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  1. Ultimate EME 2017 tactic 3-4-3 Plug & Play

    Screen shots of results?
  2. Best bargains?

    There's a few threads on here about bargains if you search but here's one I've come across recently that I haven't seen posted yet
  3. Well, this is gonna hurt my 32 goals Maybe Carrasco can get 32
  4. I guess it depends on how this one goes O_o
  5. I love an underdog, always have. Most of my saves are underdogs, so this seems fitting. I'm starting with Atletico, which seems easy but don't be fooled! I'm including my transfers, formation and instructions. I've been benefiting from this website for a long time, contributing through comments mostly, but this is my first post/career, so forgive me if it sucks ass. I'll update at the winter transfer window, feel free to ask any questions!
  6. Dumps To Dynasty - Taking The City

    How about Bayern and Munchen Lions? I already have a save for this one, finished 3rd in the first division in my second season.
  7. 15 French/Ligue 1 Talents

    Here's two strikers from my Sochaux save. Both can be had for less than 2mil at the start of the game but France has to be the first nation loaded.
  8. Squad harmony

    I've also found that being a motivational coach at the start of a save helps
  9. Paris FC

    I've actually tried this exact challenge before, I got bored in season 2 and quit this makes me wanna try again! Do you not sell players? I usually sell players whose wages are above their worth and the older players, which gives me more transfer budget. I did the same with a Muchen lions/Bayern Muchen save. Also, what tactics are you using?
  10. I'm not him but: Did you try without primary outlet and attacker selected, if so, did you notice a difference?
  11. Great article! I've been looking into Italy to take a lower league team to eventually overtake Juventus. I was thinking Venezia but I might look into these! Thanks for posting!
  12. Manager rank?

    Why is this? Can it wreck the save?
  13. Facilities

    Like @KennyMiller27 said, when asked my expectations I chose one over what they except but not the highest (winners) I think it's easier to get approved when you exceed expectations rather than meet them. And make the club money
  14. Great read, thanks for taking the time! I love a save with a story! I'm currently trying to get Munchen Lions to over take Bayern in Germany