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  1. as the title says, i’m not receiving offers for pretty much 80% of the players i list. i’ve tried offering them to clubs multiple times, reducing asking prices etc but it does nothing. does anybody have any workaround for this at all? pretty frustrating that this issue has been around for years now and just doesn’t seem to ever be fixed.
  2. I loaned a player out to Stoke and the club went bankrupt but he’s just came back from his loan and his status is still ‘Concerned about financial stability of the club.’ Great work with the latest update btw, the game is 10x better now.
  3. Bug when negotiating the length of a loan deal. A club wants the player on loan for 3 months, then agree to take him on loan for the whole season but still ends up saying it will be a 3 month loan. The whole transfer system is broken on this game to be honest.
  4. Any news on when we can expect the next update? There are too many problems with the game at the moment to enjoy playing it.
  5. Wrong information being shown on the recent form screen. Example here showing my player scored twice and had a 10 match rating but the recent form screen says he didn’t score and had a 6 match rating.
  6. Do you have a rough idea of when it’ll possibly be fixed? Makes the game a bit unplayable for me at the moment but thanks for the update!
  7. Not sure if it’s a bug but I’m not receiving many loan offers at all. I’ve listed 10 players for loan and offered them to clubs but I’m not receiving any. Quite a few of them are 3.5/4 star players too.
  8. Same thing is happening with me. I’ve tried offering them all on loan as well and I’m not receiving any offers.
  9. we've been treated like idiots since the game came out. some of the bugs have been ridiculous, probably gonna have to wait another 3 weeks to be able to do something as simple as loaning players out now.
  10. I don't sorry mate, probably going to start a new save anyway so I don't really mind but just thought I'd let you guys know
  11. So I'm playing as Southampton and beat Norwich in the QF of the EFL Cup yet apparently I was knocked out in that round. Another QF match was Crystal Palace vs West Ham which went to a replay rather than extra time? Palace won the replay so went ahead and played Middlesbrough in the semi-final, yet my team and Bournemouth (the other QF winners along with me, Palace and Boro) are nowhere to be seen in the semi-finals?
  12. @rseven @scratch99 how did I miss it lmao i need more sleep, thanks guys
  13. How do you cancel position training on this year's FMM? Ryan Bertrand isn't very happy at the moment lmao
  14. I think I read that they're aiming to release it within the next week or so, should be out before your flight anyway
  15. yep i haven't even started a save yet because it's just completely pointless. there's at least 10 different bugs at the moment, some of them could be spotted by a blind person so i don't know how the professionals testing the game haven't spotted them. ridiculous.
  16. lmao the game literally wasn't tested before being released.
  17. When can we expect an update to be released? There's no point in starting a save until then tbh
  18. Was the game even tested before being released? If there was a refund option I would have used it immediately lmao.
  19. Didn't realise there were so many bugs in the game until now, hopefully there'll be an update released within the next couple of weeks. Seen quite a few people saying managers are being sacked way too early as well.
  20. Based on what I've played so far, the game is a quite a good improvement on the previous FMM. I personally think attention to detail is key, so the smaller improvements and additions have made the game a lot more realistic. Hopefully the ability to view the details of other matches is added back though as it adds to the realism and gives you a good insight of how other teams and their players are performing.
  21. I know it's not really important but I'm a bit disappointed that you can no longer see the details of other matches, I don't really understand why the ability to do so has been removed.