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  1. Excellent thread ...I've learnt a lot will certainly be applying em
  2. Yh I guess so ....who are your inverted wing backs?
  3. It's not for the impatient...recall getting players confused by unusual formation in the match report page at the start ...but it gradually faded......
  4. It's normal.... I didn't say it's a bullet proof tactics....it will take time and some getting used to....but it'll bang afterwards...been using it for 8th season straight now....since varanama....so give it time ...
  5. I think people find it difficult to believe wealdstone from varanama Is playing in the EPL but I worked my way up ....it was a journey ...haha
  6. Haha mate... same problem I face somehow Tottenham is programmed to beat and match this tactics....could take a couple of month .... training...and getting the right players...to work for you from the looks of it added 0 minutes later Why would I use IGE and go all thru this stress typing this.....
  7. A quick in game analysis to further drive home my point ...but before that a few point to note; A good tactics is as good as the players playing it....iwb should be your focus ....get a very good iwb and you should beat anyone....iwb is famously adopted by Pep guardiola ....who plays Fabian Delph in that role ....Delph drops to midfield to create more numbers in the middle ... Aside this in game instructions is equally important and I can't over emphasize that enough....the art of responding to your opponent changes ....guess that's story for another day Now back to the analysis; 1. Playing out from the back **First observe how the Trequartista drops deeper than the poacher due to the ridiculous space behind him....a quick one-two and things could escalate real fast ** The AM also with this same situation dropping deep to utilize the space behind him....he's the one with a > pointed at him.....if he gets the ball he'll have a lot of ground to cover and make defense killing decision with that space he's got.... ***Lastly notice the right IWB.....almost on par with the AM....forming somewhat of a Midfield 3 with the AM and DLP beside him Also notice how my Left IWB can't do this cos of the DLP blocking him off...instead he hangs around the winger Nope not thru the wings this time they decided to use the middle....a reverse pass to the dlp from the winger who quickly rolls it to the AM and quickly the machine of the tactics is in space...to wickedly run into and cause damagelike I said IWB are a secret weapon ...create a free path for them to the midfield and they'd run all the way up....causing damage ....here he assumes the AM role and the AM assumes the dlp role...all due to spaces behind or in front of one player or the other Now observe the left IWB and the winger ... they'll always be on par... closely following each other with the left IWB limited to this cos of the DLP in his path I can go on and on...but your IWb is very important ...one will wreak havoc on the left hand side with crossing together with your LW whilst the other will be all over the right hand side....performing a host of destruction We examine more cases later
  8. Bet your iwb are piss-poor ....a good iwb could change the story...need I mention the fact that in game tactics and instructions are equally important added 0 minutes later Cheers mate keep me posted on how it pans out eventually
  9. The road from varanama to EPL in itself is a massive success on it's own ...not to talk of bossing the league (EPL) and UCL ....got my stadium rebuild and rename offer thanks to this
  10. Possession always in the 57-65 % Everton limited to a shot all game For some reason Tottenham seems to be my nemesis in this game....always tough for me to win Liverpool gengen pressing destroyed
  11. Check out my left IWB assist in a single game ....Hello finger he got 5
  12. I just started the season dunno if it'll suffice but I've been using this tactics from varanama to EPL ....very very good tactics ....relies on outscoring the opposition.... added 0 minutes later Yeah EME definitely
  13. Might take some getting used to but ...after a few months it'll bang
  14. @kowak here you go....the tactics that got me 82 assist from the wings and 1200 goals from my poacher
  15. Good day y'all, I'll go straight to the point ....this tactics is very crazy ....with a weird skeletal structure but don't fret it's actually a demonic set up covering every facet of the pitch....let's dive in now shall we? positions sweeper Keeper: He plays out from the back ....most times rolling it to the bpd who ventures forward or split the midfield and defense with a pass.... expect occasional defense splitting pass to your wingers from your sweeper keeper...he also mops out any loose balls from deep since you'll be playing a high line....kicking throwing and pace is a must as well as decision at least 15 BPD: the second starting point of attack ....needs to be well rounded ability wise to avoid errors...such as dwelling on the ball for long....or innacurate pass...just think Van dijk.... tackling...passing... dribbling...pace .... decision and creativity needed at least 15 If you notice there's a awful lot of space in front of him ...to allow him roam and do his thing CD: he's the warrior in the team he clears out any danger....and complement the bpd ....the danger of having 2 bpd is quite big...as they could leave your defense prone to errors....always think balance when creating a tactic....if you'll also notice a dlp who will drop deep is directly in front of him limiting him (the CD) to doing his job alone IWB: this tactics success relies heavily on this role....they are the one who confuse the opponent....they are my best role in fmm simply because they are machines....they offer 3 important role in the team.... **Defending...basic responsibility they will track any wingers or inside forward ***Width ...they will go outside of your wingers providing extra width ...or stay just behind...performing a rebound cross if the winger cross is blocked **** Crowd the midfield... this comes with a condition they must have a free path to the Midfield....as you can see my left IWB is blocked by my dlp ...in this case he most times wouldn't stay in midfield but rather look to provide extra width on the left hand side...whilst the dlp do damage The right IWB tho has a free path all the way to the AM ...he then moves to midfield providing extra passing lanes ...and supporting the lone dlp and can push up as far as quick one two with the AM or shooting from distance ....he also provides width as well DLP: offers protection when IWB's go venturing forward as well as performing the Jorginho role ...provide passing lanes ....dictate tempo...switch the ball to flanks and picking out the extra run from over lapping IWB from deep.... AM: he drop deep most times just a lil ahead of the DLP acting as pivot in the AMC role everything goes thru him in the final third... W: the wingers must have good teamwork and crossing ....cos most of your goals will be crossing ....they pull out opposing full backs cos of their tendency to hug the touch line this gives the AM room to run to...as well as the DLP whose path isn't blocked by the AM.... you will often see your dlp in the am role due to the space in the middle and vice versa (i.e am in dlp role) they have this space thanks to the overloading of touchline by W And IWB T: things get interesting here ....the trequartista also drop deep into the lil space accomplished by shifting the am to the right.....dropping deep means the wingers can pick him out with a quick one-two and suddenly the wingers are in the box...this create chain of reaction...with the IWB lurking on the wings assuming the wingers role now ...series of cross and rebounded cross will bombard the 6 yard box with the AM waiting to pounce as well.... Also expect lot of assist from him to the poacher he is the focal point in the 6 yard box P: his job is to score ....aerial is a must This tactics is superb because it's roles complement each other ..every space and adjustment is intentional for a particular reason .....and as well as crossing and scoring there's a wild card in passing thru the middle and tiki taka-ing your way into the box ...the team instructions made sure of that ...lot of option ...lot of scoring path ways ...will update with more info later
  16. Wow .... refreshing seeing my name appear twice hopefully I stay long ..before the record get broken
  17. Dunno if Total career assist count but I have a player on 521 at 33 years old
  18. Update the assist in a season section...my Messi Regen has got 82
  19. Oh I get your point as per loading time hinging on device (maybe RAM).
  20. OK seen finally updated....save crashing gone + injury news sorted ....