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  1. Career Good and Bad

    OME has been known to pump out some crazy scorelines. Other than that, those are some unusual messages for sure.
  2. I must admit to not having used CMs very often this year. It's not even a consideration for me, primarily because I've yet to see a player who has more green traits as a CM compared to a DLP or AP.
  3. Career Peter Hinds attempt

    Thanks all. I think this was my biggest problem. Normally I would continue tinkering with the tactics but they worked so well in the first half, I kind of froze up and didn't know what to change.
  4. Nice! How did you alter your tactics from the last attempt?
  5. And because DLPs operate significantly better and more efficient than BWMs in this year's engine.
  6. Hey all. I don't like attempting challenges as they don't immerse me into a "world" but I had a couple days off so I decided to give the Peter Hinds challenge a shot. It was a simple, single season challenge that worked within my time constraints. Plus, I've never done a challenge and wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. So let's get right into it. Here are some other things that happened. So yeah, here ends my first (and quite possibly last) challenge attempt. I felt like I was flying through the game without paying attention to anything. Even results ultimately didn't matter as long as Hinds was scoring. Not really my preferred way to play. This was definitely a season of two halves and a bit too little luck. 3 missed PKs and 2 disallowed goals wouldn't put me at the top but they would've made me feel a bit better about how it ended. And now I'll go back to my sleepy paced El Ejido save and our first attempt at a European trophy. See you all there!
  7. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Very very close contest throughout. Congrats to all and especially our new champion!
  8. I'd say wingbacks. From what I understand, fullbacks function optimally only when there's another winger working ahead of them on the sideline.
  9. Career fuddledfox takes on the 1KC

    To me, the biggest change that needs to be made is Tammy needs to be made Primary Attacker (a must for a 1kc imo). That setting will encourage more passes to him and will encourage him to shoot more. Without that setting, I'm guessing he's being a bit too charitable when he may shoot otherwise.
  10. It does matter.... see my research here. Also, it's counter-intuitive in normal goal-scoring challenges but probably pretty smart here to have him alongside another superstar striker. He was surely a beneficiary of being near Aguero in the box which is what he needed with his walker and/or wheelchair.
  11. Not bad for a grandpa. I wonder if you could've done more if you realized it was league goals only and rested him for all the cup games.
  12. Nice going. Now, set all training regimes to NONE and see how you do. Sorry sorry, I'll show myself out.
  13. From what it looks like to me, it's easier to score goals on OME so 1kc's seem to go smoother on that engine. Nice quick career. In typical @BatiGoal fashion, I expect about 4 teaser posts over the next 7-10 days before the final update to make @kts365 sweat a bit.
  14. Career fuddledfox takes on the 1KC

    That's a tough start. I haven't personally attempted a 1kc but it seems to me he's getting too many assists relative to goals scored. Try tweaking the tactics a little to keep others away from him in the box.
  15. From what it looks like to me, some players just don't like IT and need a pretty gentle schedule. Like 1 intensive, 2 medium, 2 light or 4 medium, 1 light. At least those are my two go-to regimes for players who don't like standard IT regimes. I don't like jumping through these hoops sometimes but it is what it is. It keeps my entire first squad satisfied. This would also be made easier if we weren't limited to only 5 schedules for the entire team.