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  1. Tactics 433 unbeaten tactic

    Nice tactic and good results
  2. Which match engine are you using please?
  3. Tactics Clean Sweep!

    Eme or ome?
  4. Tactics 4-3-2-1 dominating tactic

    Eme or Ome?
  5. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Hi. I've just completed my first season until I get 31st of May then the game crashes and I can't progress any suggestions on what to do thanks
  6. No they are only in those folders I copy and pasted to those as directed still nothing
  7. Hi im an android user and have created the folders as directed moved player faces into folder and still no pictures showing please help? I also rebooted device and still nothing Added screen shots have I done anything wrong as it done per instructions
  8. So I need to create normal/graphics/logos and place here? Where does that need doing
  9. I put it in graphics/pictures/logos/normal I don't have any other file to place this in
  10. I have some team badges missing. Installed to destination folder as described but have sub folders so don't know what to do or if I have done it wrong please help thanks
  11. Grimsby town or maybe some random team from the conference north/south undecided at the minute though
  12. Databases Free Agent Legends Database

    Done everything right but no text anywhere