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  1. Here's season one of my Atletico save, I bought no players and sold my beat BPD half way through the season (Herrera was sold after the season) I lost in the semi of the champions league after Erlind went nuts.
  2. They came as no club for me and I have Spain loaded in this save
  3. What's with these youngsters being free agents? I started a save with Atletico and graces was in squad but with this arsenal save its available for free?
  4. Are there going to be any face and logo packs available?
  5. I'm tired of waiting! I think I'll start with Deadpools Wrexham
  6. Are there any restrictions on club choice? I imagine picking Barcelona would be pretty easy.
  7. Twice now in my Arsenal save, I've agreed a transfer fee and after hitting continue it says the player has agreed terms and its done. I get no say in wages or squad role. Has this happened to anyone else?
  8. It is against the rules to use the editor to make these lists? There's a few young players (obviously under 23) that are 4 and 4.5 stars. Is it because the young players ratings change from save to save?
  9. I noticed this in last years edition, it also doesn't work if the seller accepts multiple bids of the same price. When you exit talks the player will just accept the rivals contract
  10. I use it the exact same way, how do you go about finding those players? I'm clicking player name > edit > back > back and then again and again, it's time consuming
  11. Has anyone made a file with updated summer transfers? I searched but couldn't find anything
  12. I'd love it if we could multi-select. Going through free agents and youngsters and scouting one by one is a pain. Offering players to other clubs as well.
  13. I'm usually only able to press it once, I press it, I get the email, the apply button is gray and can't be pressed again as I've already applied for the job, but it isn't in this case. As if the game isn't registering my application or something
  14. I apply for the job and I get the email saying they'll announce their choice but when I leave the national team page it resets, I can apply a million times. I reloaded the game and even force stopped the app. Is there a fix for this?