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  1. Hi, is this Hex method applicable too for FMM19?
  2. I finally managed to get it working by moving one player to another club using this Hex method. Though it wasn't straightforward at first few attempts. By the way, let's say I have edited the .dat file using this Hex method, and reload back in the game, then there is update released by the FMM developer, how does that patches affect the saved game?
  3. Thanks for your reply, but really I cannot find those values in my DAT file (taken from FMM18 on an iPad/iOS). Yours look very different that mine. Please see attached image. Also, how do you get the Sunderland and Nottingham Forest Hex ID? I got different values from the Sortitoutsi database (after converted to Hex from Dec). I got Nottingham Forest (B4 02) and Sunderland (D2 02). Strange.
  4. Yeah I did the hex reverse and in fact I have followed every single thing in the tutorial, nothing was missed. The player I wanted to move was Tunisian WAHBI KHAZRI from Sunderland (currently loaned to Stade Rennais) to Nottingham Forest. Thanks.
  5. Is this working for DAT saved file from FMM18 on iPad or only works for Android? I've tried applying those methods and steps to change a player's club (moving to another club for free) but not able to find current club ID in the HxD app after converting the ID (from sortitoutsi) to hex. Followed your Tutorial #4 but to no avail.
  6. Is it possible to load any transfer update onto FMM 2017 just like in FM 2017 ?
  7. These tactic kit icons also appearing for other teams when I viewed their tactic. I believe it should be displayed for the team you are managing only - If you are managing Inter but Inter kit icons are appearing for AC Milan's tactic view, doesn't make sense.
  8. It does appear if you select each National Team/Squad view. But missing in International Fixtures view, for e.g. England vs Scotland - No real logo for both the NT, only the default.
  9. Is there emblem/logo for the National Teams? So far I saw only for clubs.