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  1. Fun/Games Futsal 3

    I literally goes from 7th spot to 12th because of this jeff
  2. Fun/Games Futsal 3

    One spot higher for me, great to see Morata oomn the best list, Verrati and Djuric are disappointing lol.
  3. Another draw... please I need some wins!
  4. Fun/Games Futsal 3

    Back in 7th spot, good. But dang Verrati, even if you don't make it to the "Worst Performers" list, it's disappointing.
  5. Fun/Games Futsal 3

    Finally, a player from my team is in the best performers! Dropped 1 place on the leaderboard, though. Djuric and Verrati, come on!
  6. Fun/Games Futsal 3

    Sitting in 7th doesn't seem too bad, well that can improve. Expected more from Morata though cause he gets lower points than Djuric.
  7. Career Beyond 2000: A 1KC Attempt

    That's totally not a slow start, great job!
  8. Fun/Games Futsal 3

    Solid Writeups! Surprised no one picks Neymar (and spend the rest 4 to VNL Stars)
  9. Fun/Games Futsal 3

    I'll join! So, what I need to do is to PM you five players with total worth under 200M?
  10. Finally, a win! After losing 2 matches, it's really good to see my team winning!
  11. Try search by player based on Argentine
  12. It's sure seem like it's worth a try. going to spend some season three!
  13. Loving the new square summary thing! Sure this world help you at buying Players.