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  1. haykay

    FMM18 Bug List

    @Alari Can you explain to me how the iphone X skin works? Is it only for iphone X?
  2. haykay

    Vibe Super League

    Guys,I'm sorry,i really hate to do this Due to personal issues and other things,I'll be very busy and I don't think i can carry on in this VSL. I'm very sorry for disappointing you all. ?
  3. haykay

    Vibe Super League

    Wow! This is just WOW!
  4. haykay

    FMM 2018 UI for FMM 2017

    I told you not to mess with your fmm.
  5. haykay

    Vibe Super League

    1) can we sell players? 2) can we buy 1 chaser and use our 2 players as the other chasers?
  6. haykay

    Vibe Super League

    Another volunteer.???? they can join Week 2.
  7. haykay

    Vibe Super League

    @Rocket @Kun Aguero????
  8. haykay

    Vibe Super League

    *Song playing in the background* ? Hello Darkness my old friend,I've come to talk with you again ? added 0 minutes later #SECONDED
  9. haykay

    How do i quit a job?

    ??? Just slide right,or click the button up there.
  10. You wanna ruin your fmm?
  11. haykay

    Vibe Super League

    ??? I see that.