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  1. Yeah I think villa got bit by some kind of radioactive spider. Crazy stuff. I'm of to the beach today so my updates may be few and far but every chance I get ill play a match
  2. Woo @Nick11 you chose the best team. After all - I smashed @mcandrew003 in the first voided challenge haha!!
  3. Challenges Red card challenge

    No this is genuine haha!! I've tried everything haha
  4. Bit of a random one - But i've just seen on a post someone got 5 red cards in one match... I want to know the best way to get red cards in one match!! I want to see how many i can get in one game and see if you get a certain amount of red cards the game gets called off! Best way to get loads of red cards please!
  5. FMM2017 Funnies

    @Talisman What formation and instructions were you using mate?? I want to try and re-create this!!
  6. When i grow up I want to be Jorge Jesus

    change the mid and change upfront to AF and see how that pans out with ATTACKING on - that might be why you arent 'killing' teams. give it a try for a game
  7. When i grow up I want to be Jorge Jesus

    Well in that case don't worry hahaha! That's the formation i always use but with those player roles. But you're doing well by the sounds of it. That formation gets me some BIG results
  8. When i grow up I want to be Jorge Jesus

    AF W IF BWM BBM AP WB BPD CD WB GK Attacking, Mixed, Mixed, Mixed, Normal, Pressing & Counter attack but keep the passing short if you want it short Like that @DavidVilla07
  9. When i grow up I want to be Jorge Jesus

    @DavidVilla07 may i suggest changing upfront to AF and midfield to - BBM BWM AP and defensive - WB BPD CB WB and switch to attacking and counter attack on --- Thank me later
  10. When i grow up I want to be Jorge Jesus

    @mcandrew003 Villa is causing issues here aswell lol
  11. When i grow up I want to be Jorge Jesus

    @Ashez @DaBla27 LOOOL!! It just gets weirder and weirder!!
  12. Chat Record for most goals scored EVER?

    @danieljp Old @Ashez thought i'd been fiddling the stats - but he didn't realise, neither did i - that after each season - the bottom history stats are deleted. so therefore it didnt add up. It says that Villa had played 59 games, yet it was only showing 23 or whatever lol
  13. Chat Record for most goals scored EVER?

    So as me and @Ashez have just been discussing. I think Villa is corrupt on my save. I use the IGE to bring him to the club, but on the transfer screen there is nothing next to his name. I then bring 3 more players to the club through the IGE and it says UND next to their name. @Alari @Jack Joyce any ideas? I have video evidence just encase there are still people who think i've used the HEX editor or what not. The video evidence is me... starting up the game - creating a NEW save - then bringing the players to the club..