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  1. Nailed it. Wonder what a realistic, but difficult, DT target would be for actual CR7 & Messi... 150?
  2. Personally, no, I would not agree. What it adds is a wall of text that I skip over to get to the screenshots and game results. While there is certainly an audience for that, the responses in this thread show that that's probably a minority. Most people here seem to want read careers to learn about your (and your team's/players') journey, how and why you made the decisions you did, etc.. Like I said earlier, the game generates plenty of stories waiting to be told, especially if you are not a superman like Taff or BatiGoal and you actually struggle for a couple seasons during your journey.
  3. The rise of Manchester...F.C.

    I'm amazed at how well your guys are scoring with such low shooting stats. When I was climbing in Spain, I found my strikers from the previous season to be somewhat inadequate in the higher leagues.
  4. Don't care very much for made up interactions between imaginary chairmen and the such. If you want to tell a story, tell one that is supported by screenshots. Talk about the in-game excitement of last second wins or whatnot. Talk about your decision making that led to key moments. The game provides plenty of material - just elaborate on what happens when it happens.
  5. Kinda expecting "Ronni" is not who we all think it is...
  6. The rise of Manchester...F.C.

    Nice going.. but does anyone else find it ironic that a Liverpool fan is trying to put Manchester on the map? Isn't there a Vanarama team closer to home? What tactics are you using?
  7. Red Cards

    For the AI, 95% of the time the "missing" player is the striker though...
  8. Trimond 442/433 by gazroid

    I tried something similar with a second string team in a cup game (had a flat back 4) and it did not go well. Hard to say if it was because my players weren't as good or because of the formation. As a rule though, I try to keep my formations balanced unless specific player strengths warrant something different.
  9. Good start. How did you alter your formation to give Buitink his opportunities in front of the goal?
  10. I hate to say it but having spent a considerable amount of time in the bottom leagues over the last couple years, my confidence in you succeeding here is pretty low. It's hard enough to win games over 90 minutes down in the dumps of the football pyramid. To do it in 45 minutes while starting from behind is madness. Hopefully you prove me wrong.
  11. Keep in mind that CA/PA is always relative to other players in the club and is not an absolute value across all leagues.
  12. Training attributes

    Since movement is an attacking attribute, I believe it goes up with attacking training. Others go up randomly with age and can't really be trained.
  13. You're making things look easy, as usual. Curious to see how you do in the 1K as you have to switch gears from having 2-3 forwards to having 1..... I always worry about frequent fouls and increased penalties with committed tackling which seems to be your default setting. Have you tried normal tackling or does committed tackling work fine when you're using world class defenders?
  14. Good point, I forgot you were cheating and playing him as a DLF.