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  1. Vibe Using the right tags

    Should probably throw this post over to the FMM18 area since that's where these tags are and that's where most offenders reside.
  2. Chat OME vs EME

    yes please!
  3. Help starting takes too long

    Start up time is slightly longer this year probably because the database you can load is so much larger.
  4. Is this for second team players. You don't get news reports about players in the reserve squad.
  5. lol nice.. How does this compare to Armstrong at this point?
  6. That's been literally every version ever and not just this year. AI shortcomings are numerous and out of our control. That's why I suggested the training change as a straight forward difficulty setting without hindering the core way of how we play the game.
  7. Don't pay attention to that. I did nothing except press holiday for a few months after starting a save. The randomness variations are huge when you consider that each result is individually generated over a 4-5 month holiday. I would bet if you ran each version 10-20 times, there would be a measurable difference.
  8. That's why I play with extended highlights so it doesn't have to be in my head. The visual match thing has been steadily improving over the years. It's not perfect but it is serviceable.
  9. Best tip I could give for this version is to start with 4231 that most teams default to. It seems to be the most effective formation this year. If that doesn't work, start tweaking things as per BG's instructions above.
  10. Personally, I've seen no evidence to support the claim that CA has a meaningful effect on matchdays. When the engine decides that a player is going to shoot, it's going to look at his SHOOTING attribute and not his overall CA. CA just limits how much a player's stats can rise in a general sense over time. That's why older players always have the same CA/PA and their stats never go up.
  11. Queue the inevitable and generic "how do I concede less or score more goals" questions in 3......2......1......
  12. Help Manupulating the match speed

    That's just clicking buttons on a spreadsheet. If I did that, I wouldn't be able to get through a single season. I need to feel invested to not lose interest.
  13. Help Manupulating the match speed

    Sounds right. That's how I typically play and I don't have a problem with that.
  14. This is a key point, I think. We here on Vibe represent a vocal minority who are experienced. Game just added two brand new leagues which will certainly attract a new audience. With the game already being pretty hard to get into as a newbie, it would make perfect sense for SI to make scoring a bit easier to attract and retain more players from some of the biggest markets in the world. To me, it comes down to two basic points: I prefer careers over challenges (or certainly team challenges over individual player challenges). But to make those careers last more than a few years, it can't be too easy. This game, at its core, is a stat salad which gets put through the engine simulator. IT makes your players superhuman so they win the stat salad war every time. So this is the only way I can affect the difficulty of the game without jumping through various other, more complicated, hoops (such as demoting players which is a common challenge stipulation). Judging by the amount of people here saying the game is hard and asking for tactics help, I'm guessing SI would argue that it is decent enough...
  15. I've seen a few 90-95s in prior versions.. Pretty sure this is the first 100 posted here.