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  1. Hello and welcome to my first ever game on FMM Vibe. As the title suggests, it will be a fantasy league made up of a minimum of 12 teams, and a maximum of 20. Sign-up for this competition is now! Let's explain the formalities... Each Vibe member who have signed up will take ownership of their own football club. You will decide the team name, team colours, the stadium, the manager and the players. There will be a series of drafts - Like what they do over in the States - so that you can choose who takes charge of your team, and what players you're going to have. The manager draft will simply be each participant choosing a manager one-by-one. The order of the draft will be completely random. The players draft will be the same, with each participant choosing any player from the world of football. Again, the order of the player draft will be random, and the order will be reversed for round 2, so that the person who chose first in round 1, will choose last in round 2. When each team has their manager and players in place, the league will be a simple simulation. A transfer window will open mid-season for participants to organise transfers between each other. =============================== SIGN UP NOW OPEN Sign up below by filling out the following information: TEAM NAME - TEAM COLOURS - STADIUM NAME - All of the other information will be filled out by myself (For example, reputation). If you want to add a crest, then you can. Just post it on here under your information you filled out CONFIRMED TEAMS: 1. Brenty's Boys (Brenty92) 2. Ultimate United (Risheek) 3. McAndrews Mavericks (McAndrew003) 4. Piston FC (Shamanjago) 5. FC Legacy (Damilare) 6. Glasgow FC (Rocket) 7. Penang FC (Xizzatx) 8. UKFS FC (UKFootballScore) 9. Arkham Asylum FC (Ashez) 10. Goldenrod Greninjas (AzmiG26) 11. Warlock United CF (W4RLOCK) 12. FC BatiGoal (BatiGoal) 13. FC Start (Freddie134) 14. Racing Colombes (Nufz) 15. Crazy Gang (AndersJ) 16. Big Black Violators (Paul186) ========================== PLAYER DRAFT MANAGER DRAFT
  2. Apologies for lack of updates. Internet has been on and off for the last few days. Here are the final 10 matches of the season: MATCHDAY 31 Piston 4-0 Ultimate Utd Arkham 1-0 Start Goldenrod G. 3-0 Legacy MATCHDAY 32 Ultimate Utd 2-2 Arkham Legacy 2-1 Piston Start 2-2 Goldenrod G. MATCHDAY 33 Goldenrod G. 2-0 Ultimate Utd Piston 4-0 Arkham Legacy 0-3 Start MATCHDAY 34 Start 1-1 Piston Arkham 4-1 Goldenrod G. Ultimate Utd 0-1 Legacy MATCHDAY 35 Goldenrod G. 4-0 Piston Legacy 0-0 Arkham Start 2-1 Ultimate Utd MATCHDAY 36 Start 2-0 Arkham Ultimate Utd 0-2 Piston Legacy 2-2 Goldenrod G. MATCHDAY 37 Arkham 3-0 Ultimate Utd Piston 2-1 Legacy Goldenrod G. 2-1 Start MATCHDAY 38 Arkham 1-0 Piston Ultimate Utd 2-0 Goldenrod G. Start 2-1 Legacy MATCHDAY 39 Piston 3-1 Start Goldenrod G. 2-0 Arkham Legacy 1-1 Ultimate Utd MATCHDAY 40 Arkham 0-1 Legacy Piston 0-1 Goldenrod G. Ultimate Utd 2-0 Start LEAGUE TABLE Big congratulations to @shamanjago and his team on winning the Vibe Community Fantasy League!! The top scorer was FC BatiGoal's Robert Lewandowski. Thank you to everyone who took part in the drafts and the league. It's been a pleasure!
  3. The next update will be tomorrow. Good luck to the 6 who have qualified for the Championship round!
  4. MATCHDAY 26 RC Colombes 4-1 Big Black Violators Brenty's Boys 2-2 Legacy Glasgow 3-3 Crazy Gang Goldenrod G. 3-0 Arkham Warlock Utd 0-0 BatiGoal UKFS 1-3 Penang McAndrews Mavericks 2-3 Piston Ultimate Utd 2-0 Start UNAI EMERY APPOINTED AS CRAZY GANG MANAGER MATCHDAY 27 BatiGoal 0-0 Glasgow Penang 3-2 RC Colombes Arkham 2-1 UKFS Crazy Gang 3-1 Goldenrod G. Big Black Violators 3-3 McAndrews M. Legacy 2-0 Warlock Utd Piston 4-0 Ultimate Utd Start 3-0 Brenty's Boys MAURICIO POCHETTINO SACKED AS UKFS MANAGER MATCHDAY 28 Glasgow 3-0 Legacy RC Colombes 0-1 Arkham McAndrews Mavericks 2-2 Ultimate Utd Warlock Utd 0-1 Start Big Black Violators 1-1 Penang Brenty's Boys 1-2 Piston Goldenrod G. 2-1 BatiGoal UKFS 0-1 Crazy Gang MATCHDAY 29 Arkham 1-1 Big Black Violators BatiGoal 1-1 UKFS Crazy Gang 2-2 RC Colombes Legacy 4-1 Goldenrod G. Penang 0-0 McAndrews Mavericks Piston 3-1 Warlock Utd Start 3-0 Glasgow Ultimate Utd 3-1 Brenty's Boys UKFS APPOINT ROBERTO MANCINI AS MANAGER MATCHDAY 30 Big Black Violators 3-0 Crazy Gang Brenty's Boys 4-0 McAndrews Mavericks Glasgow 2-3 Piston Goldenrod G. 2-1 Start Penang 0-2 Arkham RC Colombes 0-0 BatiGoal UKFS 0-3 Legacy Warlock Utd 1-2 Ultimate Utd LEAGUE TABLE Top half Bottom half Congratulations to Piston, Start, Legacy, Ultimate United, Arkham Asylum and Goldenrod Greninjas on making it through to the Championship round. Each team will play each other another 2 times (10 games each).
  5. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Can we promote youth players to the first team or does that count as transfers?
  6. Apologies for no updates today. Been a busy day. Promise the next updates will be up tomorrow at 6! (English time)
  7. I actually thought you were going to win
  8. The next update will be within the next couple of hours. Please be patient
  9. MATCHDAY 22 Start 2-2 BatiGoal Brenty's Boys 2-1 Penang Glasgow 0-2 RC Colombes Goldenrod G. 3-3 UKFS Piston 2-0 Crazy Gang Ultimate Utd 3-1 Arkham McAndrews Mavericks 0-0 Legacy Warlock Utd 1-1 Big Black Violators MATCHDAY 23 BatiGoal 2-4 Piston Arkham 1-1 Brenty's Boys Big Black Violators 1-3 Glasgow Crazy Gang 0-0 Ultimate Utd Penang 0-1 Warlock Utd Legacy 4-0 Start RC Colombes 1-2 Goldenrod G. UKFS 2-0 McAndrews Mavericks MATCHDAY 24 McAndrews Mavericks 1-1 Start Brenty's Boys 1-0 Crazy Gang Goldenrod G. 1-1 Big Black Violators Piston 0-2 Legacy Ultimate Utd 4-1 BatiGoal Warlock Utd 1-1 Arkham Glasgow 4-0 Penang UKFS 2-0 RC Colombes DIEGO SIMEONE HAS BEEN SACKED AS CRAZY GANG MANAGER MATCHDAY 25 Legacy 5-1 Ultimate Utd Arkham 3-0 Glasgow BatiGoal 3-2 Brenty's Boys Crazy Gang 0-1 Warlock Utd Penang 0-1 Goldenrod G. Start 0-1 Piston Big Black Violators 1-1 UKFS RC Colombes 0-2 McAndrews Mavericks LEAGUE TABLE Top half Bottom half
  10. There'll be no updates until tonight (Around 7 English time)
  11. MATCHDAY 16 BatiGoal 0-2 Big Black Violators Crazy Gang 2-3 Penang Start 2-1 UKFS McAndrews Mavericks 3-3 Arkham Ultimate Utd 4-0 Glasgow Brenty's Boys 0-0 Warlock Utd Legacy 0-0 RC Colombes Piston 3-1 Goldenrod G. PENANG APPOINT THOMAS TUCHEL AS MANAGER MATCHDAY 17 Goldenrod G. 4-0 Ultimate Utd Arkham 3-1 Crazy Gang Glasgow 0-2 Brenty's Boys Penang 0-0 BatiGoal Warlock Utd 2-0 McAndrews Mavericks RC Colombes 2-1 Start Big Black Violators 3-2 Legacy UKFS 1-2 Piston MATCHDAY 18 BatiGoal 1-0 Arkham Brenty's Boys 0-1 Goldenrod G. Piston 4-1 RC Colombes Ultimate Utd 2-1 UKFS Warlock Utd 4-0 Glasgow Start 4-1 Big Black Violators Legacy 1-0 Penang McAndrews Mavericks 0-1 Crazy Gang MATCHDAY 19 Big Black Violators 6-0 Piston Glasgow 2-0 McAndrews Mavericks Penang 0-1 Start RC Colombes 2-1 Ultimate Utd Arkham 1-3 Legacy Crazy Gang 4-1 BatiGoal Goldenrod G. 4-1 Warlock Utd UKFS 2-1 Brenty's Boys JORGE JESUS SACKED AS MCANDREWS MAVERICKS MANAGER. PAULO SOUSA IS HIS REPLACEMENT MATCHDAY 20 Warlock Utd 2-2 UKFS Brenty's Boys 4-3 RC Colombes Glasgow 2-2 Goldenrod G. Piston 3-1 Penang Start 0-2 Arkham Ultimate Utd 1-1 Big Black Violators Legacy 0-0 Crazy Gang McAndrews Mavericks 2-3 BatiGoal MATCHDAY 21 RC Colombes 1-2 Warlock Utd Arkham 2-1 Piston BatiGoal 1-3 Legacy Big Black Violators 2-2 Brenty's Boys Penang 0-1 Ultimate Utd Crazy Gang 0-1 Start Goldenrod G. 5-0 McAndrews Mavericks UKFS 0-0 Glasgow LEAGUE TABLE Top half Bottom half 9 games to go until the end of the regular season
  12. The transfer window is now SHUT Big managerial news as Penang have sacked Unai Emery after a run of poor results. They haven't won in 7 games.
  13. Brenty's Boys have signed Andrej Kramaric from FC Piston for £30mil added 0 minutes later No, just between each other
  14. BREAKING NEWS Sergio Aguero has signed for Ultimate United from FC Legacy in an exchange for Mauro Icardi plus £50m.
  15. Top scorers Most assists Most apps Average ratings
  16. FC Legacy have completed the signing of right-back Mario Fernandez from Warlock United for £45m. Kevin Volland has moved to Brenty's Boys from Crazy Gang, with Rene Adler + £40m going the other way. Crazy Gang have also completed the signing of goalkeeper Mariano Barbosa from Ultimate United, with Federico Fazio going the other way.
  17. Negotiate your deals over PM please. Feel free to advertise your players on here though
  18. If you buy/sell any players, please notify me via PM
  19. I will stop with the updates now until this time tomorrow. THE TRANSFER WINDOW IS NOW OPEN You all have a budget of £100m. You can now buy players from each other with this budget, or swap players between each other
  20. MATCHDAY 11 Arkham 1-2 Goldenrod G. BatiGoal 3-0 Warlock Utd Legacy 0-1 Brenty's Boys Penang 0-1 UKFS Piston 1-0 McAndrews Mavericks Start 2-0 Ultimate Utd Big Black Violators 2-1 RC Colombes Crazy Gang 3-0 Glasgow MATCHDAY 12 UKFS 4-2 Arkham Brenty's Boys 0-1 Start Glasgow 1-1 BatiGoal Goldenrod G. 0-2 Crazy Gang McAndrews Mavericks 2-1 Big Black V. RC Colombes 2-1 Penang Ultimate Utd 5-1 Piston Warlock Utd 1-0 Legacy MATCHDAY 13 Legacy 2-2 Glasgow Arkham 2-1 RC Colombes Penang 0-0 Big Black Violators Piston 3-1 Brenty's Boys Start 3-1 Warlock Utd Crazy Gang 4-2 UKFS BatiGoal 1-0 Goldenrod G. Ultimate Utd 2-1 McAndrews Mavericks MATCHDAY 14 Warlock Utd 1-0 Piston McAndrews Mavericks 3-2 Penang RC Colombes 3-1 Crazy Gang Goldenrod G. 1-1 Legacy UKFS 1-1 BatiGoal Big Black Violators 0-1 Arkham Brenty's Boys 4-0 Ultimate Utd Glasgow 0-4 Start MATCHDAY 15 Legacy 1-0 UKFS BatiGoal 4-0 RC Colombes McAndrews Mavericks 1-2 Brenty's Boys Piston 5-0 Glasgow Start 1-0 Goldenrod G. Crazy Gang 2-4 Big Black Violators Arkham 3-2 Penang Ultimate Utd 2-1 Warlock Utd LEAGUE TABLE Top half Bottom half Half way through the regular season now
  21. MATCHDAY 6 Brenty's Boys 3-0 Big Black Violators Piston 5-1 Arkham Start 3-1 Crazy Gang Ultimate Utd 3-0 Penang Warlock Utd 0-0 RC Colombes Legacy 4-3 BatiGoal Glasgow 4-1 UKFS McAndrews Mavericks 2-2 Goldenrod G. MATCHDAY 7 BatiGoal 1-1 Start Crazy Gang 3-2 Piston Penang 0-1 Brenty's Boys RC Colombes 3-0 Glasgow Arkham 0-2 Ultimate Utd Big Black Violators 1-2 Warlock Utd Legacy 1-0 McAndrews Mavericks UKFS 4-1 Goldenrod G. MATCHDAY 8 Ultimate Utd 1-0 Crazy Gang Brenty's Boys 0-1 Arkham Glasgow 2-0 Big Black Violators Goldenrod G. 1-0 RC Colombes Piston 1-1 BatiGoal McAndrews Mavericks 1-1 UKFS Start 2-2 Legacy Warlock Utd 4-0 Penang MATCHDAY 9 Start 4-1 McAndrews Mavericks Arkham 2-0 Warlock Utd Legacy 1-2 Piston Penang 2-1 Glasgow RC Colombes 2-1 UKFS Big Black Violators 0-0 Goldenrod G. BatiGoal 1-0 Ultimate Utd Crazy Gang 0-1 Brenty's Boys MATCHDAY 10 Glasgow 2-1 Arkham UKFS 3-2 Big Black Violators Goldenrod G. 4-2 Penang Piston 3-2 Start Brenty's Boys 4-1 BatiGoal McAndrews Mavericks 1-0 RC Colombes Ultimate Utd 1-1 Legacy Warlock Utd 4-1 Crazy Gang LEAGUE TABLE Top half Bottom half I don't know how to view managers/players of the month
  22. The game has put 2 youth keepers into your squad