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  1. Massey127

    Complete domination- BIG teams only

    added 0 minutes later Unbeaten all season and won everything
  2. Massey127

    Complete domination- BIG teams only

    Tried this with the Man Utd squad with no transfers in first window and it's unreal. Best defence and attack, great tactic, thanks for sharing
  3. Great idea for this career and really looking forward to following this one
  4. Massey127

    Complete domination- BIG teams only

    Looking forward to your breakthrough update, very interesting tactic. I would have to agree with the winger being on the same side as your TM
  5. Massey127

    Need help with my Arsenal career!

    Hi, I will start by saying I am no tactician so this is just my observation and opinion of the data you have provided based on my own personal experience of playing FM for a very long time. I see a few issues with your tactic which makes sense to me that you struggle against quality opposition. Your players clearly have the quality to overpower the lesser quality opposition but when it comes to teams of equal or greater quality than your own then every single player must be performing at their best or as close as possible to this. The issue I see is you play a formation and tactical instructions that funnel all your most creative players into the same area of the pitch. I'm sure when you watch the matches they all seem to be on top of each other? The main issues are your Instructions to play narrow with 2x central mids, 2x IF, 1x AP and 1x striker. This has all your most creative players playing on top of eachother with no room or space to move into because you aren't allowing them too. On top of this your playing a slow tempo, control and high defensive line so again all your players are playing so close on top of each other there is no players in wide positions or further up the pitch to provide options to spread the ball. The slow tempo will be taking any urgency out of your players desire to make that decisive quick pass forward and even if they do, there won't be a player available in the correct position to harm a quality side. I would suggest playing either an attacking style or counter attacking, the latter may suit your players better. Change the tempo to normal and your width to balanced. If you play with 2x IF then include "look for overlap" in your instructions too. Change your passing to mixed also if your IF's are that good too. If your playing quality opposition with a solid defense you may need to consider dropping your AP for a second striker and consider playing one of your central midfielders as an AP from the middle of the park. Hope this helps but this is just my thoughts and I'm certainly not claiming this is the best answer to your problems but it is what I would do. Best of luck my friend
  6. Very interesting indeed mate and many thanks for taking the time to investigate and share your findings
  7. Eric Baily is constantly an outcast at Man Utd when you start a new save so that's a good starting point @Scratch to investigate
  8. Fullkrug is always my go to striker at any level. An amazing FMM player
  9. Vote also registered
  10. Great career mate and really enjoying following this one.
  11. Massey127

    Winter Update

    Yes I have, never before had the jaded and in need of rest due to careful rotation, the second I updated my while team were plagued with this lol.
  12. Well I accepted and as stated in the comments above, a few weeks later the coach said he should stop the training. Repositioning cancelled yay!
  13. His tackling is 7 and positioning is 10. His worst stats and he wants to play in a position that requires them????
  14. He has just scored 23 goals in 20 games for me too! No chance is he playing in CD!