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  1. salohcin

    The Strikers' Striker with BG

    Hello! Im back just for abit while i have the time and what a mad challenge to take up! If i have the chance, i will certainly try it! Anyway, u seem to be doing fine but i seriously dont think you can pull through the last stage! Prove me wrong king bati!
  2. Returning after some time off frm the site and i see the legendary panda getting this kind of scores!!! Amazing work man! Probably shld start this challenge now though might be a little late. Anyone got a New Year challenge instead?
  3. salohcin

    English football

    Congrats bro, they may not be relegated anymore if they keep up the performance
  4. salohcin

    Moussa Dembele goes for the 1kc

    Great start already! And it's okay to be lazy HAHA gives us readers an easier time reading if we are short of time! KIU
  5. A day ago, I finally concluded the pain in the arse 'A' Level examinations and feel really inspired to do up a challenge based on the scoring system of this exam. BACKGROUND: I will try to keep this simple because no one enjoys discussing exams. Basically, for this course of study, we take 6 subjects- 3 H2 subjects and 3 H1 subjects, with the H2 subjects meaning the one with more depth and higher points. Each H2 subject is worth a max of 20 rank points (RP) and each H1 subject has a max of 10RP. CHALLENGE PLAN: This is a 1 season challenge and you can restart it many times to get the best score. So for this challenge, the 3 H2 subjects will be GOALS, ASSISTS and LEAGUE POINTS. GOALS: Choose 1 player at the start of the season and score the most goals with him. ASSISTS: Choose 1 player at the start of the season and get the most assists with him. POINTS SYSTEM (GOALS & ASSISTS) 10-20 goals/assists- 5RP 21-30 goals/assists- 10RP 31-50 goals/assists- 12.5RP 51-70 goals/assists- 15RP 71-90 goals/assists- 17.5RP 90+ goals/assists- 20RP LEAGUE POINTS: Simple! Just get as much points as possible. Please choose a league with maximum 38 league games to ensure a level playing field. POINTS SYSTEM (LEAGUE POINTS) 60-70 points- 5RP 71-80 points- 10RP 81-90 points- 12.5RP 91-100 points- 15RP 101-110 points- 17.5RP 111-114 points- 20RP Now for the 3 H1 subjects! They will be the AVERAGE RATINGS of both the players you chose for goals and assists challenge and the NUMBER OF LEAGUE GOALS SCORED. POINTS SYSTEM (AVG RATINGS) 7.00-7.50- 2.5RP 7.51-8.00- 5RP 8.01-9.00- 7.5RP 9++- 10RP POINTS SYSTEM (LEAGUE GOALS SCORED) 60-90 goals- 2.5RP 91-110 goals- 5RP 111-130 goals- 7.5RP 131++ goals- 10RP CHALLENGE RULES: Same old rules apply- no unlockables, no reloading blah blah blah, yall know it! That's it! So your total rank points will basically be an addition of all these aspects out of 90RP. Don't worry with the calculation of points as they sure look very confusing, just DM me the screenshots of the league table, and the 2 players chosen and I will do the math for you ASAP! I also recommend you start a career thread so that we can all follow you through this journey! It doesn't look very easy (just like the actual exams) and I'm expecting the assists part to be the hardest. Just like in the actual exams, only the best of the best can get the perfect score of 90RP. So do you have what it takes to top the leaderboard for this challenge? All the best to all who attempt this! May the best FMM ADDICT WIN! Do comment if you are unsure about anything or feel that some parts are not clear! LEADERBOARD:
  6. Dammit now bati can laugh at the poor mam whos really trying his best! But he's peaking very nicely, almost certain he can break the 100 goals mark next season and maybe work towards 120 goals a season?
  7. salohcin

    This is our club.

    Seriously don't mind you thrashing man utd next season so pls do so! Great stuff here! And i see Mr Sadio Thiam is back! Wooots!
  8. salohcin

    This is our club.

    Just caught up with thus fantastic career thread! Simply incredible performance there man, who would have thought fc united to move up so quickly! Great job and keep it up and im loving this update style! Keeps me excited throughout!
  9. salohcin

    Maximiliano Romero : A 1KC Journey

    Not long till you gonna hit @PriZe's isak's numbers! Definitely blasting through this 1kc mate! Maybe you can think abt 2kc already! KIU
  10. salohcin

    Maximiliano Romero : A 1KC Journey

    That's an excellent start! You must be feeding hjm steroids with those stats jumping up so quickly! Keep it up mate!
  11. salohcin

    FMM18 General Discussion

    Hmmm defence on this game seems real broken man HAHAHA i am still struggling to keep clean sheets but as long as im outscoring my opponents by more than 3 goals, im happy!
  12. Really shouldn't be a problem! Just gotta maintain the motivation to keep playing now! KIU!
  13. salohcin

    FMM 18 Books of Records

    Highest transfer fee paid: 90M for Lemar
  14. salohcin

    FMM 18 Books of Records

    Youngest player: Willems Geubels 16 years 24 days Most appearances: Sergio Ramos 65 apps Most points: 110 points
  15. salohcin

    YNWA - A Liverpool Career

    Not bad not bad! But try catching up with united though LOL in terms of trophies