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  1. Tyler Adams is a favourite of mine this year. Can be retrained in most positions and can be a mean IWB.
  2. Ajax is a good shout as it should be more challenging. Greenwood is a beast on this years fmm
  3. Would anything in this update be classed as a major change?
  4. I've noticed that. Had players that didnt seem to be improving much with intensive training but when you start retraining them it seems to kick start some development. Not complaining!
  5. The training is pretty weird this year. Thanks though scratch, KIU
  6. Strong start for a 16 year old. Did you train him as a target man to get his aerial to 20?
  7. Been testing this with a couple of teams as It was my favourite tactic from last year. Works well with big clubs in weak leagues like PSG, Celtic or benfica but leaks alot against stronger opposition. Still great fun if you like bonkers matches.
  8. Well I hope you get lots more bugs. Good day sir!
  9. For free? Probably why it's happening then. In the future you should buy the game legitimately. Alot of work goes into making these games.
  10. Never heard of this happening before! Surprised you've not been sacked for nepotism. Got any screenshots?
  11. You do need top quality players in all positions plus good backups. You'll also get the odd game where you'll dominate (60% possession and shed loads of shots) but still only get 1 or 2 goals, the usual FM weirdness.
  12. Been testing this on fmm20 with some success. If you have world class player you can hit 200+ a season.