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  1. Just had a little look and it looks like Australia's FFA Cup happens every year now except the first year whereas before it was every other year for the whole game. Good fix imo 😃
  2. Hey all, one of my favourite parts in the PC version of FM is using players from smaller less footballing nations. Does this happen as often on the mobile version and if so have you guys had any good/great players from smaller nations?
  3. I haven't tried what you've said previously but I think as long as the tip is not something absurd (Getting any player for any price, sell any player at whatever price you want), then it's fair game imo - furthermore, if people read something and don't want to use what they have read they are not forced. In my opinion it is similar to looking through the wonderkids list
  4. Agreed, I do love seeing how people fair in Northern Ireland. I always try and take a third division team to the champions league but it is incredibly difficult so will be interesting to see how @hhooo gets on
  5. Is there a way to see all clubs/nation managers and their security in their current job? All I can find is jobs that are insecure/V. Insecure or open?
  6. Huge mate, loving this! You got some great players there, Steven Conolly looks great and only valued at 50k!
  7. Hey guys, was just playing around and seeing what nations load others. For example if you load England you get a lot of the Scottish league players and Northern Irish players. If you load U.S.A You get a fair few Mexico league players but if you load Mexico you don't get many MLS players. I was just wondering what others ones you guys know of? Also, I really like Talles Magno (Vasco) but I can only seem to get him in my games if I load Mexico
  8. This is a great career you've got going mate, making me very tempted to start a save in the bottom tier of Scotland! Can't wait to see how you'll get on in the Premiership once you're there
  9. Yeah I'd be quite similar to this, im managing AZ at the min and have Holland, Belgium, England and Argentina loaded Its nice to see what leagues you guys load though! I almost feel guilty loading 4 of the big 5, as if I'm not giving big clubs in smaller nations a chance
  10. Hey guys, was just wondering what leagues you guys load ordinarily? I've been loading Argentina a bit since it is a new league but the players it adds almost do not seem worth it!