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  1. itzChris92

    My First Challenge - Strikerless DT/TT

    Messed up the above post with the 'Quote' on The Lads section. Can't seem to remove it on mobile? Also, are my fans taking the piss? 😂
  2. itzChris92

    My First Challenge - Strikerless DT/TT

    Season 3 I wasn't happy with my tactic going into the season. I was winning games and trophies, and scoring a vast amount of goals. However, my midfield was 'stealing' alot of our young lads glory. I made some pretty drastic changes to my formation, with the biggest change the decision to retrain Marin to play as a CAM. He was unhappy with this decision, and showed a poor aptitude, but I stuck with it none the less, as I'd tried similar things in other saves with some success. This was make or break time for this career. Also: Transfers Completely forgot to take a screenshot of transfers in and out before starting a new season, but it was a fairly quiet one other than these 4 big names you all know coming in to join us: The Lads Team Results Manager Profile I was happy with how the season went overall, how sitting at a total of 181/1500 goals. I really need to start hitting bigger numbers in seasons to come now though as the lads enter their prime. Hoping to see triple figures from now on... Fasten your seat belts.
  3. itzChris92

    My First Challenge - Strikerless DT/TT

    Not left this game, just been hectic with life stuff recently. Did complete S3 yesterday evening though, and will post an update later today.
  4. itzChris92

    Backing up save game file

    Use file browser and go to: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019 Mobile/Games The Games folder contains all of your save files, so you can back them up individually, if you want a specific file, or the whole folder if you want every save.
  5. itzChris92


    I am 100% sure my current save has been affected immediately. My younger players were having to be rotated literally every game, and now they manage around 5 or 6 before dropping below 90% condition (most of the time)
  6. itzChris92

    My First Challenge - Strikerless DT/TT

    Thanks for the clarification mate. I've not got that far through S3 yet, but things are looking good so far.
  7. itzChris92

    My First Challenge - Strikerless DT/TT

    Quick question guys. I got the Spain job right at the beginning of season 3. I know Soros INT goals can't count for the DT or TT but could they count towards a 1k?
  8. itzChris92

    My First Challenge - Strikerless DT/TT

    Season Two Transfers The Lads Team Results Manager Profile Apologies for the fairly concise write ups; my time is limited. As always, thanks for reading. Season 3 may take a while to post due to work as per, but I'll post it as soon as its completed and I get the chance to do a short write up.
  9. itzChris92

    My First Challenge - Strikerless DT/TT

    Season One Transfers The Lads These player snapshots are from the beginning of the season. I'll be posting them like this, and you'll have to wait until the next season gets posted to see how they've improved*. *hopefully... Team Results I'm almost at the end of season 2, and I'll post another update as soon as time allows. Thanks to all those that have been reading, I hope you're enjoying my first challenge. Its going to be a struggle that's for sure!
  10. itzChris92

    My First Challenge - Strikerless DT/TT

    Thanks guys! Struggling to play as much as I'd like due to work at the moment, but I have completed Season 1 and will post the results soon.
  11. Maxes out at 3 coaches (4 including yourself) and 3 physios I'm afraid. This is based off of the level of your training facilities; which can be improved via a board request.
  12. 2.3m?? what an absolute bargain!
  13. So it has been a long time since I first decided I wanted to begin attempting FMM challenges. I would have started one long before now, however the last update took some enjoyment out of the game for me lately. But I'm back, rearing to go with this challenge, ready to attempt a Triple Threat and Double Trouble Strikerless! Now for the important stuff. Team Choice: The Chosen Ones: I have never actually used any of these guys before, but I have come across them in various saves and they have always looked like decent players. I managed to bring all 3 in for just over £30m, which is great as it means I have excess funds to bolster elsewhere. Let's hope Barcelona and I can turn these 3 into absolute beasts! I'm hoping to post S1 results within the next day or two! Thanks for reading.
  14. itzChris92


    This is due to the changes in the latest update. Fitness has taken quite a big hit in an effort to increase realism and cause you to rotate more often. Initially it was much worse, and was watered down with a fix. However, in my opinion it is still very OTT. Also, it doesn't seem to matter what your player's stamina rating is when they are young (like <=23) they will struggle to play match after match. There is one more update planned, but no date as of yet, and no idea if fitness will be tweaked again or not.
  15. itzChris92

    Individual Player Training Intensity?

    If they ask for a heavier schedule it is normally okay to do so, and they shouldn't become unhappy. Although I've had a bug once or twice where they ask for a heavier schedule and then complain that they would like a lighter schedule Other than that I try to keep everyone (minus the oldies) on a heavy schedule, until they either request a lighter one, or if I notice they are become injured more often, or struggle to retain match fitness. Edit: although, someone here did run a test (unable to find link atm) for the various training levels, and the results were seemingly very random. If I remember correctly, keeping his players on a light schedule actually saw the most beneficial stat increases!