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  1. Looks impressive great results of course
  2. Well since I joined Vibe I always learn from you guys. Many expert players here. I do have a problem with tactic instructions and players roles in each tactic I use . I like to use 442 / 4312 / 451 /41221 my point is I just use any of the shared tactics here and when I want to use my own tactic I got stucked and lose heavily sometimes lol. I don't like to manage a top teams i always manage lower teams so indeed I have to create my own tactic. I will post later my own tactic which I'm trying hard to make it working.
  3. Looks impressive Thanks for sharing
  4. Help FMM18 Battery Drain!

    Battery Capacity is 5300 mAh.. If you want more hours then turn the flight mode on
  5. Help FMM18 Battery Drain!

    im using Xiaomi Mi Max 2 .. things are fine with me .. more than 3 hours battery still 71%
  6. Thank you very much Very very useful
  7. Will wait for 2weeks then will decide
  8. Very interesting Thank you
  9. @TheScarface Most of the time I like to play very defensive have a look on this tactic hope it will help you CLICK HERE PLS
  10. Tactics 433 (2-2-1-2-2-1) Tactic EME

    Looks great .. Worth a try for sure
  11. Yes you can .. I always do this kind of save
  12. Here we go I have singed more than young players and most of them on loan by now Thanks again