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  1. They are all great ideias, but will turn the game huge. I think DEVs should able us to: - Have more trainers, some for main team and others to young team; - Larger DB; - Motivate team, or player-by-player, at beginning and at half-time of the matches; At this time, i think its all :)
  2. Juvept

    Standard Logos Megapack

    This have Portuguese logo?
  3. Can't wait to see it Thank you
  4. I'm using the same tactic with some changes. Before you made changes let me tell you, my team don't score mutch, but i have a win percentage its higher. I'm in FC Porto. Changes: In shape tab: -> Width and Creative freedom, i use Balanced. In defence tab: _> Offside trap, i use YES In attack tab: -> Instead early crosses, i use Look for overlap. (I'm using 2 offensive insiders, and they don't have a high grade in crossing) -> Passing Style and Passing focus, i use mixed.
  5. Well, at this moment i start with FC Porto and i start to clean some staff. I get a YOUNG SCOUT and change at all my physios. My question is how many prevention and rehabilitation staff should i have? At this time i have 2 prevention and 1 rehabilitation. Thank you for you colaboration.
  6. Thank you for sharing :D Can i get a PDF version of that? it's easy for my to check that via PDF on my smartphone :D
  7. i was to write about it, and i'm trully loving this new system and the training! Now we can choose the function/position we want to see the player training! About training, i'm missing the possibility to change the training level to intensive
  8. Juvept

    Esalogos Megapack

    waiting for Portuguese teams
  9. Can be Lucas Paquetá next Diego? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJ1ED-njoAg I bought it to Flamengo for 20M€
  10. Juvept

    Raise my own coach badge

    10 minutos after quote you, i won the Portuguese Cup and became SILVER BADGE AHAH
  11. Juvept

    Raise my own coach badge

    Thanks for all, i will keep playing and improve
  12. Juvept

    Raise my own coach badge

    AHAHAHAH I had done a half of season on FC Porto, with only 2-4 draws, and my badge don't raise to silver
  13. Hey, Anyone can tell how do i raise my own coach badge? Best Regards.
  14. Juvept

    FMM18 Battery Drain!

    Well, hope this can help you Android version 7.0