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  1. I need your insight here please. Somehow, a player of mine got a future transfer. How can I remove that? Modified: It disappeared just as it came. I received an offer to loan him out in January transfer window. And that was it. No more future transfers.
  2. Okay. Mine is a negligible but disturbing issue. I figured hex might have a solution. I've used 4-1-2-2-1 the entire career (spanning 13 seasons now). Somehow, my manager profile formation still shows 4-2-2. And I believe it's responsible for my reserve shitty form too. Any idea how I can change this(these) formation(s)?
  3. I'ld like a response to this. But that ffs is uncalled for. I've seeb someone who swapped his though. He's just not forthcoming with how he did it.
  4. Long story cut short, I want to do an academy save with AFC Ajax but I want to move the team from Eredivise to England Premier Division in place of Fulham. A detailed step by step procedure would be very much appreciated. NB: I've tried using various already made guides here but it isn't working.
  5. Please, assuming there is no change to the way of preparing the changes.txt, where did you put them?
  6. Almost five seasons spent holidaying now, waiting for a chance to manage N.Ireland. I decided to try this out but the big problem is.. I can't find my Manager ID or Code per se. My nationality is Northern Irish. When I search for ffff0000b2079f00, it returns no result, even without the 9f00. I swapped to the method used before the update and still, no show. I wonder where I am getting it wrong.
  7. I see. I'll just check if they appear though by holidaying until October 2018.
  8. Well, looking to start up a long long career with Northern Ireland, but with a fresh batch of players as they appear in the game. Soon as I started though, I noticed some players just disappear the next day. So I'm asking if they'll reappear as instant regens or they're gone forever. First image shows the players aged 44 and above at the start of the game Second image shows many of them gone in an instant.Players presentPlayers disappeared
  9. The DMs are quite important to be getting such low ratings. I actually prefer them to AM positions. Tried out the AcM role initially but quickly reverted to BWM as it seemed to suit my favoured 4-1-2-2-1 But this piece is awesomely tempting.
  10. In-game, it is normal to see players with flat-out 20 pace beaten to the ball often by defenders with less even when on the chase.
  11. I kind of went through the PGE.. The power it has.. I can't help but MARVEL at the creator..how he does the things he does. I only wish that the DATABASE where such magnificent work came from grow from strength to strength. Well done, Bro.
  12. Another test with Llandudno in Wales.. Not such a great club since the players are mostly **** compared to the 'stars' I'm used to playing with. But so far, it's holding up. I used it in the second season and managed to get results against the top teams: TNS, Bala, Bangor City and Connah Quays. However, the team seem to struggle against weaker teams. I tried Turning off the Pressing against a weaker team much later (Afan Lido) but even though I won, it wasn't as impressive as I expected. Come end of season, I'll have a concise report on the test. Attached therein is the best player in the squad so you get an idea the team I'm working with ??
  13. I'm managing this club, Llandudno in Wales after starting unemployed. I can't get players like Woodburn and Asano bids accepted for loan. Other leagues I selected other than Wales are Australia, Ireland and Northern Ireland. So I ask if my focus isn't right. Anyone with a great idea of how to get good players on loan without bidding for every nice youngster I see should please put me in the right. Thanks in advance.
  14. In comparison to the other season of yours, they attacked more but didn't kill off a number of games. Could this be because of the DLF not being up front always ??
  15. I will work on this.. Have the next 96 hours to FMM at will ??