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  1. Awesome that sounds great, it would be nice to be able to play on the two new league in a challenge.
  2. Very nice challenge @danovic78. Are you going to update this challenge for the new leagues this year? the U.S.A has hosted the Olympics in the past
  3. Nice looking challenge mate, I might give this a go
  4. Fun/Games UKFS's FMM2018 Ultimate Team Sign Up

    I'll go England
  5. Good luck mate, nice choice of players. I attempted this last year, it’s a great challenge. Hopefully Jansen can get the goals needed
  6. Article A Fond Farewell to FMM 17

    Great write up @Taff, FMM 17 has obviously been a success when you look around Vibe and see how many familiar faces have returned. Now we wait patiently for FMM 18.
  7. Fun/Games The Vibe Olympics V.2 Final Results

    Just caught up, what a quarter final, congratulations to @PriZe for totally destroying me. Congratulations to @Taff, @Mr.Manager and @chewkaiwen for making the final. Very impressive write up @FuddledFox and interesting challenge. Good luck to all.
  8. Off Topic Nintendo

    I’ve already finished the main storyline. Took me about 8 hours to finish
  9. Fun/Games The Vibe Olympics V.2 Final Results

    I've just seen my results in now
  10. Off Topic Nintendo

    Never played animal crossing, not really interested. I don't have a Japanese account so I can't try the demo. I'm getting my copy today.
  11. Off Topic Nintendo

    Not really, I just checked the market and there’s only 40 583 live transfers on Switch. Also I struggle to get online matches especially with tournaments.
  12. Off Topic Nintendo

    Nice looking team, out of curiosity who is your inform on the bench? Damn, that is annoying, hopefully I can stay disconnected for a week
  13. Off Topic Nintendo

    @UKFootballScore what's your team looking like, here's mine after a month Rating 82 4.5 Stars and Chem is 83
  14. Off Topic Nintendo

    I just checked my play records and have 110 hours logged for it. I agree that the Switch version holds up well and I enjoy the freedom of being able to play anywhere and not being tied down to a TV.
  15. Off Topic Nintendo

    FIFA is fantastic on the Switch, the ability to play anywhere keeps me hooked. I managed to pick up an SNES Mini and have sunk about 10 hours into earth bound. I got an extension lead too but have been playing more on a computer monitor where the short lead is better. Did you see the update for the Switch? Finally there is some sort of save transfer, though it isn’t perfect. I can’t wait for Mario to come out and have already preordered because in Australia you never know how much stock we are going to get. The Switch is a perfect example because around the world you hear stories that they are hard to get and that they raffle off the opportunity to buy them while in Australia you can walk in and buy a Switch bundle with a game with no trouble at all as they are always in stock.