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  1. For Apple devices, which graphic setting(1080;SD) is the best to use in the game?
  2. Not to beat a dead horse, but will the training regime be released later today or at a later point?
  3. With the release of FMM17, Will there be a training regime that will be put in place, @Dec
  4. Still not available in the App Store yet
  5. @Marc Vaughan Fair enough. Hopefully in the official list, users will now be able to manage some African nations. Thanks though for taking the time to give the list.
  6. @Marc Vaughan @Alari Before or after the release of the game, will there be a list of the new nations we can play as?
  7. @Dec So that means we won't be able to play as South American teams then?
  8. @Marc Vaughan Why was the Brazilian league taken out? Why couldn't there be a Brazilian, Turkish and Polish league, if that would have been possible? And how has the omission of the Brazilian league affected playing South American international teams?
  9. Hey @Risheek- So I did something similar where I put the incoming managers in their respective clubs. Below are the results. Jose pretty much won everything except for the Champions League and one other domestic cup.
  10. @Anders- You shouldn't avoid loaning your young players as any experience no what where. You could try the percentage thing and report back. I have no experience with that though
  11. Interesting

    Try out the challenges that are posted up on Vibe. Have the same problem you have @Noble_choice.