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  1. Count me out boys. Sorry to dissapoint. Good luck to you all x
  2. Cheers lads. Nothing wrong really, things are going well. Just alot of busy days at work, and going abroad for a few months soon and finding it a little stressful not having much time to myself between work and family life 😂 not even started my season yet!
  3. Guys, I am really struggling to get time to play as of late with rl getting in the way... I'm still going to try and follow through on this challenge, but it might be taking me a little longer. I may well decide to stop playing altogether for a while if things keep going the way they are.
  4. Yeah there was that. Other than games missed due to injury I think all 3 played every game
  5. Just submitted my season. I'd advise anyone after miles to stay away from Ligue 2 😂 None of my players managed more than 38 games as there's only 1 Domestic Cup. Also, losing my best performing player on a bosman 😢
  6. It's all theoretical so could apply to everyone. I'm not even looking at moving yet
  7. So you'll give me them then or still gnna be a fcuker about it? 😂
  8. Also, @Rich seeing as I didn't use the bonus on my first move, can I use it if I move again this season?
  9. I personally don't like the bonus as I only draw 1 or 2 games a season. And I find myself trying to concede when I'm up like 6-5 or 5-4 which I also don't like 😂
  10. I think the tactic itself is pretty good, although I would also switch the AP with the CM mainly because your Poacher will sit further forward, and therefore the AP should sit behind and fill the void, plus supply both of your strikers. Playing narrow is a good idea with lower league teams. Then if you come up against a hard to break down team you can shift to Balanced width and shoot on sight which I usually find to break those teams down alot easier. Players in the right roles are really important this year so you might need a couple of seasons to get the tactic working properly with the right players.
  11. Are there any trophies to be won in Ligue 2? 😲 Not had a single cup fixture or mention of one yet