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  1. Ah ok, see my tactic works better when I counter and press, then once I am winning (maybe at half time) remove the pressing, if I do it before the game it rarely works!
  2. Hi @mikeyboy11 slightly off topic but I play with pressing / counter / short passing and in most games it works really well, but in some games which is nearly always when I am not the favourite for the game, I get beaten easily... so I thought like you in tougher games I should remove the pressing and try and be more compact, but it doesnt seem to work. I wondered if I should also change my passing to direct... so I wondered what your passing type was in the games where you dont press but do ok.
  3. Yeah I tend to use it as a prompt as well, to look at form / players... to be fair the time I tend to struggle the most is when I play a team who also plays the same 4-4-1-1 formation. So I guess I need to work out how to counter act that formation, maybe more direct passing or mixed passing, but thats why I think its a shame about the reports, I could look at those and see that they are probably going to use 4-4-1-1 and change before the game, rather than waiting for the lineup screen and clicking tactics 20 seconds into the game.
  4. Its a shame as trying to make tactical changes pre-match based on the team you play is (should be) a good aspect of the game... so @veerus do you just stick with the same tactic and change in game?
  5. Yeah thought so, cheers.
  6. Hi, I have a formation I use to start every game and then change depending on how the game is going... but I wanted to try and use the scout reports to make tactical changes, but the formation report is nearly never correct. So I did some stats and in 1 season, the scout report was only correct 28% of the time, i.e. the scout said they play 4-4-1-1 but when we start the game the pre-match line is different, so I cannot use that formation information to make changes, so is there something else on the scout report that is useful or should I just keep using the same formation to start each game and then change depending on how the game is going. Cheers
  7. Hi, I want to setup a flat 4-5-1 formation, I like the idea of a lone striker and a mix of midfielders behind, can anyone advise on player positions for this tactic or has anyone setup something up in a similar manner? Cheers
  8. Hi Is there a guide to the changes.txt file in terms of what you can do? Looking to change things like managers and player transfers. Cheers
  9. Hiya, When you upload the new tactic kits provided by Vibe in the same folder there are 2 tactic pics image files, I take it they are used for the background of the tactics pitch? If so can you just upload an image file in the same format and size to amend it, also why is there two, is one for the pitch on the players profile page? Cheers Ed
  10. 2017 Tactic Kits

    Have you got any German kits? Looking for Stuttgart if possible. Cheers
  11. I think you may be correct slambo they may not work out tactics, I think its probably more about making sure your tactic and players are consistanly correct. For example I play with a BWM but if I am unable to find a decent one in the game I think I should change my tactic, i.e maybe change to a DLP or a CM etc, so keeping your tactic fresh, changes in tactics working / not working probably relates more to the players available than purely AI learning... although saying that I am playing with a TM at the moment with Poacher set to the position because I have no money to buy a decent poacher, and he is still scoring... but I think my tactic would be better / more consistant if I had a proper Poacher. Just an update, 25 games in, lost 3 drawn 5 won the rest, top of the championship...
  12. Hi, I had a tactic that was inconsistant, I wont delve into the tactic to much as thats not really the point, but its 4-4-1-1 counter, the key element seems to be the triangle in the middle, that consists of BWM BBM and the AP in front, I have also tried DLP instead of the BWM depends on the players I have available. Anyway what I do it play through the centre to my AP so that he can have maximum influence on the game and keep the defence solid. But I thought that that I had to adapt my tactic to who I was playing, so would sometimes assign Pressing or change the passing to Mixed if I felt that they where stronger than me in the middle... and it worked sometimes but I think it was actually the route of my inconsistancy. So now I start every game the same, counter and through the middle... then adapt once I see the line up (this is also due to the scout reports being generally wrong), that seems to make my tactic more consistant. Playing as Fulham I have won my first four games in the league, in the cup I have played my second / youth team as I want to concentrate on the league, beat Northampton 1 - 0 but then got knocked out by Chelsea 2 - 0 away, but considering it was my second / youth team it probably wasnt a bad result. So unless I go on a horrendous run it seems to be better not to change, if the AI seems to workout my tactics I will change the BWM to a DLP and see if that helps keep my tactic working. Ed
  13. Ah great, cheers Dec I didnt think that the changes.txt would be able changed at that level, just names and stuff... as always the forum has the answer. Also love how you think I would relegate Sunderland...
  14. As it looks like Newcastle are now heading to the Premier league I wanted to start with them to see how they would do in the Premier league with the current squad... with no PGE is there any other way of promoting / relegating teams maybe via Hex editor or changes.txt? Cheers