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  1. Not that I've noticed but I do usually have a motivational coach. Its more to do with the player personalities I believe. Get rid of your casual, moody, relaxed, etc players and get in some professionals.
  2. Try I managed to improve personalities from casual to normal by mentoring the player with someone with high leadership stats. Also you want the majority of your team to have a positive personalities. If you have too many lazy or casual players it will drag down the club culture. However, too many very ambitious players will create an intense, stifling culture at the club. Its a bit of a balancing act.
  3. Think the goalies had a 2 minute nap here
  4. South American regen who spawned in France is brought back to the continent for the largest sum I've ever seen a Brazilian side pay.
  5. I've had Cordoba as an affiliate for 2 years now and had no issue loaning them players. They even got promoted last season so I can send my fringe players to la liga which is nice .
  6. Its ribery's regen though! His teamwork was pretty low so having him mentored now to see if he'll grow up a bit.
  7. Hes gone from worrying about the relaxed culture of the club to this in a matter of months. Cant keep this lad happy!
  8. I think you're right there. I definitely think the hierarchy plays a big role this year too. Thanks for the help!
  9. I have and most are ambitious or professional. None are relaxed so to speak as I avoid them like the plague. I did notice that I had no leaders in my club hierarchy even though I had a fair few players with 15+ in leadership. Because of this I drafted in amadou ribeiro who is a Canadian international with very solid mental stats. Within 5 games he was the leader of the team in the hierarchy and things are looking better
  10. I've recently taken over at Bristol City in 2024. I sold the majority of the squad and replaced them with various wonderkids and regens. Now I'm getting the message "thinks the clubs culture is too relaxed" on some of my players personal page. I've tried bringing in some older players with good leadership stats but still have the message. Any ideas vibers?
  11. Ballotelli! Ok, hear me out. Picked him up as a back up to my young striker. Kept him for 2 months and he scored 5 from the bench in 6 games. Then I sold him for 4.9 mill to Cardiff. Good business!
  12. My player with the best aerial attacks the far post, 2 players stay back if needed and everyone else attacks the near post. Far post delivery. Works a treat so far.
  13. I'm guessing that roma have an option to buy included in the loan contract. This means that only they can buy him for the duration of the loan.
  14. Massengo being the best dm under 21 made my day!