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  1. From what I know playing fm20 on epic games after it was released for free, the head of youth development (not in FMM), youth facilities and reputation decide the youth intake quality. The youth facilities are the 'facilities to train and develop young players before they come into the game'.
  2. I'm also a massive fan of Les Mis and POTO. For pop, I really like Jacob Collier & Shawn Mendes
  3. I have completed my attempt. It was fun. @Rob would you kindly update the leaderboards? Thanks.
  4. @Lautaro Bianchi I feel that DLPs in this year's version could get the work done, but they often get poor ratings (rarely above 6), so if you put young players in DLP they cannot develop well. I prefer DMs or CMs.
  5. Season 2 Transfers Euro Super Cup an easy match where Messi & Ronaldo shined In September, a funny thing that happened the first time to me in FMM20 was an old player asking to be retrained. I didn't dare refuse Messi in case he got upset or something. October then came, which was a dreadful month. First came a run of games where Ronaldo missed a bunch of penalties & sitters, and didn't score 1 single goal. Then got injured for two months. October also saw our undefeated streak end at the hands of Bayern in the Champions League group stage. Right after Ronaldo recovered, he played 1 game, missed a penalty, then got injured yet again. The good thing in December, though, was the Club World Championship, which massively helped me rack up the goal difference. Messi, on the other hand, was injury-free the whole season. Results With a world-class team, we won everything. Messi With no injury this year, his attributes were pretty much the same. However, his fitness (is there a hidden attribute for natural fitness?) dropped a bit this year, so I had to sub him off more often in games. This resulted in a higher number of games played (no injuries) but a slightly worse output than last season. Ronaldo Ronaldo, on the other hand, has taken quite a toll from the 2 injuries at this age. His output was therefore significantly worse than last season. Team results We scored 16 more goals, and conceded 5 less this season, but the portion of goals contributed by Messi & Ronaldo decreased. Awards Surprise! I didn't win manager of the year. Final score Final score of Ronaldo = 71 + 11 + 49 + 8 = 139 Final score of Messi = 34 + 47 + 37 + 41 = 159 Final goal difference = 438 - 51 = 387 Total score = 139 + 159 + 387 = 685 Thank you for reading! This was a fun experience.
  6. Hello everyone, this is my first serious attempt at a challenge, and the Messi and Ronaldo One Last Dance Challenge by @Rob seems to be a short and fun challenge for me to try (and micromanage). If there's anything missing please kindly remind me since this is my first post here. So, the challenge: sign Ronaldo for Barcelona and play two seasons. Sum of goals and assists for Messi and Ronaldo, along with Manager Profile Goal Difference gives the score. (I forgot to screenshot the new game setup but no unlockables and no IGE used) Summer transfers As you can see I did a major overhaul of the squad, just because I couldn't stand the bunch of old players at Barcelona with super high wages. Another reason was that I was planning on a fast tempo and high line defending, so slow players at the back like Pique and Busquets had to go. Winter transfers Dembele got injured for 3 separate occasions in the first half of the season, so when a big bid from Man Utd came, why not? I also sold Jordi Alba as he was underperforming and leaking goals on the left side, so in came Gaya as replacement. Sterling came in when he was transfer listed, along with Allan as I didn't have a more defensive midfielder. Tactics At the beginning of the season I mostly used a 41221. Somewhere after October I started to alternate between these 2 tactics, depending on the opponent formation. The 4222 worked quite well against teams who sit back a lot with 2 DMs. The 4231 worked incredibly well against teams without a DM. I retrained all of my CBs at DM, and I would push up one of them to DM if the opponent has a 3-man midfield and 1 central ST (mostly 41221), or has 1 AMF and 1 ST (notably 4231). Near the end of the season, I mostly used the 4231, because of 1 particular match. Injuries I was pretty lucky with injuries, with only Messi getting a 3 week injury near the start of the season. Ronaldo was injury-free, except for 2 injury scares which happen only inside the matches. League Results Here are some notable matches. We totally dominated the league. I found the Spanish league very easy to beat, compared to my long term save where I was playing with Man Utd. Perhaps it's my luck, but I found tweaking tactics to beat different opponent formations to be much easier than in PL. Champions League results Ronaldo was absolutely on fire in the Champions League in the knockout rounds. The knockout matches: Finals I had no idea how Porto got to the Champions League final. Super Cup results We couldn't score except for a penalty won by Messi, but we still won the trophy. Spanish Cup Another bug where everything except the team names and team colours got switched. The point is, we easily won the Spanish Cup. Messi Messi's stats dropped slightly, but he was still world class. Messi had a massive return, mostly in terms in assists, since I put him on corners and free kicks. Ronaldo Ronaldo's attributes dropped more than Messi, which is understandable given his age. Ronaldo had a massive season, with 71 goals, of which 25 come from Champions League and 29 from Spanish League. I imagine this would be extremely hard to replicate, given that he's going to be 36 next season. Manager profile 20 for discipline is all thanks to the tips on this forum teaching me to give warnings or fine players with match ratings of 6 or below. Overall squad performance Zaha performed surprisingly well, while Sterling could have had more goals and assists if I had signed him in the summer. Full results Awards Season 1 score Score of Ronaldo = 71 + 11 = 82 Score of Messi = 34 + 47 = 81 Goal difference = 211 - 28 = 183 Season 1 total = 82 + 81 + 183 = 346
  7. @Scratch, is there going to be a release date? I would really want to know about hidden attributes.
  8. LWB : Theo Hernandez RWB : Felix Passlack CM : Paul Pogba & Leon Goretzka (wanted some big guys for midfield)
  9. Do you mean starting a new save with just the international team? I usually manage the country (England while managing ManUtd) I am playing in while managing the club as well.