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  1. Ares_2

    Another bug

    Did you hit the confirm button after chosen? Or just press continue?
  2. Ares_2

    slambo,s lower league tactic

    Nice results! I'm interest in who is the Anchor Man in your tactic?
  3. How to use a CM? Not like the PC version, which can set players to attack or defense, in FMM I can hardly get CMs work very well, so I rarely use them.
  4. I use the 4-2-3-1 and 4-1-2-2-1 as my most balance formations too. My combos are DLP-BWM-AP(in 4-2-3-1, sometimes DLP-DM-AP in 4-2-3-1DM) and AP-BBM-DLP(in 4-1-2-2-1). I use CM rarely , IMO they seem to have less tackles that can't make my midfield keep the ball very well.
  5. Ares_2

    FMM2018 9.1 Update Released

    Neither here. @Marc Vaughan
  6. Great job! I‘ve use some players of your list.
  7. Ares_2

    FMM2018 9.1 Update Released

    What about the MC roles (BBM/AP/CM), they can hardly get high ratings too even with good performances in 9.0.4. Still waiting for the 9.1. IMO that's a good tweak.
  8. Ares_2

    Travis Cooper

    Nice, Bargain player for lower leagues. But his Stamina must improve more before the team get into higher level. After all the more higher leagues the team face, the more stronger defenders he will face too.
  9. Ares_2

    FMM2018 9.1 Update Released

    Still 9.0.4 in App Store. But already released in Play Store last week. Heard that the player ratings bug has fixed. Long long waiting.
  10. Ares_2

    9.0.4 on Android

    Just finished my new save in 9.0.4 and the big-result games happen less than I mentioned. And I don't like to use a young team tbh, and play with less wonderkids if I can. I'd like to have my player ages around 25-28, and that's not being a young team right? By the way, hoping the DMC ratings issue will be fixed. Cheers!
  11. Ares_2

    What to do with Adu?

    I think his PA is not really high at all, his stats are all going down when he just 30 yrs old. Despite of that, nice season for him again.
  12. I see the "must signing" beast Jordan Brown again. Keep going, Salford lions!
  13. Ares_2

    FMM18 New Role: Libero

    Can't wait for ANCHOR MAN's guide. @FuddledFox And if you can explain more of the difference between MC and DMC roles that will be perfect, such as DLP/BWM in MC and in DMC. Maybe when you have time to do so, Just hoping HAHA.
  14. Ares_2

    9.0.4 on Android

    Still lots of big-result games in this version, defense can do nothing, only can win with attacking mentality, may be fixed in the next version? @Marc Vaughan