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  1. Obviously I don't know what your team looks like but it is probably just poor quality of shooting chances rather than finishing ability. Try watching extended highlights and see where most of your shots are happening. If alot of them are from outside the box then try using work into box to reduce those chances. You might see a drop in shots overall, but your players should convert more of their chances. I almost always use work into box and still see 20+ shot in a game quite regularly. Give any tweaks you make atleast 5-10 games before making a call on whether its working or not too.
  2. Season 2 Transfers In Few big names here. Was a shame to get rid of Alli as he was a really solid backup for Son last season. But I couldn't turn down an opportunity to upgrade Doherty to Trent. Transfers Out Team Results Won everything bar the CL, losing 3-1 to Barcelona. I wish I could say we deserved to win, but I'd be lying if I did. Slightly less goals in the league this season, so how did our guys get on? Kane Son The Team Matches The Tactic Nothing too risky here. Really enjoyed using the APs out wide, as I did last year too. I would say I was happy with the tactic overall, but I may attempt this challenge again one day and make some adjustments. Anyways, here are the totals for this season, and the challenge overall: Scores Kane - 66 goals + 13 assists Son - 31 goals + 36 assists Season Total - 97 goals + 49 assists (146 points) Challenge Total - 296 points Absolutely chuffed with my overall score for this, albeit slightly disappointed on the lack of improvement for our 2nd season. I may revisit this challenge after collecting some more badges but for now I'm happy to take 8th place. If you would kindly add me to the leader boards please @Rob. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for my next Badge attempt!
  3. It's not super challenging if you know what you're doing. Kind of subjective in my opinion. I think it's a great starting point for someone struggling for tactics, and just motivation for the game in general. This is pretty much the way I played the game until I discovered Vibe. But by that time I already kind of knew what I was doing and was ready for challenges etc.
  4. Great score mate. Really not looking forward to this one myself, but it'll be a while to get the other 5 yet ๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. Great job there mate. Unbelievable signings for a club like that, and sitting in relegation to top it off!
  6. Not knowing players shouldn't really affect the way you play in the long run. Eventually any career is just going to be filled with regens anyway (although you can usually tell who the best ones are based on). LLM can be really fun. You learn to scout players properly, and to judge them based on their stats and traits rather than your emotional connection to them. Haven't done one in a long time myself but I used to enjoy taking my home town from the conference and seeing how quickly I could win the PL and CL. Tactics wise, just experiment. I always found attacking tactics to be the most effective in the lower leagues (and for higher leagues too tbh, but takes a bit more tweaking, and the right players, on the league) , and it is more than possible to get promoted one season after another.
  7. Yeah I completely get that; makes perfect sense. I've kept my save and I do plan on revisiting it after I've collected some badges. The career was kind of burning me out. Also had to restart on my first attempt after he had a cracker of a 3rd season which I think kind of knocked my motivation, but also set my expectations of him a lot higher the second time around ๐Ÿ˜‚
  8. Well I look forward to seeing it if and when you get around to it. I was using an Ajax team that was still fairly young tbh, but age has never really been much of an issue in previous FMs. The whole team are pretty much wonder kids with world class potential. One thing about the Dutch league for me though is the lack of games, which may be the real reason why growth was fairly slow and results weren't that great overall.
  9. I've just seen this linked on another thread of yours. This is almost the exact same setup I have tried this year for my 1KC with Kaio Jorge with the only differences being Attacking instead of Defensive, and TM instead of AF. Now I'm almost sure my attempts were terrible because Kaio just outright sucks ๐Ÿ˜‚
  10. Thanks bud. I wasn't expecting to complete the challenge in one season at all, but missing it by one goal has me slightly annoyed ๐Ÿ˜‚ Squad definitely needs some strengthening for next season. Fingers crossed now for a 300+ score which I would be over the moon with!
  11. Badge 1 - Spurs' Deadly Duo I've been meaning to get this done for a while since putting my 1K attempt on hold. After testing some tactics I've settled on one I am fairly happy with (probably share it at the end of this challenge). I don't think I'll be pushing for a crazy score, but I'll be happy to reach 200 points on this one. Season 1 Transfers In Transfers Out Team Results We dominated practically every game we played, but that didn't stop us losing/drawing the odd game, unfortunately meaning early exits from the FA and Caribao cups. I was happy with the amount of goals though, and we just about managed to win the PL, after a very busy season with games sometimes 4/5 times a week. Kane Son The Team I was extremely happy with how the squad performed overall. Everyone was getting involved, but Son still controlling the game and setting up most of the goals. After around 20 games Son was averaging a goal per game but not assisting as much, but dropping him back to a CAM role balanced him out. Hopefully he can maintain this next season. Kane was insane in front of goal. Also, I hope we can be just as lucky next season with no lengthy injuries to our main guys. Matches Scores Kane - 73 goals + 15 assists Son - 26 goals + 36 assists Total - 99 goals + 51 assists (150 points) So we head into season two needing a single goal to complete the challenge. Then we can concentrate on that score! Thanks for reading. Comments much appreciated! EDIT: Added transfer screenshots.
  12. Welcome to my career, where you can follow me and my attempts at collecting some shiny badges. Due to my slight OCD we will kick things off with the Badge 1 - Spurs' Deadly Duo, courtesy of @Rob. See here for details All aboard the HMS Kane! First season coming right up. Chris' Badge Collection
  13. Thank you for such an in depth response. Very helpful. I am actually using the same formation as you, with some different roles. You've given me a lot of food for thought and I'll let you know how we fare. Cheers
  14. I've been testing IFs after our chat on your Bruno thread and I must say they work very well. They seem to be much more reliable at assisting than Wingers, atleast in my current setup. Think this is mainly down to how difficult it is to max aerial compared to last year though in all honesty. I always preferred IFs on my non-challenge tactics but that may change now. Plenty more viable options for the IF roles too
  15. Funnily enough most of the tactics I've got atm are 1 at the top. Mainly preparing for some different challenges. I am playing very attacking football usually, but I'll try stick an extra man up front when I need the wins and see how it pans out. Scoring for fun against most other teams atm though.