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  1. Did you try retraining him as a striker? Or just played him as one with an attacking training regime and hoped for the best?
  2. Clearly you played this without updating to 9.1 or else you'd get half the goals probably...
  3. veerus

    Home Nations Triple Threat

    Kind of disappointed you didn't mention his #2 manager ranking like he did for you.
  4. You have to start failing before trying to distract us...
  5. You're cruising pretty nicely on these green centipedes...
  6. What tactic are you using? Messi & Co seem to be stealing a lot of goals from your magic pair.
  7. Wow 36 assists between the pair. Maybe you should start keeping track of those for the secondary objective.
  8. So the idea behind playing WBs slightly up is to make them push further up the pitch, right? Do they lose effectiveness if you keep them in a flat 4 at the back? They still seem to roam up just as much most of the time...? Thoughts?
  9. Nice. We finally have the "can anybody top this?" score.
  10. As a defense first guy, I'm more impressed with 3 GA than the 100 your boy scored.
  11. If that was the case, it didn't come through in your original presentation as you had no discussion about team ratings. Agreed, it is a great idea to highlight the decisions attribute as that is one of the more "universal" stats that everyone should pay attention to, regardless of the player's position. Foxy, you're a great writer and a tremendous asset to this site. I don't mean to come off harsh - but there's no easy way to give critical feedback in a "nice" way. I really appreciate it when someone takes the time to do an experiment on the engine for everyone's enlightenment. But the engine is, by design, very very random so I have a hard time making sense of results based on a single test. Additionally, as you pointed out in your original article, when you holiday, the engine likely simulates scores based on team attributes and the actual match engine probably has little influence on the final results. So, to me, an experiment that tests a very important matchday attribute (decisions) without actually running the matchday engine is a bit inconclusive. Here's what I found that checks all the boxes for testing this kind of stuff. Take the Community Shield match. It's early in the season so you don't have to holiday or mess with the squad much. It usually has one, if not two, pretty good teams. It's on a neutral ground so home advantage is not a factor. There's no extra time so your results are always based on 90 minutes of play. I also like to use short passing since that increases the total # of passes in a match which makes pass totals more meaningful. Then simulate an instance of the match for each test control somewhere between 10 and 25 times with no substitutions (ignore matches with red cards in the first 75 minutes), depending on how much time you can/want to spend on it (very fast on EME w/ comments only takes less than a minute). And finally record the stats which may be meaningful for your test. In this case, decisions could affect several things - fewer yellow/red cards, higher pass completion %, more key passes (I assume?), less shots off-target (probably?), team average rating. I imagine there may be some post-match comments as well that would be more common for a more intelligent team.
  12. Now you're cooking! Always surprised how well non-20 shooting strikers do in these challenges...
  13. I did say that... I just didn't lead with it! I love it when people take the time to do tests on the engine.
  14. Which is why I would argue your single-season test runs don't really prove anything since the randomness in goals leads to randomness in results. Disagree - what you're saying is 20 decision is better than any other test. But your test showed only a 1 point improvement over the season (which is not significant in a single-season test) but it also had the 3rd best goals scored and barely 2nd best GD. So Dybala at 10 decisions is a much more effective player than at 15 or 20 decisions? This is a great idea to test to get a feel for how impactful decisions are and I appreciate you taking the time to run this. I feel like we all instinctively know that the decisions stat is pretty important but your conclusions feel forced to just get you back to your original opinion. As you mentioned yourself, the randomness during holidaying can really affect the results and running a single instance of each test didn't mitigate that randomness. What we really what to know is match-day performance. I think this test would be meaningful if you picked a single match and ran it at least 5-10 times at each setting to see how the team performs.
  15. He's just underselling it to make everyone feel better. I bet he gets the highest score.