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  1. Any ideas if it there was a way to give a manager a national and club team?
  2. It did! I added a line to change the PA of my son, that worked (as confirmed in FM Scout. I also added a line to add me as Brazil manager. That also worked, but sadly removed me from the Newcastle job (so I removed that line).
  3. Cheers @Dec that mostly worked. Was hoping I could stick with Newcastle and manage Brazil, but it removed me from my club side :/
  4. So this works on android for FMM17 then? Where would I need to place the changes.txt file?
  5. 95 Yard Wonder Goal

    How do you get the recording?
  6. Still working great for me into season 20/21 with Newcastle! Had success with Cordoba in Spain with it too.
  7. Help Loaning out

    Doesn't happen for me. Foreign clubs happily take them for the season. One thing that is strange though, when offering my GK out for loan, it always defaults to 3 months. No other players do this, just the GK (regardless of age or any other factor I can find)...!
  8. The Best Phone For Fmm

    Runs fantastic with EME and all four leagues selected on the Nexus 6P. I imagine it'll fly on the Pixel XL.
  9. Help B Team Help

    I think I fixed this by promoting them to first team, then played a match. I didnt actually play them, but it seems they need to pass through a match event in 1st team to fix.
  10. No idea what I was doing lol, but it worked!!!! Awesome. Thanks so much!!
  11. Klose just got me promoted to La Liga in my first attempt with Cordoba. Repaid him by giving him a coaching job!
  12. It's the player of the month award that wet to my sub GK who played 5 mins at the end of one game, no touches of the ball and a 7 rating that gets me.
  13. Help Loaning out

    Newcastle United
  14. Help How to manage National Team

    I've managed Colombia and Denmark so far in my Newcastle save. Holding out for the Brazilian job!!!!!
  15. Help Loaning out

    Loans work really well for me. I've got about 15 of my future stars out on loan atm..