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  1. @Alari Can you explain to me how the iphone X skin works? Is it only for iphone X?
  2. Guys,I'm sorry,i really hate to do this Due to personal issues and other things,I'll be very busy and I don't think i can carry on in this VSL. I'm very sorry for disappointing you all. ?
  3. I told you not to mess with your fmm.
  4. 1) can we sell players? 2) can we buy 1 chaser and use our 2 players as the other chasers?
  5. Another volunteer.???? they can join Week 2.
  6. *Song playing in the background* ? Hello Darkness my old friend,I've come to talk with you again ? added 0 minutes later #SECONDED
  7. ??? Just slide right,or click the button up there.