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  1. Off Topic Nintendo

    I just got up to the final boss and I was so annoyed when I got it done to zero health only for it to re heal. I have the same team as you with the same combination. Great minds obviously think a like
  2. Off Topic Nintendo

    I didn't see the direct but I am interested in the games they announced. Even though the ports are old they are still top quality games and Nintendo have done a great job in getting new games and good ports. Xenoblade might tempt me as I never played the original. I've almost given up on Rabbits because it is so brutal. I'm up to the wario and waluigi rabbits and they are painful. I'll keep going though
  3. Off Topic Nintendo

    I'm up to 4-3 and Isaac has been delayed until the 12th according to my local EB games. Nothing has really caught my attention but I saw Rockstar releasing LA Noir so that's pretty impressive for the Switch
  4. Very good point, they should do it it would be great
  5. I'm pretty sure in FM you can earn citizenship of another country but not in FMM, It would be cool if we could that in FMM but it will never happen
  6. Off Topic Nintendo

    I've had the game crash once and I have noticed a few frame rate drops while playing and it can be really annoying. Hopefully your progress saved.
  7. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Interesting car, where can I buy one? It might help me at the next CC
  8. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Remember Prize no one has ever won two CC's and I think your fellow semi finalists want to keep it that way
  9. Off Topic Nintendo

    Impressive work, did you find the second world boss easier than the first because imo the first world boss is more irritating and painful to fight
  10. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Great season @samhardy I was right when I predicted scores of 200+. Congratulations to all semifinalists and my money is on the bunny. Good luck to all
  11. Off Topic Nintendo

    If that's the one with all the pipes try to get toad surrounded by your heroes and just keep using the pipes. I struggled with the same level and just kept trying
  12. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Oh I'll talk I just don't want to start talking about my chances and then learn Sam has crushed me into 1000 pieces.
  13. Off Topic Nintendo

    Most likely I will get Isaac, I agree in Mario+ Rabbids it can be good to lose one character for the greater good of the whole team
  14. I've had the same issue and yes I had minimised the game and it happens rarely
  15. Off Topic Nintendo

    I have the same team as you. I can handle the difficulty but some levels have taken me 10+ attempts to complete. I learnt though you can't have an all Rabbids or all Mario team which limits options but isn't too bad.