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  1. Hello, Just wanted to re-introduce myself. My name is Nick and I am one of lets say 'the founding fathers' of FMHVibe along with Dec and few others. Recently decided to get back into FMH and thought where better to come. Hopefully will be useful with tactics and players info. So hello and hopefully I can be a help to the Vibe community again.
  2. Davis

    Im back :)

    Thanks you beautiful people
  3. I'm glad to hear it Chris. Hope it continues to work well for you
  4. Hey im Davis. I did start off as a MOD here but due to other commitments i had to forfeit my role. This is my first post of many I hope and i look forward to speaking to new members and old friends
  5. Have made a few adjustments to this tactic and my Arsenal team is currently unstoppable. Hope its working guys.
  6. Name: Aaron Ramsey Position: Centre Midfield Age: 19 Team: Arsenal Nationality: Welsh Cost: Didnt sign him but would pay about 5-10m The Good News: Young. 2nd season and in my 4132 in 37 games has scored 7. Assisted 11 with an avg. 7.32 The Bad News: Will need nuturing Stats (after Intensive Training. 2nd season): Crossing 15 Aggression 8 Pace 13 Dribbling 20 Creativity 15 Stamina 16 Heading 9 Decisions 20 Strength 12 Passing 20 Leadership 6 Shooting 17 Movement 20 Tackling 19 Positioning 15 Technique 19 Teamwork 14 Davis
  7. General information Forum name:Davis Real name: Nick Davis Nationality:English Year of birth: 1995 Footed:Right Preferred position: DC Secondary position: DMC Stat information Mental: Decisions, Leadership Physical: Pace, Strength Outfield players: Passing, Tackling, There you go Mr.Deccers
  8. Davis


    These are what i want for christmas. I am really feeling this look
  9. Discuss all things in your game regarding Arsenal Your favoured tactic ? Best signings or player ?
  10. If you have any questions regarding tactics or training ask them in here and someone will quickly get back to you with an answer.
  11. Davis

    The Wombats

    I am a fan. They have improved over the years rather than just having random lyrics that ryhme. Liking their new stuff though.
  12. Franco the restraining order is obviously not doing the job is it. A machine that just tidies my room. Some decent clothes and loadsa money
  13. Wow you are not what i expected mate. You look slightly like Liam from xfactor. Not that you will be happy with that comment
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