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  1. I had already signed a new guy but it was probably a worthless effort as I was now offered a new job!
  2. I have a right winger which I've been trying to replace since I started my save three seasons ago. He has a couple of blue stats (crossing, dribbling, passing) and that's about it. All of the rest he's either orange or red. But I've found it almost impossible because he's delivering around 20 assists per season plus some goals. He's 25 (probably his peak) and I'm now in League 2 (previous ones were Vanarama regional and national). I think I have a big decision to make here as I will now be more restricted in terms of transfer windows. Should I keep him in the first squad or should I bring someone with better stats?
  3. Article FMM Predicts : 2018 World Cup

    My save saw Spain winning the World Cup unsurprisingly against Poland!
  4. This is something I definitely struggle with. What I normally end up doing is never choosing the players I want to sell as neither starting eleven nor subs. They either become unhappy and want to leave the club or stay happy at the club and never get an offer for them. Neither way I get good money from those players.
  5. Chat FMM17 Bug List

    I've experienced a couple of bugs the past weekend: 1) Not being able to watch the AI's matches. I was able to do it after Hotfix 2, but now it's gone again. 2) Was asked if I wanted to sell a player that had Big club release clause even though that earlier on I had a message reminding me that I wasn't able to reject the offer.
  6. I had to send my phone to be repaired, so less than two seasons for me Trying to get my second promotion with Halifax now!
  7. FMM2017 Funnies

    I'll post a screenshot once I get back home. In the meantime I'll let you guys guess which team became Club's World Champion in 2017: Juventus, Atlético Nacional, Cruz Azul or Al Ain.
  8. Shortlisted players

    I normally do, yes.
  9. So the game has been out for a few weeks now and I have completed my first season. I probably don't play as much as others, but I would still like to share how my first season went. The board wouldn't allow for any other result than winning the league, and I was scared that the sacking wave under the current scenario would end up in an early finish of the dream of taking Halifax to the National League. Only two signings were made pre season because it was hard to find players that would fancy play in the VNN. Mid season, a small injury crisis made me sign an extra defender that would become a solid member of the first eleven. But the stars of my team were going to be the players that were there from the start, specially a 23 year old striker that had only scored 33 goals in 6 years of career. Without further ado, here's how the league went. The tactics were the following: And the unknown striker pulled this off: Halifax also managed a giant killing against Torquay in the FA cup, only to lose against Portsmouth in the second round... But not without taking the match to a replay! The bad part of this season was not replicating the success from the previous season in which the team was able to hold the FA Trophy. However, Halifax was the only team from VNN and VNS to get to quarterfinals, although we lost against Southport with two goals in the last 10 minutes of the game.
  10. Chat FMM17 Bug List

    Again, an assist was awarded for a goal that came from a penalty kick. I've noticed that the assist is given to the player that was fouled.
  11. Career Rising back to the top

    Great read mate! Hopefully I can achieve the same with Halifax.
  12. Backup on a top team. Staarter in a lower league.
  13. These are the type of centre backs I always love to have in my squad!
  14. Chat FMM17 Bug List

    Re bug 6, I'm not complaining about players being out of position. I mean that they have a pretty bad condition to face a football match. That screen is from the initial line up. And I have many others too