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  1. Does anyone know if there is a way to see all available managers? For example, if I was looking for someone not currently managing a team, how would I go about finding any manager not in the top 50 hall of fame?
  2. Not me, but an impressive comeback after an unexpected start
  3. I’d say let the guy running it enjoy his Christmas..
  4. Buddy, you’ve been advised already, this place isn’t just a dumping ground for all of the thoughts that pop into your head. My suggestion would be that you take the time to consider whether you’re contributing anything to the forum before you hit that send button, because currently, for almost all of your posts, the answer is no
  5. I’ll abandon Wirtz, Madueke and Wamangituka, and pick England
  6. Could I please sell Wirtz back to you, buy Szoboszlai, and send him from Leicester to any of the teams my players are on?
  7. I believe this gives me a total of 168 to put me on the board. I’m sure there’ll be much better scores than this, but I’m pleased with my first real foray into LLM(ish) this season.
  8. Halfway through the season, going fairly well
  9. I don’t usually venture below the Championship, but this seemed interesting, and thought it would be nice to collect all the badges on the way. I have absolutely fleeced Luton, who have spent £22m on my players, only to be sat 18th in the Championship. I basically offered all first team players out, and decided I would keep the last three who were left. How this guy wasn’t one of the ones snapped up, I have no idea...
  10. I powered through this, so no real time for a post of its own.
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