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  1. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    Great to see you qualify! Do the Rangers' fans throw you something or what
  2. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    I want to see that, interesting how they got Mourinho in Scotland though
  3. glad i didnt take this one ( or dont have the money to )
  4. Beating the Big Brother Challenge So after my 1KC save is broken, i try to do another challenge to make me feel better. So i make myself mine! It is inspired from kind of challenge people do in FM PC, and i'm sorry if someone already make the similar one. The basic concept of this challenge is to take the smaller of the two or more teams in a city, and turn them into more famous and more successful team then the bigger one. The Goals : Surpass your bigger brother by finish in better position in the league than them. Achieve more trophy than they do in last 10 years in real life. Work your way out into a World Class reputation manager. Have same or better if possible Facilities than your bigger brother. Have better stadium than your bigger brother ( can be ignored if you have the same stadium with your bigger brother ) The Rules : Starts at any club in a city that have 2 clubs or more with you choosing the smaller side team ( like FC United, Paris FC, and others ) that must be below the first division. No using Editor, IGE, and PGE at any cost. No cheating or reloading at general Advised to post career here to keep me in update Post your Evidence Good Luck and Have Fun! Any feedback or suggestions would be much appreciated. Leaderboard
  5. What Future Holds - Lewis Cook Introduction Welcome to the What Future Holds Series, where we simulate 10 years into the future to see how the wonderkid do in there. In the third part of this, We will simulate a promising english player from Bournemouth, Lewis Cook. The Player Name : Lewis John Cook Birthday : 3 February 1997 Current Club : AFC Bournemouth Nationality : English Lewis John Cook is a professional english footballer for AFC Bournemouth. He has represented his country in various youth levels with great achievement such as 2014 UEFA European Under-17 Football Championship and the 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup. He also win some individual award like Football League Young Player of The Year. His stats doesn't look very remarkable though, with his best stat is in his Aggression, Teamwork and Stamina standing at 14. Now Let's see What future holds! 5 Years Into Simulation ( 2016-2021 ) Not seems a lot improvement right? Most of his improvement only add one number to the stats, Bournemouth Training Facilities could be the problem. As you may notice now, he plays in Scotland now with Celtic. He also gets a few caps for England. With Bournemouth, Cook won the EFL Cup is a bit of surprise, but next season they fall of to the Championship. Celtic isn't seem to be winning anything but that maybe because i didn't load the league. Average First team appearance to Bournemouth, he leaves his club after the relegation and move to Celtic for €2M and plays more regular, and better. Lewis Cook as 2020/2021 Appearances : 238 Apps ( 155 since game started ) Goals : 14 Goals ( 13 since game started ) Assists: 16 Assists 10 Years Into Simulation ( 2025/2026 ) Decent Improvement on the player, even with drops in some attributes. He come back to England now, playing for Leicester City in EPL. He adds his caps in the national side with also score 2 goals to England. After his good first season in Scotland, he moved back to England as Aston Villa buys him for €13.25M. His time in Aston Villa is short, after one season Leicester buys him for €34.5M, a lot of money for that club. With Leicester, he's having a very good performances, making 42 goals. Lewis Cook as 2025/2026 Appearances : 421 Apps ( 338 since game started ) Goals : 32 Goals ( 31 since game started ) Assists: 51 Assists Retirement ( 2032/2033 ) As you should expect, his stats decreases a lot and now he's more experienced, he got that green in Leadership. He managed to get 84 Caps and 3 Goals for England. Not once winning a trophy since moved from Bournemouth but he gets the most hard thing to get, watching Southgate sacked ! I swear that rarely happens Still plays good amount of games before released, he goes with no club for 2 years until his retirement though, which i find weird. Lewis Cook as 2031/2032 Appearances : 629 Apps ( 546 since game started ) Goals : 52 Goals ( 51 since game started ) Assists: 76 Assists Conclusion He is a great player with great stats. He will fit into any big club in the world.With the right training, his stats could better than this. Thank you for reading my third installment of What Future Holds, critics and feedback will be very appreciated. Who do you think we should simulate next? Comment here!
  6. Probably you dont have enough time man, what is the most year you can play though?
  7. Wow, good player.Going to be a great poacher with that stats ( if you continue this on yourself playing this )
  8. Challenges The 1000 Goal Challenge

    You're not, maybe because you dont post a career about it here
  9. Congrats Mate! Did you get a kid btw?
  10. So the save file is gone or somehow deleted and i cant finish this challenge. I will attempt the challenge again when i can. Thanks to everyone who reads my content. Cheers!