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  1. CmonJustTheTip

    FMM19 Bug List

    This is frustrating me to no end.
  2. CmonJustTheTip

    FMM19 Release Date + Key Information

    I'd love it if we could multi-select. Going through free agents and youngsters and scouting one by one is a pain. Offering players to other clubs as well.
  3. CmonJustTheTip

    Can't apply for national job

    I'm usually only able to press it once, I press it, I get the email, the apply button is gray and can't be pressed again as I've already applied for the job, but it isn't in this case. As if the game isn't registering my application or something
  4. I apply for the job and I get the email saying they'll announce their choice but when I leave the national team page it resets, I can apply a million times. I reloaded the game and even force stopped the app. Is there a fix for this?
  5. Does anyone have a good shortlist I can download? Also, I remember last year there was a download to make a B team for all Premier League teams, is there one for this year? Thanks.
  6. Yeah, I meant about the caps and second nationality thing. I didn't know that. That means some players will never get a permit no matter? I usually just keep trying until it's granted O_o
  7. Great article, thanks for the effort! What's this about permits? What are the requirements?
  8. CmonJustTheTip

    Scouting free agents

    This is what I've been doing, the problem is youngsters with high potential slip through the cracks
  9. CmonJustTheTip


    Every time I put in a offer in for this guy it turns into a bidding war, I spent 15m for him once
  10. CmonJustTheTip

    My Club - Bottom to the Top

    I usually randomize name and ability, potential ability first and then current, and stick with whatever it is. It's always Gotham City with manager Bruce Wayne
  11. CmonJustTheTip

    FMM18 Bug List

    I'm managing Houston in MLS and despite winning the US cup and the MLS cup my board confidence is down, is this a bug?
  12. CmonJustTheTip

    Aaron Nemane..could be potential!

    I mean the layout of the app, it's different from mine
  13. CmonJustTheTip

    Best results so far

    I never understood how a player from the losing team cam get MotM O_o
  14. CmonJustTheTip

    Aaron Nemane..could be potential!

    Why does yours look different?
  15. CmonJustTheTip

    2018 Standard Logos Megapack

    These are the only ones I've found missing so far. I'm also not sure I put it in the right folder, it's working so I might ok? Android>data>fmm18>files>installed>logos_ipad