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  1. I belive the uTorrent link is glitched
  2. How can I move clubs from his respective league? What I necesito to do It?
  3. How can I create "mods" like edit database , quit teams from their leagues and put It in another... What I need to do it.
  4. Ehh It requires yo buy the game editor??
  5. Version 1.0.0


    In this year , Alavés was finalist on the UEFA Cup after lost the final 5-4 vs Liverpool. Can you win the modern UEFA Europa League with the same players in 2001?
  6. Other Player Generator

    I keep without understand how yo use It. I don't now how to use the Hex Editor. Can somebody tell me?
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This is a file about Spain in 2040 , lot of teams changed , Barcelona lost power and a lot of tiny teams are fighting for promote to LaLiga. You can enjoy new club and players histories.
  8. Fake names

    I belive is not necessary to buy the game
  9. Fake names

    Hello I'm playing with fake players since Football Mánager Handheld 2015 and I'm tired about search and dowload save games files , so I want to know the way for play with real players. Thanks
  10. Other 2017 License Fixes

    Well , I reinatalled and I copy and paste changes.txt on files/installed and don't work
  11. Other 2017 License Fixes

    Hello I put the changes.txt on files backup and when I try to start a new career the country flags and the country names don't appear so I can't start a new career.
  12. The Unifying Database 2015

    This changed every team name , hep please