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  1. Thanks guys! Realy appreciate it!
  2. Thanks, man, tinkering this takes too much time so I wouldn't push him as much as I used to do. Even I surprised that his best season is when he's 30.
  3. Quick Update (again) and sorry I've been slow! Johannes Eggestein Road to 1K+ Goals Season XV Trophy Super cup lose ruins our long-running unbeatable A lot of drops this season, he still has decent physicals though, fortunately. Finally ended the 100 goals run, 95 goals isn't far from 100 so I'm not that disappointed. Johannes Eggestein Appearances: 745 Matches Goals: 1295 Goals Naby Keita Thanks for reading another update.
  4. Thanks! I think this time Donnarumma peaked early and for Meret, I saw him being bought by top-class teams in the division. I read the wonderkids page to check his PA too.
  5. Thanks! I'm surprised that no one knows him though, I mean he's a wonderkid after all.
  6. Thanks! They both are Italian so I thought it'd make a good comparison. Thanks! Of course with facilities like City, it could happen.
  7. Thanks! Why not try him a little this year?
  8. Thanks! Can't wait to see how is he in FMM18!
  9. Battle of the best: Donnarumma VS. Meret Hello Vibers, and welcome to this article! As you probably know, Italy has one of the most excellent goalkeepers of all time in Gianluigi Buffon. But as he gets closer to retirement, it’s time to start looking for a successor. As the title suggests, this article will simulate both Donnarumma's and Meret's future in FMM. Moreover, we’re going to simulate them at one and the same club, that club is Udinese (which is Meret’s club by the way).First, let me Introduce you to both players. Shown above is an infamous wonderkid, Gianluigi Donnarumma. He initially starts at A.C. Milan. He has great attributes for a 17 year old, with green numbers in Aerial, Handling, and Reflexes. His other attributes stand in blue and in a few years those will improve. However, he has weak throwing and average physicals. To cap things off, he already acquired two caps for the Italian national side. Alex Meret is two years older than Donnarumma, less known and less used than his generational compatriot. At the moment he has worse attributes compared to Donnie; yet he still has some positives, like greens in Agility, Reflexes, Teamwork. His kicking and physicals are a little concern. But, he yet has a lot of time to improve, so those attributes will start going up. And now that you know the players, let’s advance ten years in the future! Massive improvement for Donnarumma! His GK attributes are amazing by now; he has 20 in Aerial, Handling, Reflexes, Leadership, followed by Stamina and Strength! His throwing only improved a little though, but everything except that is progressing well. Also, as you may noticed, he’s now residing in the English capital with Arsenal. He acquired more caps to the Italy national team too! But, what about his performance? He starts off awfully. In his first season with Udinese, he only made eight appearances, conceding 14 goals, followed by a terrible rating at 5.87 average. As the years go on, he’s starting to make more appearances, but his awful performance on 2020/2021 saw him going to Germany. Even though it seems like a miserable season, with Stuttgart almost relegated, Arsenal activated his release clause to take him there. He makes more appearances at Arsenal than at his former sides, while also providing excellent goalkeeping skills to the club. Club Appearances (Since start of the game): 326 Matches Goals Conceded(Since start of the game): 424 Goals But, is he significant enough to make his club win something? Well, he never wins the league, but he did win the EFL Cup twice with Arsenal. Only a bunch of little trophies, but a few are always better than none! Alex Meret surprisingly also made it to England by joining as the Blue Manchester number one. Even though most of his attributes don’t look better than Donnarumma's, he does have better Decision, Positioning, Teamwork, and Technique. Aside from that, he was always called up by the national side but has not gained his first cap. He started better than Donnarumma, as he played more matches than him, yet conceded less. In the same year Donnarumma went to Germany, he followed his example to another club, Wolfsburg. After a few seasons in Germany, the oil-rich club Manchester City bought him for 24 Million Pounds. His first season in Manchester City is exceptional, making 52 appearances and only conceding 47 goals. Club Appearances (Since start of the game): 279 Matches Goals Conceded(Since start of the game): 379 Goals Only joining Manchester City for one year, he’s yet to produce trophies for his club. Until now, he hasn’t done that. Conclusion In conclusion, although both players don’t have the best start in the world, they are two of the best young goalkeeper in the world. Donnarumma is a more popular and expensive option than Meret, whose performance in England is marvellous as well. Donnarumma has proven that he is a fantastic player, but in my opinion, Alex Meret comes closely behind him. I see him as a better choice for teams with less budget, chasing European qualification or even the trophies if you limit yourself with transfer fees. Well, I’d love to hear what would you say about this, feel free to leave your comments below. Thanks for reading!
  10. Not in the exact release day, but usually I buy it after a few days.
  11. Promising start mate! I know all of them lol, I use them at least once this year.
  12. Howdy, I'm Mcandrew003

    The same here
  13. Career Citizen Kane: A 1K Challenge

    Back to the 90s! Good to see that he's back to his best form.
  14. Considering that, perhaps you already prepare a replacement?