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  1. itzChris92

    2KC - Varf Gone Crazy or All in One

    Some great looking choices here! But I must agree with scratch on Pavon. Always been an assist king for me, and he will always be my first buy if my tactic uses wide men. Look forward to seeing how your first season goes!
  2. Wow, this is such an achievement on its own, let alone the fact the players you have used! Everyone loves a word class bargain. You found three! KIU!
  3. All the best of luck! I feel your pain with the latest update mate, and have been putting off my own challenges because of it. Im sure you'll smash this out the park and I'll be following intently.
  4. itzChris92

    2KC - Varf Gone Crazy or All in One

    Looking forward to this! I keep meaning to start my own, but I am so undecided between saves at the moment. I need to just choose one and crack on really...
  5. Fair enough mate. Good looking tactic in any case
  6. How many goals/assists were the IFs getting? Wondering if you'd tried wingers, as I've had great success with them this year. Also, TM is probably the most OP forward this year although Poacher can be quite formidable too.
  7. itzChris92

    Show us your Regens

    Regens can be anything from 15-25. Some players tend to regen older I find (Van Persie for me) but that might just be me imagining that.
  8. If that's the case I'll make a post later! It may be interesting to compare anyways. This is my first proper challenge.
  9. I had literally just started a save with City for this challenge only an hour ago. Its a shame that there are so little players to choose from these nations, our lineups look very similar! I'll probably look for another challenge for now, you're killing this one already it's a shame that you lost King though! Haland will be able to step up fairly quickly though. Keep it up bro!
  10. itzChris92

    Swede Striker challenge

    Sorry to hear you lost the save. I really like this idea. Might give something similar a go myself at some point
  11. itzChris92

    What would you like to see in FMM20?

    Absolutely NO to team talks, pre/post match talks. One of the worst things FM decided to implement. I strongly agree with making the game more tactically in-depth, and is probably the most important aspect that needs improvement IMO. I think the best way to do this initially would be to have individual player tactics like some have already suggested. They don't need to be as in-depth as the full game, but the ability to set things like individual creative freedom, shot frequency, and passing style would be great.
  12. itzChris92

    Typical bleeding FMM result...

    Jeez. Well played Keeper 😂 I can't belive he had the 2nd most touches of any of his team mates! 🤣
  13. itzChris92

    FMM19 Bug List

    I've come across a bug where the "Form" tab displays incorrect information, including player rating, assists and goals missing, and man of the match awards. Not sure if this is an old bug or already reported. Only just noticed it myself for the first time.
  14. itzChris92


    Apologies, I skipped over that part.
  15. itzChris92


    Any results? Very similar to my current tactic. I use a flat middle 3 in mine, however.