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  1. Well I somehow ended up winning the champions league (4-2 away win over mancity and then beat Bayern in finals) but I had to win 1 game against Everton to pull down Manu from top of the table ... but unfortunately I failed there.... season ends with moaning "Barco" leaving the club giving me USD 39 Million .... Below is where I stand now TRANSFERS : My Developed Youth signings : 1.) Leonardo Vincete : Bought for - $6.5 million Current Value: $103 million 2.) Alex Bahanack Bought for - $3 Million Current Value : $81 Million 3.) Oscar Franks Bought for - None (youth promotion) Current Value - $69 M 4.) Santiago Vela Bought for : $6 million Current Value: $ 55 Million 5.) Adrian Gusu Bought for : $ 6 million Current Value : $38 Million Current Financial condition:
  2. Chat 2032 - My Game so far

    maybe he kept holidaying for 3-4 hours
  3. How long does it takes for regeneration of a star player like cristiano ronaldo after his retirement???
  4. Help How to beat this tactics ?

    hmm but unfortunately none was answered
  5. What should be my preferred formation and mentality to beat this tactics (his mentality is Balanced with narrow width and rest all normal/balanced)
  6. I want to understand precisely strategy against each kind of Team mentality and all other important factors that need to be considered Something like below Team Mentality: Opponent - Balanced (Width- Balanced | Tempo - Normal | Creative Freedom- Balanced vs You (RECOMMENDED STRATEGY SETTINGS) - ________ (_____ | ________|_______ ) (A short description/reason can be added for here for each such strategy to understand what are we trying to do with each setting here... like if we have kept everything balanced then what is the idea behind it) Opponent - Contain ( Width- Narrow | Tempo - Slow | Creative Freedom - Expressive vs You (RECOMMENDED STRATEGY SETTINGS) - ________ (_____ | ________|_______ ) and so on..... rest all things like Formation can be described as "attacking" "balanced" "Defending" depending on the number of players placed in the formation. Anyone having thorough understanding of this game ... please come up with such thread .... its really missing ... ( I have seen other threads as well.. they are good but just not precise in delivering the right content ... maybe a little vague and not very lucid)
  7. Help Help regarding new tactics of 2018

    Not Exactly What I was looking for.... I wanted brief and precise description for each instruction in there... something like this :- and
  8. High I have already lost a home game 3-2 against Man city in champions league semis and now have to face them at their home. I need your help to give them a tough fight and turn the fortunes in my favour ... below is the starting line ups of both teams along with their playing style formation etc. Please help me with my strategy to beat them.
  9. Hi, i was looking for a detailed thread that explains the tactics of FMM 2018 ... like Shape>>TEAM MENTALITY >> Contain, Defensive, etc. | Width >>> Narrow, Balanced, wide | Tempo >> slow, normal, fast .... | Creative Freedom >> Disciplined Balanced Expressive .... Defence >>> Defensive Line .... and so on If someone can make a detailed thread on it explaining what does each of this imply to ... something like this thread by @BatiGoal (I personally find this above thread the best informative thread on FMM) Look forward for such contribution from someone. Thanks
  10. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    9.0.3 Is out on playstore today... the one you are talking about is 9.0.2
  11. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Yes I did ... and the high score issue is still there... I also saw few crashes even after the update.... but game is playable for me now.
  12. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    What does "1KC" means?
  13. iScout Bargains this year?

    share screenshots of players with attribute ... makes it look more appealing
  14. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    The high scoreline issue still persist .. but game doesn't crashes anymore and no transfer loop issue anymore.