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  1. Real_Random


    I know it should excite me but I'm slightly cautious as I can't think of anything major that they could add that deserves a whole direct dedicated to it
  2. Real_Random

    Vibe World Cup: Final Results

    Great challenge, are we allowed loan transfers in this one?
  3. Real_Random

    Vibe World Cup: Final Results

    I'm thinking we should have the challenge being based around rugby league, a sport that Aussies can beat the welsh at anytime
  4. Real_Random

    Vibe World Cup: Final Results

    Wow what a result for the Aussies, football’s got a new home
  5. Real_Random

    Vibe World Cup: Final Results

    Feels good to be back, time to make Australia proud @RipRip.
  6. Real_Random


    @Ashez I'm loving wolfenstein, although it has a motion blur and there is a bug where the left controller doesn't work in the menus
  7. Real_Random


    I'm still playing tropical freeze but I'm enjoying it more than I did on Wii u
  8. Real_Random

    Vibe Rankings - Updated August 2018

    I knew I would've dropped, I just didn't think it would be so bad
  9. Season 7 Transfers Serie A Italian Super Cup Italian Cup European Super Cup Champions League Club World Cup The New Number 10 Ezequiel Barco Points Earned 86 Points Total 497 Thanks for reading this career and comments are appreciated. Thanks to everyone who followed this journey and thanks to @danovic78 for creating this challenge
  10. Looks very interesting 1. @Ashez 2. @Foxy The numbers above represent not only the squads I think should be used but the results from this H2H.
  11. Was tempted and bought it, good game so far, though teams seem to have limited budgets. Bit annoying though that you can only load 3 countries but the main reason I bought it was because of all the extra leagues.
  12. Just saw the listing on the Australian Eshop, it's a bit pricey but for the hours I will get out of it I will most likely buy it.
  13. January Update League games so far EFL Cup Community Shield Thanks for reading this short update and another one will be coming soon
  14. Thanks mate, it was on an older forum last year but was updated this year Thanks mate