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  1. U had a great a season .. great results too I might give a try too
  2. I might give it a try .. looks very interesting ..
  3. Hey guys.. I really need some help here with #Determination and #Workrate ? My team is really struggling How to find players Determination ? How to find players Workrate ? Last: is the Workrate means Teamwork ? Thanks in advance
  4. That would be great .. Norwich City play a very nice football. Will be waiting for your next tactic
  5. @Heinz Johanneß I decided to test your tactic in Scottish lower League, I was really struggling until I switched to your tactic. It's Really great tactic and I'm really impressed about my Poacher and how he scores the goals. My Poacher Managed to score 31 Goals Team Fixture Thanks alot @Heinz Johanneß hope to see more great tactics.
  6. Well honestly I try all of them and it depends on your squad. So far this attacking Instructions is working great for me 3 seasons with Dundee United Looking forward to see your results. Thanks too
  7. My self I don't change the mentality I just change attacking Instructions. Try this My results so far
  8. Check the link below Click Here You see all players roles and the need attributes. If you are asking about numbers I will explain. If you play in lower leagues it hard to find top player so the minimum number shouldn't be below 9, so between 9 & 10. But if you get higher that's definitely better and better.