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  1. Great write-up mate! And interesting choice of goalie to battle Donna!
  2. Love the personal touch in this article! All them '70s and '80s kids talking abt CM and FM and here i am never touched one of those before. As a student, the struggle is real! Like i dont have the money for the full PC version which is hella expensive and no time for it either. So i just have to stick to the fast and more economical version of FMM!
  3. Ermagawd how did u do this??? Requires incredible amt of luck man
  4. Hallo I'm Nic

    Thanks mate! Well our airport is world class so i guess you have a much better impression of SG than @samhardy
  5. Looking fantastic mate! Tbh, i have never heard of rescaldani before but he looks a great player. So which letter you going for next?
  6. Wanted to go for koscielny but i figure its about time he retired
  7. That's a huge lead over the singaporean-who-left! Seems like you are getting the W for this series already HAHAHHA and i have gone with Mustafi cos he seems important and he wont go for much i think
  8. Hello I'm Zaivian ZR

    Im guessing india or bangladesh since everyone plays cricket! Interesting to hear your story mate! I especially loved how you just randomly clicked on a video that happened to showcased the best player in the world!
  9. Help Real players off

    Welcome mate! Don't worry about this being your first time lol i took a while to sign up and say something at the start as well! Just feel free to say anything you want or can PM me too
  10. Hallo I'm Nic

    We all love soccer here in SG! Juz no good clubs HAHAHA thats why i have to support an english team We are still pretty weak. I mean the winner of Sleague is a japanese team so yeah you can see the "great" standard of football here and we still only have 12 teams HAHAHA
  11. Hallo I'm Nic

    Public policy and global affairs, more of politics side. Oh mannn i wished i could move to canada too cos the weather here sucks HAHAHA and yes i miss the food every time i go on holiday too
  12. Hallo I'm Nic

    I wanna go NTU after NS cos NUS gonna be real competitive since most arts students will be going for FASS in NUS. Are u singaporean too? HAHAHAH seems like you knw quite abit abt our system
  13. Hallo I'm Nic

    Yeah man lit is one huge regretttt!!! The books are so boring HAHAHA
  14. Hallo I'm Nic

    Oh so for my subject combination, im doing history, literature, economics and mathematics
  15. Career Citizen Kane: A 1K Challenge

    Im betting kane will hit 100 goals next season! Don't disappoint me kane! Anyway, that's a real solid season! KIU