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  1. Good, solid progress from Pinamonti. The 1k shouldn't be in doubt, so ti'll be interesting to see how many more he gets before he hangs up his boots. Congratulations on that elusive Champions League win, as well. I've had a lot of players refusing to sign new contracts and leaving on a free this year, even those who are getting regular game time. It's really quite annoying.
  2. Season 12 Introduction After a pretty dire season, I felt that it was time to freshen up my tactical approach. We seemed to be struggling to create chances and our conversion rate on the chances that came our way wasn't great. The fact that our goalie seemed to spend most of each game half asleep didn't really help matters. In my attempt to give Grot as much chance to score as possible I had been trying to avoid him facing too much competition in the box from teammates. That might have been fine if Grot was a Ronaldo-like goal wizard, but he wasn't quite reaching those standards, so I decided to let some of my other players get a little closer to the box. Time would tell if this would create more room for Grot and present him with better chances to score or simply leave him lumbering behind younger, fitter, more talented teammates. Transfer Activity The Season in Review Would my tactical changes bring us greater success this season? The Grot in Review He certainly managed to score well in the league and Copa del Rey, but was largely absent from the Champions League. Did the new tactics help or hinder Grot in his scoring escapades? Team-mate of the Season Me in Review What a difference a change of tactics makes. I was shocked by how much it increased Grot's scoring; I suppose having more players bothering the box created more space and better chances for the big man. The challenge is definitely looking achievable now. The Challenge Goals Scored: 808 Goals Required: 192
  3. He looks very ordinary. A few green stats in important places, but mostly blue with a few oranges. I'll see if I can get a screenshot of him. Well spotted. It certainly looks more achievable when I do my subtraction properly
  4. Season 11 Introduction I started my third season at Madrid feeling a bit more chipper. The last season had certainly had it's frustrations, but we'd proved ourselves the best team in Spain and in Europe. Grot was chugging along at his apparent cruising speed of sixtyish goals a season and, as long as he didn't get hit by a bus or suffer catastrophic knee failure, it looked like the 1,000 goal mark was within reach. With two additional trophies to compete for this season I was hopeful that we could achieven some great things. Transfer Activity The Season in Review The Grot in Review Team-mate of the Season Me in Review A pretty dire season in most respects, aside from dominating in the league. I'm a bit concern at the drop in Grot's physical stats and his slump in scoring, but with at least five more seasons I'm hopeful that he will still be able to make it. Comments etc. are always welcome and I could do with the encouragement The Challenge Goals Scored: 714 Goals Required: 286
  5. Thanks very much for the support. He certainly looks the part, but it would be nice if he could score a little more
  6. Yeah I think he'll get there in the end, just depressingly slowly. Let's hope he doesn't pick up any nasty injuries. Interesting to know that the object of my hatred is a real player. I'll try to resist the urge to send him hate mail I never imagined that the lack of WPOTY was a bug. That's pretty poor, even by the standards of FMM. Poor old Grot, never having the chance to get golden balls.
  7. Season 10 Introduction I found myself, rather suddenly, a decade into my career. It could certainly have been going a hell of a lot worse, but it also felt like both Grot and I could be doing a whole lot better. As I continued to mould the Real Madrid team into a silverware grabbing, defence shredding machine of ball-shaped justice I hoped that Grot would be able to up his game and get the goals rolling in. Transfer Activity The Season in Review I was hoping, very much, to build on the modest success of last year. With my new signings I felt like we had a better chance of getting our hands on some tasteful trophy cabinet stuffing. The Grot in Review Team-mate of the Season Me in Review A season of ups and downs and quite a few frustrations, but winning the Champions' League makes it all a whole lot better. Grot did reasonably well, again, but he seems to be a slow and steady (hopefully) wins the race, rather than an outstanding striker. Consistency is good, but none of us are getting any younger. It will be good to have two additional cups to aim for next season, with the additional games that come with them. Let's hope Grot has a few good seasons in him before age starts slowing him down. On a slight tangent - what happened to World Player of the Year (or it's current equivalent) in FMM? Presumably it was removed somewhere between the 2015 version and the current one, but why? The Challenge Goals Scored: 657 Goals Required: 343
  8. Really interesting career. I've toyed with the idea of a 1K challenge with a rubbish striker in the past and even went through a few seasons (in Northern Ireland), but couldn't stick it out, so you have my respect for your commitment to your ugly duckling
  9. I had two pretty decen tsons back in FMM 2014. One was a solid defensive midfielder and the other was a really good striker:
  10. Ah, I know the frustration of the champions league all too well. I'm also guilty of buying far too many shiny, expensive players when I haven't really got space for them. Comes in handy when the injury fairy goes berserk and starts walloping your squad, though. Great season and congratulations on the international success. Surprising that Italy would appoint a non-Italian manager. Perhaps SI have relaxed that side of things a little this year.
  11. It was certainly a surprise. The facilities are top level, but so are Ajax's, and the coaches are slightly worse, if anything. It could be an evogen thing, I suppose. Actually, I think this was when I switched him to @Nucleus's intensive training, so credit should probably go to him. The previous training he was on was similarly intense, though.
  12. Season 9 Introduction I’d got the big job I’d been looking for – arguably the biggest job in football. It was a bit of a departure from the path my father and grandfather had taken – both had chosen to manage on the red side of Madrid – but who wants to live in their forbears’ shadows all of their life? It was quite a daunting prospect to be faced with the extremely high expectations of Real Madrid's legion of fans; expectations that my predecessor had failed to live up to: The team that I inherited was a bit of a mess. While there were some excellent players, most of those were nearing the end of their career and the squad was bloated with no-hopers. The backroom staff weren't that impressive either: Quite a bit of work to be done, all in all, but it's no fun if everything's perfect and you can't make your own mark on the team. Transfer Activity There was one very important piece of business to get out of the way quickly: The rest of my transfer dealings involved getting rid of as much of the chaff as possible, while bringing in some quality replacements: The Season in Review I was hoping that both Grot and I could make a big impression in our first year at the Bernabeu, but I wasn't sure that the team was quite up to the job, just yet. Given my predecessor's woeful performance in the previous season, there weren't too many competitions that we were in the running for. The Grot in Review Of course, the biggest question was could Grot, used to the easy goals of the Eredivisie, make the leap up to La Liga and keep on scoring at a decent rate. If not, he wouldn't be the first highly-fancied player who had flopped in Spain: Team-mate of the Season Me in Review Grot and I had a pretty so-so start to our careers at Real Madrid, but at least the board and fans seemed happy enough and I was starting to build the team into something capable of challenging for the big shinies. Grot seemed to be stuck at around the 60 goal per season mark, which is hardly terrible, but it does mean that this challenge isn't going to be over any time soon. I was also very much aware that Grot was starting to close in on the dreaded thirties, when stats start to drop, bellys start to grow and hair starts its migration from the top of the head to the ears and nostrils. This one might turn into a race against Father Time. The Challenge Goals Scored: 593 Goals Required: 407
  13. Dear, sweet god! I just spent an absolute age writing out an update and the whole thing got wiped when I hit save! Can't face writing it all up again tonight, so it will have to wait for another day.
  14. I normally try to have two and a bit teams worth of first team players, who end up forming an "A Team" a "B Team" and a small backup group of either young players or old-timers who get called on when the main players are injured. The "A Team" will be the ones that get most match time and will be the squad that I make sure are fit and ready for the really important matches. Given the fixture congestion in mosts leagues, however, the "A Team" ends up playing in maybe two thirds of matches, while the "B Team" do the rest - very few players can be expected to play two matches per week, every week (goalies and strikers aside). The B Team gets enough games to keep them happy, while the "reserves" are either young enough to be happy for any game time they see or at the end of their careers and content with the occasional run-out.