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  1. Late to the party, but this space is mine!!
  2. Article How Fast Is 20 Pace?

    In-game, it is normal to see players with flat-out 20 pace beaten to the ball often by defenders with less even when on the chase.
  3. Chat Whatever happened to database editing?

    I kind of went through the PGE.. The power it has.. I can't help but MARVEL at the creator..how he does the things he does. I only wish that the DATABASE where such magnificent work came from grow from strength to strength. Well done, Bro.
  4. Another test with Llandudno in Wales.. Not such a great club since the players are mostly **** compared to the 'stars' I'm used to playing with. But so far, it's holding up. I used it in the second season and managed to get results against the top teams: TNS, Bala, Bangor City and Connah Quays. However, the team seem to struggle against weaker teams. I tried Turning off the Pressing against a weaker team much later (Afan Lido) but even though I won, it wasn't as impressive as I expected. Come end of season, I'll have a concise report on the test. Attached therein is the best player in the squad so you get an idea the team I'm working with 😊😊
  5. I'm managing this club, Llandudno in Wales after starting unemployed. I can't get players like Woodburn and Asano bids accepted for loan. Other leagues I selected other than Wales are Australia, Ireland and Northern Ireland. So I ask if my focus isn't right. Anyone with a great idea of how to get good players on loan without bidding for every nice youngster I see should please put me in the right. Thanks in advance.
  6. In comparison to the other season of yours, they attacked more but didn't kill off a number of games. Could this be because of the DLF not being up front always 😕😕
  7. I will work on this.. Have the next 96 hours to FMM at will 😆😆
  8. 1000 Goals!! I'm actually wondering how possible that is with injuries and drops in form all over. You're talking a 16-year old giving 50 goals per season for 20 years!!
  9. Oh well.. I just set this up last season after my second UCL finals defeat 😟 . In the Vanarama and before this, I was using @Slambo's 4-3-2-1 and @Aangca's 4-3-1-2 though I never expected it to hold up in the top league. After spending time two seasons back on 'Key Player Attributes' by @Dec this was what I came up with. It was a success last season with same club. Maybe I'll try it out with other clubs quickly.
  10. Wow.. Your stats look way better. I tallied 98 goals and conceded 15 in the league. I sort of rotate the squad a lot especially in those close fixtures but my DLF scored quite lower this season compared to last season when I set this formation up for the first time Here are the goals scored in this order: DLF, AP, IF(R2), IF(L2), IF(L), IF(R), DLF(2), AP(2), IF(R Loan) and AP. Did you have yours on a topic here? Please share. I like those stats 👍👍💪
  11. And here are some impressive results/results against top sides in the league(s)
  12. TRAINING: Slight adjustments were made to @Chelsea8 regime. IF & DLF : Attacking AP: General DLP, WB, BPD: Technical CB: Defending added 0 minutes later RESULTS: In the particular season in review, some good winning streaks were recorded; See below
  13. I will be sharing an instructive guide on this tactics. It's actually a modification of the stock 4-1-2-2-1 that is found in the game's formations list. This is actually a defensive formation but it's really about mass attack for me. The formation is based on really powerful wingers particularly. They play as Inside Forwards (IF) from both wings either side of a Deep Lying Forward (DLF) who links up with the midfield to score goals and create chances as well especially for the IFs. Two Advanced Playmakers (AP) ensure that the forwards are never short on service and the combination of a Deep Lying Playmaker (DLP) in the midfield and a Ball Playing Defender (BPD) in the defence help translate defence to attack quickly with Wing Backs (WB) roaming to cover up spaces left on the flanks by the Inside Forwards when they roam in. The Centre Back (CB) is perhaps the only truly defensive minded player on the pitch but the set up helps shore up gaps whether attacking or defending. added 0 minutes later INSTRUCTIONS: The team is set up to attack from the word 'go' and keep possession with 'short passing'. Since they're pretty much playing as a unit, the focus is 'mixed' as well as the goalie's distribution. The tackling is put at 'normal' to avoid conceding careless chances or fouls which may disrupt the rhythm of play. Aside pressing the opposition, the others are turned off because keeping offside trap may expose the goalie badly, counter attacking will make the team surrender possession and 'men behind the ball' is not in line with the attacking mentality.
  14. Tactics Help rescue my Awful tactic

    How about you go slightly defensive in the line-up? Shore up the midfield like three MCs or 2MCs + 1DMC.. You can then set their roles to include a central ball winner, CM or BBM and AP..
  15. For me, the first game tells me to take it or drop it. I actually dumped my FMM for a while because the current formation has been cracked by the AI and games weren't going so good anymore.. So I chose today to look for similar formation to my 4-1-2-2-1 stock formation..and I came upon this thread. Since it's just slight adjustments to that formation of mine, I decided to try it out. And these match stats mean I'm definitely upping the tactics training so the boys can get used to it quicker. Thanks man.