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  1. Should add a Comedy topic tag for the part about United 😂 Liverpool have bought incredibly well but it'll be interesting to see how they deal with the pressure of expectation. No hiding behind the underdogs tag anymore! Nice article Ashez, would like to see you write similar about other clubs 👍
  2. Definitely wasn't the Wenger way to have a net spend of £120m but looked like you did well to win the league, well done.
  3. Jack

    Work Permit Unlockable

    I run a new career as Man Utd, activate Sugar Daddy or sell all my players and then buy as many Russians and South Americans as possible until I get the notification that I can use the unlockable.
  4. Left, right, up, down, left, right, up, down, X, B, A, Y, A, B
  5. Jack

    Career Mode

    Had a great time playing as Edinburgh City in Scottish League 2, it's difficult catching up to and overtaking Celtic but going onto win the Champions League is one hell of a challenge.
  6. Jack

    Messi regen?

    €525k wages, I'm guessing that's yearly salary? If not then damn... That's definitely a Messi regen though, well done on finding him!
  7. Yeah so far so good, thank you for sharing it mate. I didn't copy it exactly but I took a lot of what you posted and mashed it into a familiar shape. Even in the games I'm not scoring I'm actually creating more chances / having more shots. Really interesting to hear EME has clearly improved - I guess I'll give it a chance after the March update with Winter transfers.
  8. What teams you playing as?
  9. The reason I like OME is because I can breeze through a season in next to no time at all by playing short bursts at a time (commuting, occasional evening play) - if there was no OME I'd probably find a different game to play that can deliver the same game pace. My past experience with EME makes it pretty much a no-go zone for me - far too slow. Edit: 10 goals in 2 games... this is more like it! Early days though.
  10. Thanks mate I'll give it a shot!
  11. Hey guys, So I've played Mobile / Handheld for many years now - I've never had any issues adjusting tactics to suit my squads since I have a fairly decent understanding of the game. However I'm struggling on this year's version to score goals on the Original Match Engine (OME). I cannot understand why I can't get things to work, it's really frustrating either drawing or winning only 1-0 or 2-1 against teams who have inferior players to mine (particularly in defence). I'm consistently the one of the lowest scoring teams in the top half of the table and if I didn't have such a good defensive record I'm sure I'd be losing games left, right and centre. It's even more frustrating given my current set-up. I've typically run a 4-2-3-1 (FB/CB/CB/FB-AP/DLP-IF/AP/IF with any type of striker - they all worked in previous versions) however after two poor seasons with this tactic I decided to switch to a more defensive approach to try to grind out results and win promotion; I switched the attacking midfielder (#10) into central midfield for a BWM or BBM. Obviously playing 3 in the middle means I'm restricting myself - but I've always played on 'attacking', I have two outstanding wingers/IF's for League 2 level (Brandon Barker & Joe Lolley) and two very good strikers. Even when I switch to 4-2-3-1 in games I find that it makes minimal difference. I've searched these forums for successful OME tactics in the hope that I could try one and see how it fares - unfortunately everything I've found isn't really suitable for the players I have. Perhaps I haven't looked hard enough? Don't know. Either way I was hoping some of the brilliant people here could give me some tactical assistance. Crazily haven't had the time or motivation to grind through a save until now but I'm already demotivated at the prospect of having to play like Jose Just want to reiterate that I've genuinely had no obstacles on previous versions of the game. Is this year's version really that different? I'm open to any (including new) ideas... help!
  12. What a fantastic looking topic, thanks for posting!
  13. Only for the big cup finals do I even contemplate it. Other than that I try to aim to have 1 defender (as versatile as possible), 2 central midfielders, 2 wingers, an attacking midfielder and a striker on my bench.
  14. I'd love for the option to invest transfer money into your club's infrastructure. It'd be tricky to do and the scale of the game wouldn't allow you to invest into many things but it'd be a pleasant change.
  15. Jack

    OME or EME

    will always be an OME guy and the day it's removed will be the day I quit playing FMM 4-2-3-1 with pressing has always worked for me as long as one of the CM's is a DLP