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  1. My 103 goal striker was named in the World XI… as a left winger. Make it make sense.
  2. I bang on about this every year on this type of topic, but I want a more challenging AI that results in you needing to develop your tactics to be able to beat the best AI managers in the game. AI managers should have their own personalised tactics/systems and ways of playing, they should buy players & employ coaches/ex-players to fit their systems. I want to know when playing a Pep Guardiola managed team that we will likely have less possession and be pressed high, so my tactics must be developed to address these issues. The players Pep buys will all be technically gifted and great at passing for example. The game maybe has this for the first couple of seasons (debatable) but as the seasons go on newer generic managers replace the top ones and the game becomes easier. Also, I don’t want to be limited to just 4 countries. I’d love to do a true journeyman save.
  3. Yeah! And Kaiserslautern were in the third tier recently too! Then this season in real life both Werder Bremen and Schalke have been relegated.
  4. Start with Hamburg in Bundesliga 2 & enjoy the German league(s) for a few years. Breaking Ajax’s dominance with a smaller club in the Netherlands is also fun!
  5. Bloody hell. What a thread. The best I think I’ve ever read through on here. What a magnificent achievement 👏
  6. Nothing major! Just sometimes push the wingers and full backs a little higher if the other team is playing a defensive/narrow formation. My centre midfielders haven’t been performing too well so I’ve fiddled with their roles, but noticed once I did this that they were taking goals away from my striker
  7. Thank you a lot for posting this, I’ve trialled it with a few tweaks and my striker is scoring a lot more with this tactic than they ever have. It’s not difficult to build winning teams on this game but given that I don’t have a lot of time to test lots of tactics, I appreciate someone posting a tactic like this. I’m not really one for challenges, but I feel like I might be able to achieve a 1K for the first time ever now.
  8. No I’ll wait a day & then re-offer out again.
  9. If I want to sell a player the only time I’ll ever transfer list them is if they request it. I’ll offer them out at a price above their transfer value and reduce it in increments until I get an offer. Once I receive an offer I transfer list the player, then accept the offer. Seals the deal nearly every time!
  10. Half way through his first season, had to give him a bumper deal to keep him happy & be on-board whilst we still establish ourselves in the Top 6!
  11. Q1) 20+1s - the save would be more interesting I feel! Q2) No defenders. I think I’d find a formation & the right players to play defensively. No natural goalie is always a disaster.
  12. I would definitely move the DM up into central midfield and see how it goes. Nothing more annoying than seeing a top DM come through your academy and accepting that they won’t fulfil their potential unless you change their position (or unless they can take free kicks/pens/corners).
  13. Moukoku will be fun to use! But I have to ask... is there any game breaking issues or major changes that anyone has noticed? I’m scarred after they altered fitness in a recent edition’s Winter update 😐
  14. For players like that I try my best to part exchange them. Not always possible but worth a try!