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  1. Alright got a fixtures update things have gone very well so far Sileks - Europa League Qualifier - 1-0 win Sileks - Europa League Qualifier - 1-1 draw Breidablik - Europa League Second Qualifier - 1-0 win Korona - Ekstraklasa - 2-1 win Breidablik - Europa League Second Qualifier - 1-0 win Lech - Ekstraklasa - 4-2 loss Vorskla - Europa League Third Qualifier - 4-2 win Pogon - Ekstraklasa - 2-2 draw Podbeskidzie - FA Cup Second Round - 2-1 win AET Piast - Ekstraklasa - 1-0 loss Young Boys - Europa League Playoff First Leg - 3-0 win Górnik - Ekstraklasa - 3-0 win Young Boys - Europa League Playoff Second Leg - 2-1 win Arka - Ekstraklasa - 1-0 win Wisla Plock - Ekstraklasa - 2-1 win Sparta Prague - Europa League - 3-2 win Legia - Ekstraklasa - 2-2 draw Slask - FA Cup Third Round - 4-2 win Cracovia - Ekstraklasa -1-1 draw Basaksehir - Europa League - 1-0 loss Ruch - Ekstraklasa - 1-0 win Lechia - Ekstraklasa - 1-1 win Man Utd - Europa League - 3-3 draw Jagiellonia - Ekstraklasa - 0-0 draw Lechia - FA Cup Quarter Final First Leg - 1-1 draw Wisla Kraków - Ekstraklasa - 2-1 win Man Utd - Europa League - 3-0 loss well, that was quite a mouthful. This puts us 3rd in the league with our eyes set on continental qualification. And I was definitely not expecting to get to the Europa league, let alone draw with Man united at Old Trafford, which got Mourinho sacked haha. That's all for this update, stay tuned for the next
  2. Hey everybody, if you saw my introduction post I was sceptical whether to but FMM or not, but I did and this is the save I'm working on. I'll be posting updates every 3 months in the save. Background: Ekstraklasa - Winners (1990-91 and 2006-07) 2nd (1989-90) 3rd (2005-06 and 2015-16) Second Division - Winners (1984-85, 1988-89 and 2014-15) 2nd (2003-04 and 2008-09) Third Division - Winners (1974-75 and 1977-78) 2nd (1979-80 and 1981-82 Polish Cup - Finalist (2004-05 and 2005-06) Polish SuperCup - Winner (2007) Finalist (1991) Polish League Cup - Finalist (2000-01) I am using a 4-1-3-2 formation with moderate success so far. Soon I will be posting an update of my first few months at the club.
  3. good list! I think we should be looking out for Joshua Kimmich of Bayern
  4. Chat Regens Start Dates

    Regens usually start to appear at the start of the second season' but in an international save I had on FMH 14 I had a centre mid whose first season was the first in the save. I'm assuming he's a pirlo regen but I'm not too sure
  5. Series Introducing Myself & My Saves

    He really is top drawer... here's some of his stats:
  6. Series Introducing Myself & My Saves

    wow thanks, I'll probably be here quite regularly, hoping to start a new series of posts pretty soon
  7. Series Introducing Myself & My Saves

    thanks mate, looking forward to spending some time here
  8. Hello everyone I'm pretty new here so I wanna introduce myself and talk a little about my saves. To start off, I've been playing FMH/FMM since the 2013 game and I've been hooked since. I'm currently managing a small Italian team called Melfi and I support Chelsea. alright, let's take a look at my main saves on the FM games. the only FMH 2013 save I have is my bayern save, and it's probably my best. I'm in the 2030/31 season and I've won the Bundesliga every year and the champions league every year apart from the first 2. Okay, you probably are thinking that I'm very good tactically and have an incredible team. However, my early success was due to an exploit I found, I feel pretty guilty for abusing it so much but there's nothing I can do about now. It's something that always has been in the game and always will be, if you want more details I guess I can tell you about it, but let's get back on with the save. My best players were regents called Jose Manuel Reyes, Miguel Martins and Aaron Stahl. Martins was a Brazilian who came through at Levante and was our first 'star', Stahl was a right back from a team called Wormatia Worms and has been captain for a while and Reyes, well, there's no words to describe him... That's how good he was, the most goals he scored was a fairly decent 104. Yes, 104. I'll just leave FMH 2013 at that. Hoping the pictures work so you can see him. now on to FMH 2014, this was the game that I played the most and the only that I have 3 saves on. So here we go. My main save was with England and I've won a couple of trophies with them. Sadly the best players have fallen marginally since their glory days as key players of the 3 lions. Darryl Carver was the captain, who was a lifelong Manchester United left back, Joel Drury who was a centre midfielder who appeared at the infamous Crewe academy and moved on to Manchester City where he excelled in his position, and finally thre was Jay Baxter, another centre midfielder whose career was saved from a massive move from Manchester United to Chelsea. I also have a save with the English team Concord Rangers, I used a few my club players to try and generate some money, but all these players ran out their contracts so I only made a couple of million of them. I somehow ended up winning the league but the team wasn't really all that strong and didn't have any standout players that would be worth showing off. My final save was an international save with Italy, I'm not too far into the career, but I've won a few competitions with them. My only standout regens are called Davide Mancini and Alfonso Vitiello. FMH 2015 was a very different game, and to be fair, I didn't really like it. The game progression was just too slow and it would take so long to get far into the future. My only save was with anderlecht and I've developed some of the players they had into gems. I didn't spend enough time playing it to go into lots of detail so I'll just leave it here. FMM 2016 was similar for me and I play it less than the other games. The save I play is with Le Havre in France, we're a mid table side in Ligue 1 and we look like we'll become a good team in the future. Again, I'm just not far enough into the save to get into much detail. the save I'm working on at the moment is with Melfi who are a small Italian team, I'm using my Italian database and the reason I chose to manage them was because they were producing some incredible players and I wanted to continue that. I really don't know if I'll buy FMM 17, I would like to but my iPad is too old and slow and I probably don't have the space for it. If I was to buy it I would like regen faces, youth intakes and regens at non-playable teams. my apologies if this post is in the wrong section, I'm still finding my way around here thanks for reading this essay, just hoping the pictures work, if they don't it would be great if someone could tell me how to use them and I would sort that out inferno/James