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  1. Team Name : Yankees F.C. Home kit colours : White and Dark blue. Away kit colours : Black and Red. Manger Name : Sir Darwin Haykay IV.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Due to the new stadium improvement in fmm17,things changed a bit. I found a way to add these stadiums to the game.As you can see in the screenshots the stadiums changes over capacity and weather. Enough of the chit-chat,lets get to it. Unzip and Extract the files from the folders with Winrar,Es file explorer,Zarchiver or any unzipping app. Copy the files inside the retina folder to Android/data/com.sigames.fmm2017/files/installed/fmhi_retina_skin/gui_images/match folder. Copy the files from hdtv to Android/data/com.sigames.fmm2017/files/installed/fmhi_hdtv_skin/gui_images/match folder. Remember to backup your original folder. Enjoy Credits goes to @wonho1028 for the awesome pitches. If you're having problems comment below.
  3. Chat FMM 18 - Wish List

    Things i want in football manager mobile 18 These are my ideas i want in fmm18 after playing Fmh14,15, fmm16,fmm17 there are somethings i'm still bothered about that are incomplete in this game check them out Below 1)Individual orders,Team orders 2)Press conferences before and after game 3)More tactics like Fm(But just a Little of it) 4)Ability to Arrange friendly matches and receive offers from clubs 5)Ability to Train in Another camp or Country (If possible) 6)Ability to Set ticket prices for fans(Another Area of income) 7)Also Sponsorship 8)Fan clubs and Donations 9)Social Media These are My ideas You can type yours below in the comment lets make Fmm Great ?
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This is for wvga only Firstly Extract the Zip File Secondly Rename the club Startscreen and Background of your choice Rename it to Startscreen_background_wvga(For the startscreen background For the background Rename it to background_wvga Then paste it in Android-Files-com.sigames.fmm17-files-installed-Fmhi_wvga_skin-images Remember to backup your original background and startscreen background La liga clubs, Serie A clubs, and bundesliga clubs coming up later Enjoy!!!
  5. Most of us were not happy when saw fmm17 England clubs do not have u21 or u18 in the game... For me I was not happy..First of all I couldn't check scores of other teams,Lone striker can't work alone,Shootout bug,Player of the month bug,coach sacking,e.t.c Yet no U21 or 18 But reserves with Fake names. Si tried for Fmm17 but the bugs and other missing features are the cause for low rating Please make some amendments or in the next Fmm
  6. No... Chelsea did not go to Ucl and El but still have more budget than Man united
  7. Man city Spent 174. 05 million (The highest in the whole premier league teams)on transfers this season But they still got 139. 59 million Budget.. Please explain