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  1. Yuck. There are enough things to stuff up evogens without making technique random as well. I have a feeling that very long term careers might be even more frustrating than in previous versions.
  2. Role Rater for FMM16?

    I'd imagine there might be some minor differences and I'd have to think about how to incorporate traits, if at all. I may have a crack at a new version if I find myself with time on my hands.
  3. The technique seems strangely low. It's one of the stats that has always been more or less fixed, even with evogens. Perhaps SI have changed that this year. The alternative is that he's actually another Portuguese regen winger that inherited Ronaldo's PA. It would be a crazy coincidence, but you never know. Did he definitely appear after Ronaldo retired?
  4. Role Rater for FMM16?

    I haven't done any work on this (I've not really played much of FMM16, if truth be told), but I don't think it would be very difficult to update it. As Dec says, the original wasn't hugely popular, but I quite enjoyed putting it together and using it.
  5. Career Hala’s 8 in 1 Extravaganza

    Origi ! I'd wish you luck, but there's no way you can fail with Origi involved.
  6. How to find Evogens

    That looks like a good candidate for Ronaldo's evogen. His stamina is terrible though, so he's probably going to be of limited use. My personal approach to evogen hunting, particularly when looking for an attacking minded player, is to search for players with high technique (17 or above) and sort by age. The young players with very high technique will generally be good evogens. However, bear in mind the Potential Ability stripping that I discovered in FMH2014, which still seems to be very much in place in FMM16. See here for full details. You will start to see a lot of pretty terrible players with high technique once you get a decent way into a career.
  7. Banana has gone too? Oh the humanity!
  8. Perhaps, but when you see some of the awful players in the database it seems silly to leave a decent player like Fierro out. It may also because he's on loan at the moment.
  9. A lovely walk down memory lane Can't believe that Sammy has been cut from the game (or Fierro for that matter). We should petition SI to get them added back in.
  10. Impressive. Messi's got plenty of good seasons left in him, but probably only another three or four at full power. Still, he could, feasibly keep playing until 40 or so if he avoids major injuries. You can always move to an easy league once he gets old, fat and slow.
  11. Well, I don't think their daddies are going to be worrying too much about being overshadowed by their offspring, but a decent start, all things considered. Their stats seem reasonable enough for the Eredivisie, but it looks like you may struggle to keep them happy given that they're already demanding new contracts. Good luck; I'm looking forward to the next update.
  12. I'd be okay with that. The rule is really just to stop people training up a succession of old men at their club, so starting in the first season with a player at your starting club is fine.
  13. Help How to keep going?

    My advice is to set yourself some goals. Have a look at the challenges posted on the site and see if any appeal to you. I am a sucker for challenges that focus on a single player, such as the goal and assist challenges, but it may be that another type will appeal to you. Having something to aim for can really help to maintain interest in a career, particularly once you're at the point where you're winning the league and a truck load of silverware every season. Also, if you find yourself a career that you're enjoying, consider posting it in the Stories section. I've done a couple of 30 season careers in the past and there is no way that I could have stuck them out to the end without sharing them on Vibe. It really adds to the game when you're sharing the highs and lows with the community on here.
  14. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (9.7 inch) has both fmhi_hdtv_skin and fmhi_retina_skin under data.
  15. That is certainly a challenge and a half. If anyone can do it you can, but I don't envy you. You know my views on the Brazilian League Good luck.