this. What this affects is the players value, the number of 'stars' on their scout report, and can even slow the progress of youngsters. I can win every competition and half or more of my squad have a rating of less than 7, says alot, and im 100% sure the reason is due to my substitutions
  12. Chat 9.0.4 on Android

    then that way to protect my players overall rating i might as well not substitue them at all, because when i do, thier rating keeps going down, and i think it is still unfair, different roles get different ratings when they are subbed, some roles get a 7 rating when subbed and they did not touch the ball once
  13. Chat 9.0.4 on Android

    Hi, i just want to add, its been an issue for the past few versions as well, i noticed that if i substitute after 80min, the cb, dm, cm, and st which i substituted in will have a poor rating like a 6, whereas the fb, wing backs and wingers may see a higher rating, this is my opinion, i feel that if i subsitute my player in i am killing off their overall rating which they have built up. I am nt sure how this is going to be fix and what your opinion is on this. Maybe there could be a rating of 7 for substitute but i feel that may also break the game, how about for substitues which does not have as much game time, like if the only came on for the last 5 min and did not even touch the ball, they dont get a rating at all, i feel that this way it is more fair overall. Please do let me know your opinion
  14. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    u change it in the middle of games, tactics as in formation, then the player roles fk up completely
  15. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    just wanted to add this,hope this can be fixed, saving tactics does not save the player roles, very annoying that i have to change roles during every game for my players as i typically changes formation in the middle of games