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  1. Hi i was trying to create richarlison, because he still isn't in the game, and i've updated it with some files, transfer updates etc.. And still no richarlison. I have the in game editor, but haven't found how to create the player with only his nickname? Is it possible? Appreciate any help thanks
  2. filipetorres

    NmG Nations

    I have made it as described; and nothing...
  3. i've changed phone, and now i can't replicate my weird tactic in detail and i am struggling, this tactic was so good that i only needed to make a few ticks now and then. home or away i was winning every game, even with low table teams. the formation was: ----------gk--------- ---CD-BPD-CD------- --W---CM--CM---W- --IF----------------IF-- ----------P------------- i gave it a few ticks changing the IF to wingers, or one the CM's to BWM or AP, or both, depending on the opposition. In fact this tactic was so good that i almost never changed team instructions, and those i can't remember, so a bit of help if you know/knew or have this tactic to set team instructions right. note: my cm were left a bit exposed, so they rarely have high ratings, except when i demolish teams (which isn't rare).
  4. filipetorres

    2016 BG Logos Megapack

    hi i have two big questions_ i have downloaded the logos and put the files on the bla..bla../sigawhatever (like you explained) and it still didn´t load the logos, i´ve realised that i've missed the correct file, it was the torrent file with the vga thing, so i've download the right one and now i have 2 different folders, one with the name logos (that i bet my left i've replaced it with the first file i've downloaded) and the other with the name logos_android.so my question is? which one should i replace now? and would the duplicate pics mess the program and do not load them? should i delete any of those folders? the second question: i've downloaded the file that fixes licensed names and correct club names and a few other things, BUT...BUT when i load the brazilian league the clubs names and colours are wrong they only have 3 letters: ex-Fluminense is FLU, Santos-SAN,Sao paulo-SPA and so one, and their colours are wrong also. thanks