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  1. A Tribute To Bradley Lowery

    RIP Bradley. Devastating news. We all knew it would come eventually but it doesn't make it any less saddening. He always had a smile on his face, despite the battle he was fighting, and never allowed this awful disease to put a damper on his short but wonderful life. Himself and his family raised a lot of awareness for neuroblastoma, and raised a lot of money too. While we're remembering Bradley, let's also remember the children who have also sadly lost their lives to the disease, and keep those who are fighting in our prayers.
  2. Rebuilding Team Vibe

    Sup Stam. I'm interested in the Social Media Manager role (I was interested just before @Dec stood down but nothing came to it ) I was a writer on here from November to March/April but had to step down due to University commitments. I have however, just finished my first year of uni so have all the time in the world. If not the social media manager role, I'd happily return as a writer All the best
  3. @Taff Deal The shooting practice in training has paid off
  4. Kluivert Reborn

    Are you just doing him moving from Ajax to Barcelona? He also played for Milan for a season before Barcelona, and then Newcastle and Valencia. Great idea btw!
  5. Top scorer so far Well done lads
  6. Favorite French Club?

    Personally, I've never managed in the French leagues before (I tried with Paris FC but I got bored). I've always like Monaco. Love their kit as well. Lille are another club I like. One of my favourite Newcastle players of all time (Yohan Cabaye) played for Lille
  7. First Name - RobertSecond Name - BrownForum Name - robbrown172Nationality - EnglishDate of Birth (Month and Day only) - 17/02Preferred Position (from List on main Page) - M/AM CSecondary Position (if main is taken) - M/AM LPreferred Role (it may change due to the game) - Advanced playmaker
  8. Challenge Cup 2017

    I know, i know. Could have been a potential group B final aswell. Mr Blatter and Mr Platini will be tough to beat But I believe in you
  9. Challenge Cup 2017

    I'd just like to clear things up. I sent in 3 screenshots, which included the league table, cup progress and my wildcard player. I failed/forgot to send in the other screenshots including manager profile and squad, and I had already overwrited the save with a Paris FC one the day after, so I couldn't go back to screenshot the remaining evidence. Again, good luck to the remaining participants in the tournament The finals in sight, lads
  10. Challenge Cup 2017

    Not the best way to exit a tournament. Nevertheless, good luck to those left in the cup. I'll be supporting my group B pal @PriZe #DoUsProud
  11. Challenge Cup 2017

    Thoroughly looking forward to the results...
  12. Challenge Cup 2017

    Logically-wise though, it's Toy Story That is such a false statement. Eeesh.
  13. Challenge Cup 2017

    Best Disney films : 1. Toy Story 1 2. Toy Story 2 3. Toy Story 3 The Lion King is the Liverpool of the film industry. Big in 1994, but now no longer relevant
  14. Challenge Cup 2017

    Most overrated film in the history of films
  15. When and if you send your scouts out to look for new signings, what regions do you send your scouts in? UK and Ireland? Asia? Personally, it depends on who I am managing. For example, if I was manager of Liverpool, I would scout in either southern Europe, eastern Europe or central Europe, as I already have a pretty wide knowledge on top players in England. If, however, I was manager of Salford City, I would ONLY scout in UK and Ireland, as it would be too risky buying foreign players when manager of a club lower down the ladder, and I don't have that good of a knowledge about lower league players.