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  1. Im going for sunderland to try and get them back to the prem!
  2. Well i haven't seen @fmhaberdeenfando much, so im betting on @Risheekto win this challenge! (No offence meant) All the best guys! May the best man win!
  3. Thanks for bringing this out once again! Btw, how long will it take for them to verify the acct and start sending the surveys?
  4. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    Well that clue wasn't CRYSTAL clear (i tried) Atb with those lads! Thats a decent team and hopefully they can find themselves out of the relegation zone under you!
  5. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    Swansea or west brom? Both clubs seem to battle relegation in almost every save i play
  6. Chat Set pieces

    For me, i juz go to the selection page and choose the free kick takers based on the rating shown on the side. And this usually works quite well especially for higher tier leagues with quality players
  7. Help Adapting oponents?

    Hi mate! So your problem is that your tactic seem to have lost its effectiveness right? This usually happens in the second or third season cos the AI would have found a counter to it. So what i will do is to make use of 2 formations in 1 season and alternate them as and when I want. This way, it becomes difficult for opponents to predict what im using and its effectiveness will not wear out that quickly. Or another way is to switch the roles and instructions depending on what your opponents are doing during the game, so you gotta be reactive in-game instead of a plug and play way that i guess u are playing currently. Hope this helps you understand that many of us face this problem as well, so you are not alone!
  8. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    Great job bro! So u rly got the champions league HAHAHHA im juz waiting to see which lucky 19th place club will get u 2 seasons later
  9. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    Seriously??? U gonna tell us u won the champions league alr?? Tads a little too soon mate
  10. Thanks for this article! Enjoyed it very much! And actually after yesterday's game, sacking de boer in december may just seem likely! That 3-0 loss against huddersfield was simply pathetic imo! He rly has alot of work to do if he wants to silence his critics
  11. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    Ho yesss finally someone doing this challenge!! Will be keeping track of this closely! All the best!
  12. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Aww man i guess u r juz unlucky bud! Anyway i juz caught up after reading all the nonsensical stuff yall have been talking abt and im rooting for @Risheek cos hes my fellow countryman!! May the odds be always in your favour!
  13. Off Topic American trying to find a club to support

    I think u might want to start reading up on the rivalry among the former Big 4 of the EPL, it would be a rly good start! Look out for Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal cos they have consistently been title contenders and are representative of the nature of the EPL. After observing these teams for maybe a while, you will realise that you have fallen in love with at least 1 of them and start hating on the others, ah then you will have a club to support. I got Man Utd in the end, interested to see what urs will be!
  14. Chat Future League's

    How abt the S-league?? Rly wanna see a singapore team in FMM