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  1. fixertm1

    Sugar Daddy?

    The trick to unlocking SG is that you have to win champions league. In my galatasaray save i won everything 5 seasons , non stop but once u win the CL u unlock it on every team . Have fun!
  2. fixertm1

    FM questions

    Cristian Pavon , Arthur, barco , wendel ... check my posts about players, i have tons of them , cheap
  3. Alex Telles , he was awsome in my wadford save which i accidentally overwritten oops!
  4. fixertm1


    Yes he is. You can train him to be AMC or DMC ( but you don't want him as a dlp )
  5. Thank you for everything! You've been super helpful.
  6. fixertm1

    Tactics #2 - The 4-3-2-1

    Finished first season 2nd at carabao cup ( so i didn't win it but was a good run ). For the 2nd season, won league again, champions league and carabao cup. Tactic is run for EME BTW, i got aubameyang for 20 mil. Now he's worth 60+ . Keep an eye out for random aubameyang sniping
  7. fixertm1

    RedDevils classic 4-4-2

    Have you tried it with a lower team? Also, you should post some results for the tactic
  8. fixertm1

    What to do with Adu?

    Great stuff, i love reading about your save. AWSOME !
  9. Thank you for the suggestion. I've got 0 experience about this thing called hex editor, can you maybe point me in some direction?
  10. Indeed , i 100% agree. I just want to see if my method of finding these players is good and if i am doing a good job. It's just a way to see if i am getting a 10 in this test, or if i am failing with a 4 I'd like to see if for example Shick is better then Embolo ( for example) . If Vincinius Junior is indeed a beast and reaches CR7 level or if he is just around 160 ability. I guess i am curious
  11. Searched our @jaymarvels , but he said it's highly unlikely Darn it, the FM scout is a vital tool for this game. As i don't own the in-game editor, can you see the CA / PA of players in-game?
  12. Hi guys, For FMM 16 , there was an fm scout application that costed around 1 euro. I know you can find out the CA / PA from the in game editor, but that would be like paying for the game all over again. Sorry , maybe it's a stupid question but am really interesting to see if my eyes are good for regens Thanks in advance
  13. It's gotten me over 75% win rate. Notice i already have the tactic on balanced + wide ( as i always played vs some narrow formations - just saved me some time ) and then i tweaked the shape based on my opponent and whether i was at home or away. Also added some random SS of games . You can see the total dominance. Also the trophy cabinet for both galatasaray and genoa. Notice how i had IF + FB on both flanks. ( FB got the defensive under control and permitted the IF to go wild ) I've also posted Arrambari's profile, as i absolutely love the guy. He's the uruguayan striker regen you can get after your first season is over. Some times he is just decent, but most of the times he's INSANE. Also, i've always rotate my players. I end up playing youngsters vs smaller teams i would crush easily, just to get them some games and help them develop. The game vs real madrid was the UCL final .
  14. fixertm1

    Tactics #2 - The 4-3-2-1

    Finished first season 2nd at carabao cup ( so i didn't win it but was a good run ). For the 2nd season, am in january and i got out of the group in ch league , am 1st in the prem and am still in both cups ( FA & carabao ) . I'll post an update when i finish it with the results. BTW, i got aubameyang for 20 mil. Now he's worth 60+ . Keep an eye out for random aubameyang sniping
  15. Hello guys, So glad that you liked my article about the 4 3 2 1 . You are the motivation i need to do these articles. I've starthed playing the 4-3-2-1 while trying to have my take on the 1k challenge. This happened right after the nerf of IF's and i felt i needed a change. I'll start with the instructions : As for the previous tactic, these are not fixed. I usually start the game with controll and normal width and then change this based on my opponents shape and whether i play at home or away. If you want to conserve the result, play narrow if your opponent is not playing wide, play wide when your opponent is playing narrow ( vs smaller teams that have a narrow width) and of course play balanced when they are balanced as well. With the rest, i have my attack with : look for overlap ; Work into box; Run at defence with a mixed passing style and the GK distribution set on short. For the Defence, i let everything at default but the closing down is all over. If you want to keep the result, tick yes to time wasting ( but don't do it before 80-85 min) or they will overwhelm you. Regarding the roles, it all ties into your team's strenght. If you have a strong IF , then you should give him a try at that role to see what results you get. In my experience, i changed during the game (i was 1-0 down) my AML to IF and he scored two and assisted one. Switching up from time to time is healthy and keeps your opponent guessing. Do not stay with the 100% same roles/players all the time as it's going to be predictable and teams will adapt faster. Let's try splitting the formation up so that i can easier explain the dynamics. For the flanks , do NOT use WB + IF. This will create lot's of space in the back and you will get destroyed by their AML + AMR. Basicly, this will make your AML not track back and your DL will get played out of position. You can use WB + W. This will get you more crosses while still be medium at defending. Use this against weaker teams as it's more attack minded. You can also use FB + W. This is the most defensive combo. It will keep you safe while still being dangerous. If you want to use an IF , you are stuck with a FB. You have to negate the lack of defensive from the IF with a strong defensive full back. For the middle of the tactic, i've got several observations. Linking the defence to the middlefield can be done in two ways. Either you have 1x BPD or you have 1x DLP. I like mr Upamecano and he's an awsome BPD so that was my solution. In the middlefield MC positions i use AP - BWM - AP. I notice that the BWM drifts out of position and runds down oposition players like a fanatic. While you won't get high ratings, this guy putts in the efford and i wouldn't change the BWM for anything. Even a cheap BWM will make the difference ( take a look at Baumgartlinger - austrian BWM , plays in germany and you can get him for 9M max). Now in my 2nd season with watford , i can afford the luxury of Arthur + dony van de beek(ajax ). So i am using both as AP. If one doesn't score / assist, the other will. This alone gets me 1 goal/game. Alternatively, i believe you can play a DLP instead of a AP if you struggle finding a suitable BPD. Since you don't have an AMC you automatically need 1x AP in the MC position to link up play with the forward. I've gotten good results with a BBM as well, you can try it too. AP's are delivering both goals and assists. As i wanted my striker to score alot, i invested and got myself the czech star Patrick Schick. I use him as a AF as he fit's the description of " is expected to both score and create goals". If you have one IF , then you automatically have to have a W on the other side to create balance and width. This was the tactic i used for my Watford side and i finished 2nd in carabao cup, 2nd in FA cup , won the prem by 1 point. I've also attached some screenshots to see better what i'm talking about.