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  1. Real_Random


    Agreed, the art style was off-putting, as was the fact it’s being developed by a third party studio. Still I’m buying it nonetheless, need to get that nostalgia fill lol, although I played platinum so idk how different D/P were. Legends looks great, the catching mechanic was a dream come true and the Pokémon running around was awesome. It sort of felt like a culmination of all the recent Pokémon games innovations. The roaming Pokémon of Let’s go combined with the (attempted) open world of Sword and shield.
  2. Real_Random


    I’m trying to limit my hype, but a Pokémon presents is coming tomorrow and I’m over the moon https://www.ign.com/articles/pokemon-presents-broadcast-coming-tomorrow-amid-remake-rumours
  3. Thanks mate, thanks for the great challenge Thanks mate
  4. Could I please be added to the Leaderboard @FuddledFox?
  5. Season 2 After a fantastic first season, could Tomi Juric keep up the goal scoring and become a Western Sydney Wanderers club legend? Transfers A couple of bargains to strengthen the squad and provide some much needed creativity after Meier and Weilandt left A-League Sloppy start to the season with the the Wanderers sitting in 2nd place, though only the goals matter at this point in the challenge Asian Champions League A good performance in the group stages secures our spot in the next round Fixtures and Stats The Player Tomi Juric Tomi decided that he would like to miss a game thanks to an early red card, along with deciding he wanted to convert only 1 shot of his 5 on target instead of scoring the final goal he needed. Goal number 14 Goal Number 15 Goals Scored 47 Goals Remaining 0 GpG 1.05 Overall, this half season was great, 15 in 15 sees us finish the challenge with a GpG of 1.05, smashing Brendon Santalab’s GpG of 0.35964912. Ultimately this challenge was great fun and credit must go to @FuddledFox for creating yet another fantastic challenge and thanks to all who left a comment. Thanks for reading and comments are appreciated.
  6. Season 1 The Big Reveal Before delving into how the season went, it’s time to reveal the striker who will be looking to beat Brendon Santalab’s GpG of 0.35964912. That man is... Tomi Juric Without further ado lets get into Season 1 Transfers In Out A-League A decent season overall though a run of 3 draws in 3 games had me a bit nervous about getting sacked, as we all know how reactionary the A.I can be regarding form. Finals Fixtures and Stats The Player Tomi Juric Goals Scored: 27 Goals remaining: 15 Current GpG: 1.08 Target GpG: 0.35964912 Overall a great season for Juric, with his 27 goals putting us in prime position to complete this challenge in 2 seasons. Thanks for reading and comments are appreciated.
  7. Hey everyone, after scrolling through some of the new and fantastic challenges on the forums I saw a great new challenge by @FuddledFox This challenge excited me as it would allow me to manage in the A-League for a challenge so without further ado let’s take a look at the club chosen. The aim for this challenge is to achieve a better goals per game ratio than the club’s all time record goal scorer, while also beating their goal total. Western Sydney Wanderers That’s right I have chosen the 3rd youngest club in the A-League, the Western Sydney Wanderers. As such for this challenge I will be aiming to beat Brendon Santalab’s (pictured below) total of 41 goals in 114 games, which works out to be a target goals per game ratio of 0.35964912. In terms of who will be scoring the goals, I have picked another Australian, as required by the challenge. The striker in question is an Australian international who has won both the AFC Champions League and the Asian Cup. It’s... Thanks for reading and comments are appreciated.
  8. I don’t think signing on fees ever came out of the transfer budget specifically, but I am not sure how they impact the overall finances of the club
  9. The German National team is unavailable due to licensing issues and can’t be managed
  10. Hi everyone After seeing a flurry of excellent articles discussing potential club choices for various leagues such as England (by @Jsavfc), Scotland (by @ScottishFMM) and other European leagues (by @Rhewi) I decided to contribute to the growing number of league previews and offer some interesting choices for potential saves In Australia. Quick Overview The Australian A-League has grown once again to 12 teams, with this being the most teams to compete in one season of the A-League ever. Additionally, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the A-League’s start date has been pushed back from October to the 27th of December, although whether this will be reflected in FMM 21 is unknown. Interesting clubs to manage I have decided to include 3 teams as in a 12 team league this equates to a quarter of available teams. Macarthur FC The A-League’s new boys, based in South-West Sydney, Macarthur FC have already made a splash in the transfer market, adding Australian internationals Adam Federici and Mark Milligan to their squad along with former Spanish international Benat, formerly of Athletic Club Bilbao. Macarthur are a new team ready to inscribe your name into the history books. Will you bring glory to this new team and follow in the footsteps of previous new teams like Western United or the Western Sydney Wanderers? Or will they go the same way as the Central Coast Mariners and become the perennial whipping boys of the A-League. Melbourne City FC The cashed-up little brother of Manchester City. Despite heavy investment in the squad, including the acquisition of Jamie Maclaren, who scored 23 league goals last season, Melbourne City FC have still failed to win the A-League. With the A-League’s golden boot winner in tow and the backing of the City Football Group, can you improve on the solitary FFA Cup won by the club. Brisbane Roar Despite having the longest unbeaten record in the A-League, Brisbane Roar have suffered over the past 2 years, finishing 9th for the last 2 seasons. Brisbane’s top goal scorers, Scott McDonald and Roy O’Donovan, scored only 12 league goals between them, although O’Donovan left the club halfway through last season. For a city the size of Brisbane and a club with such a proud history, will you be able to restore the Roar’s glory days? Thanks for reading, I hope this article will help encourage some more saves in the A-League.
  11. This is an incredible idea, I’ll take you on at Wellington Phoenix