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  1. veerus

    FMM19: Who to Manage

    I just want something with fun home/away kit colors that aren't your standard red/blue/yellow/black/white. The best I've found are various combinations of light blue and/or purple and/or orange. Or to find a pleasing home kit color since all the non-match screens feature it prominently.
  2. veerus

    FMM19: Possible New Features

    A "hardcore" aka "ironman" option would be amazing to have. Come on SI! @Marc Vaughan @Alari
  3. veerus

    The FMM18 Challenge Index

    @danovic78, if you do this index for next year's version, please consider sorting the challenges by length instead of player/team. For example, single season challenges, 2/3/4 season challenges, career challenges, etc. Cheers.
  4. veerus

    Bottoms Up challenge

    Sorry, took this season off. Added to the leaderboard. Great job!
  5. veerus

    Bottoms up Vibe!

    Sorry to necro the thread but I've been away for most of the year. You must be some kind of a mad wizard, holy crap. Well done.
  6. Did you try retraining him as a striker? Or just played him as one with an attacking training regime and hoped for the best?
  7. Clearly you played this without updating to 9.1 or else you'd get half the goals probably...
  8. veerus

    Home Nations Triple Threat

    Kind of disappointed you didn't mention his #2 manager ranking like he did for you.
  9. You have to start failing before trying to distract us...
  10. You're cruising pretty nicely on these green centipedes...
  11. What tactic are you using? Messi & Co seem to be stealing a lot of goals from your magic pair.
  12. Wow 36 assists between the pair. Maybe you should start keeping track of those for the secondary objective.
  13. So the idea behind playing WBs slightly up is to make them push further up the pitch, right? Do they lose effectiveness if you keep them in a flat 4 at the back? They still seem to roam up just as much most of the time...? Thoughts?
  14. Nice. We finally have the "can anybody top this?" score.
  15. As a defense first guy, I'm more impressed with 3 GA than the 100 your boy scored.