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  1. You’re doing great, keep it up 👍
  2. we don’t like Chippenham, we prefer Eggs & Ham do love a good non-league save
  3. Jack

    FMM19 Bug List

    Playing as Hamburg. I have the budget and the deal agreed for this player. The wage he’s asking for is within my budget but the ‘finalise deal’ button is greyed out because apparently the player has no interest in joining. Any ideas?
  4. Jack

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Loving the game this year, IMO it seems to be decently balanced. It’s still lacking in one major area for me: managers need to have actual personalities that communicate with the media, that build teams with specific types of player to suit their personal formation and that have history/viewable stats like PC. Every FM I’ve played feels as if I’m just in my own bubble when it could be so much more immersive - imagine having rival managers, managers that speak about you or your team in the media, managers that play in a specific way to stifle you. Imagine seeing a player retire, become a manager and then develop their own personality by doing the aforementioned. I’d rather see features like this in future versions as opposed to something like improved EME dynamics which for the most part are more cosmetic than anything else.
  5. Took over at Dulwich Hamlet - my first game was @ Hemel. To be completely fair I’ve managed to sign a few strong players for the division so not sure how it would work without them. Defensive tactics are default settings.
  6. Jack

    Missing Chances

    I played Lukaku as a poacher for 2 seasons and he’s got around 120 goals in 100 games for Man Utd. Will upload screenshot proof when I get a chance and yes it’s on OME. This season I’ve been playing him as a CF and the goals have dried up... not entirely but I’m definitely scoring less. I feel like the type of striker the players are played at definitely makes a big difference to how many chances they take (all depending on not just the player but how you’re tactically set up). I feel like the biggest change this year on OME is that LW/RW’s & FL/FR’s have been nerfed. Last year with prime players in those positions they’d make a huge contribution to goals and assists. This year they don’t and their ratings are generally lower. Anthony Martial for example averaged around 6.8 and scored 1 goal in the same season I won the BPL & CL. Annoying because I generally build teams around top wingers.
  7. Jack

    FMM19 Bug List

    Yes I kept a save just in case it’d help - where & how can I upload it?
  8. Jack

    FMM19 Bug List

    Would this be a bug or a super strange coincidence?
  9. Try to offer him a little more in wages when lowering the sign-on fee.
  10. Jack

    Long Shot Attribute?

    It forms part of the Shooting stat.
  11. Jack

    FMM19 Bug List

    I believe this would be due to the 2022 World Cup being hosted in Qatar over the Winter period. The Friendly does seem inconveniently placed though.
  12. Jack

    How to stop a bad run of form?

    I tend to freshen things up by rotating my team and allowing other players to have a chance. In my current save I changed formation after a bad run of form and this seemed to work well too.
  13. Jack

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Season 18/19 - playing in CM as a DLP Season 19/20 - playing in DM as a DLP The players I had were largely the same over both seasons - the only major change was a formation change. I usually hate playing with DM’s but it seems they’re very good on OME this year. Not really had any issues with late goals either.