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  1. filipetorres

    Winter Update Is Now Live

    I need help here, when i open the game a couple hours ago i had no option but update the data. I got the same textbox i had when i installed it saying if i wanted the basic data or players pick (which i never choose to keep some space in my phone) I want to reverte it to the database i had, where i had an amazing shortlist and some great free players, not only that but some players i use to buy are expensive beyond my reach. I would like to play with that for the time beeing.😳😳😳
  2. filipetorres

    Help Names fix

    Hi I have the clubs names in spain wrong. I have real hispalis as betis and, real pamplona as ossasuna etc.. The brazilian clubs all have 3 letters instead of their real names, and their colours are all messed up. Is there a fix to it?
  3. Its nice to have a peak before picking a club. I was just wondering if you could make a list with suggar daddy budgets instead of regular budgets?
  4. filipetorres

    Sugar Daddy Unlockable

    You have to achieve monstrous success but... You have to make an profit every year, as this can take you back to get it unlocked. The club you pick makes a diference aswell, if you pick psg or man city it will take you a bit longer than you would imagine because these are already millionaire clubs. My advice to you would be to pick a team that is an outsider and has a bit of cash. And you can't cheat!! Liverpool seems to work well, and i've seen a few save games with sugar daddy unlocked, altough ive never managed them. Betis, Everton, Lille, Cska Moscow and Stuttgart. Are teams that with good buys can make you win the league and get you sugar daddy unlocked.
  5. filipetorres

    Infinite money glitch!

    I tried to do this at wolves, selling moutinho for 21M, and buying him back for 28,5M, but he didn't want to come back, so i this ain't gonna work 100%. I just wonder if the players personality, or the club rep, has something to do with this cheat working or not?!
  6. filipetorres


    thanks bro
  7. filipetorres

    Help logos

    hi there I have always my phone storage almost full, and the logos packs are always huge, so i thought i would only copy to my phone those that belong to playable leagues (1st and 2nd divisions), and top clubs or clubs that are shown on the database, and leave out all those lower division clubs. to do that i need to know the number of their .png file, so my question is: where can i find it, so that i don´t have to search the entire clubs folder for each and every club (that will take ages) thanks for the help. cheers
  8. filipetorres

    TCM Logos Megapack

    I had the same problem in fmm17, with rb leipzig, I did everything and still didn't work. So i look for the number of the .png logo of rb leipzig and memorized it. Then renamed rb salzburg png file; to the leipzig number and got the salzburg logo on leipzig. For me that was close enough as the logo was very small... Never manage to rename the logo of leipzig and make it appear in the game though... Here's the tip: play around with the logos and see if you can fix it...
  9. filipetorres

    TCM Logos Megapack

    I've done everything and it just aint happening. Installed in the correct path, reload skin and nothing. Clear cache and restarted phone and still nothing. Copy the logos folder to the cache and still nothing... My phone is a LG K8
  10. Hi i was trying to create richarlison, because he still isn't in the game, and i've updated it with some files, transfer updates etc.. And still no richarlison. I have the in game editor, but haven't found how to create the player with only his nickname? Is it possible? Appreciate any help thanks
  11. filipetorres

    NmG Nations

    I have made it as described; and nothing...
  12. i've changed phone, and now i can't replicate my weird tactic in detail and i am struggling, this tactic was so good that i only needed to make a few ticks now and then. home or away i was winning every game, even with low table teams. the formation was: ----------gk--------- ---CD-BPD-CD------- --W---CM--CM---W- --IF----------------IF-- ----------P------------- i gave it a few ticks changing the IF to wingers, or one the CM's to BWM or AP, or both, depending on the opposition. In fact this tactic was so good that i almost never changed team instructions, and those i can't remember, so a bit of help if you know/knew or have this tactic to set team instructions right. note: my cm were left a bit exposed, so they rarely have high ratings, except when i demolish teams (which isn't rare).
  13. filipetorres

    2016 BG Logos Megapack

    hi i have two big questions_ i have downloaded the logos and put the files on the bla..bla../sigawhatever (like you explained) and it still didn´t load the logos, i´ve realised that i've missed the correct file, it was the torrent file with the vga thing, so i've download the right one and now i have 2 different folders, one with the name logos (that i bet my left i've replaced it with the first file i've downloaded) and the other with the name logos_android.so my question is? which one should i replace now? and would the duplicate pics mess the program and do not load them? should i delete any of those folders? the second question: i've downloaded the file that fixes licensed names and correct club names and a few other things, BUT...BUT when i load the brazilian league the clubs names and colours are wrong they only have 3 letters: ex-Fluminense is FLU, Santos-SAN,Sao paulo-SPA and so one, and their colours are wrong also. thanks