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  1. They are all great ideias, but will turn the game huge. I think DEVs should able us to: - Have more trainers, some for main team and others to young team; - Larger DB; - Motivate team, or player-by-player, at beginning and at half-time of the matches; At this time, i think its all :)
  2. I'm using the same tactic with some changes. Before you made changes let me tell you, my team don't score mutch, but i have a win percentage its higher. I'm in FC Porto. Changes: In shape tab: -> Width and Creative freedom, i use Balanced. In defence tab: _> Offside trap, i use YES In attack tab: -> Instead early crosses, i use Look for overlap. (I'm using 2 offensive insiders, and they don't have a high grade in crossing) -> Passing Style and Passing focus, i use mixed.
  3. Well, at this moment i start with FC Porto and i start to clean some staff. I get a YOUNG SCOUT and change at all my physios. My question is how many prevention and rehabilitation staff should i have? At this time i have 2 prevention and 1 rehabilitation. Thank you for you colaboration.
  4. Thank you for sharing :D Can i get a PDF version of that? it's easy for my to check that via PDF on my smartphone :D
  5. i was to write about it, and i'm trully loving this new system and the training! Now we can choose the function/position we want to see the player training! About training, i'm missing the possibility to change the training level to intensive
  6. Can be Lucas Paquetá next Diego? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJ1ED-njoAg I bought it to Flamengo for 20M€
  7. 10 minutos after quote you, i won the Portuguese Cup and became SILVER BADGE AHAH
  8. Thanks for all, i will keep playing and improve
  9. AHAHAHAH I had done a half of season on FC Porto, with only 2-4 draws, and my badge don't raise to silver
  10. Hey, Anyone can tell how do i raise my own coach badge? Best Regards.
  11. Well, hope this can help you Android version 7.0
  12. just using Portugal, nothing more...
  13. i use my phone with energy save on, so, i guess flight mode on will help me :/ If you see this post, many people are complaining about the same problem was i :/