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  1. Jack

    Leagues To Load For A Save?

    Portugal, Holland, USA
  2. I play on my iPad Mini.
  3. A little out of the box but I’ve had a few fun careers going from fallen giant to fallen giant of different countries. My most recent one started at Hamburg, then ended up at Everton who had been relegated and then Villarreal who had also been relegated.
  4. Amazing article. It’s ideas like this that drive my desire for the AI managers to be significantly improved. We discuss whether a particular calibre of player would make decisions based on our own managerial reputation but consider how it should affect the AI too. A player is much more likely to completely take what Sir Alex Ferguson instructed on board than, perhaps, Tony Adams. Think how much more fun the game could become if AI managers were able to get the ‘best’ out of the players after recruiting their particular ‘type’ of player and whilst using their own tactics designed around these players.
  5. Jack

    Best coaches to hire

    I’ve always been a Fitness Coach so my set-up is as follows: Coaches: Attacking, Defending, Youth, General/Motivation Scouts: 1st Team, Tactical Analyst, Youth Physios: 2x Prevention, Rehab
  6. Seems they were lucky but you had 0 clear cut chances...
  7. Jack

    Winter Update

    I remember when my subs were made to make tactical changes and react to what was going on in the game. Or to give particular youngsters their opportunity. Just seems that now I only make subs for the sake of saving players’ fitness/conditioning... ☹️
  8. On the second formation I’d be tempted to move the wing backs slightly further forward, thanks for sharing though man.
  9. Jack

    Winter Update

    Define ‘right’ - I don’t think it’s right that a player with world class Stamina stats, with world class training facilities and world class fitness coaches would struggle at all to be anything other than 100% fitness/conditioning outside of the busy Christmas period. I haven’t updated to the most recent hotfix, so I'm unsure how/if it’s really changed at all, but the first winter update forced you to rotate these players if they played twice a week. As a manager it should be your choice to rotate your team to keep everyone happy and to improve young players. Not feel forced to rotate because conditioning determines half your squad won’t be at their peak. It was completely unrealistic and harmful to the gameplay, so I’m unsure as to how it could be ‘done right’... AI conditioning on the other hand? Definitely needed improvement which ties in with my point of improving the AI to give us a harder difficulty. Fact is that SI have had to ‘fix’ this issue 2/3 months before the IRL season ends instead of focus their energy and resources into making FMM 20 better for us (with the aforementioned AI improvements). It shouldn’t have come to this.
  10. Jack

    Winter Update

    I wanted to wade in earlier but I don’t think I could word my post any better than the above. I’ll offer my $0.02 anyway. Even when I didn’t necessarily HAVE to rotate my team I still chose to rotate a lot of the time before the Winter Update. I gave different members of my squad the necessary playing time they deserve, including giving youngsters their rightful opportunities. It was nice to have the power of choice rather than be forced to make decisions that were unrealistic and slowed down the gameplay. It’s my personal opinion that anyone who’s banging the ‘the game is too easy’ drum is subconsciously playing using metas as opposed to enjoying the game for what it is; a simplified version of an in-depth & detailed strategy RPG. If you want higher difficulty in FMM then push for tactical and AI improvements that push boundaries as opposed to updates such as conditioning which don’t serve to make the game either more realistic or fun to play. Loosen up and play to have fun as opposed to having to constantly & relentlessly win.
  11. Jack

    Condition on latest update

    I was quite critical of the fitness & conditioning update before the hotfix. After the hotfix I was happy at the middle ground that we seemed to have reached but having now played a full season since then there’s still a few aspects that quite frustrate me: 1) The update still seems really harsh on younger players. I’m constantly seeing the message (on the player profile screen) that my young players are jaded and in need of a rest, despite being rotated, and it’s really frustrating. An example of this is on my current save; I have several 20/21 year olds who are jaded after playing just 7 games at the start of the new season. This isn’t at all realistic. 2) Players being unable to recover to 100% condition still doesn’t seem quite right. I have players who have green Stamina stats but only peak at 96% during the season. What’s causing them to not be able to reach 100% conditioning if they’re rested/rotated with a good Stamina stat? I have no issue playing players on 96% but when they inevitably need rotating it’s frustrating; particularly when there’s no way to tell if a player is going to be able to recover fully between games before you buy them. It’s more understandable at the end of a season as to why this might happen but really shouldn’t be happening at the start of one. Whilst I’m on this topic... is there any way in future that an update, such as a Winter update, has a full list of patch notes that we can access and analyse? Even EA is going out of their way to explain and detail the fixes/changes they’re making to their games in their updates. I don’t think I’m going to bother updating the game in future until I know exactly how my saves will be impacted.
  12. Jack

    Winter Update

    Anyone noticing any differences to their results or particular players not doing well since the update? My talented young IF LW had 16 goals in 20 games (& in the previous 5 seasons averaged 30 goals a season) pre-update but has only got 5 goals in 25 games post-update. I’m also conceding a lot more than I did previously. I’m really hoping it’s just a blip rather than an indication that certain tactics/player roles are just not going to work anymore...hard to tell without accurate patch notes...
  13. Jack

    FMM19 Bug List

    For me, so far, I’ve found it to be a fair middle ground. It’s probably hard to notice if you already regularly rotate your team though. From a realism perspective it’s not unrealistic for players to be able to play 3 games consecutively in December when they have excellent fitness coaches, training facilities & good physical stats.
  14. Jack

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Great hotfix. A good balance between realism and better gameplay. Thanks for taking our concerns seriously.
  15. Tierney was incredible for me in my Hamburg save. I haven’t used the other players but they look really good in your save.