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  1. I thought the transfer issue had been fixed?? I've transfer listed several players, they have had bids accepted.... but nothing.. I have had to offer them out to clubs again
  2. I could have sworn the FA Cup had changed too? I thought it applied to all English comps
  3. Here's a new bug.... I thought the penalty rule had changed? It's gone ABBAABBAA etc in all the other games. I'm in 2020 and just went to pens in the FA Cup final... And it went - A B A B A B A B
  4. I will try this. But at the same time, i shouldn't have too lol! I should be able to press tactics.. It loads straight away, i can make any changes i want, and THEN when the ball goes out of play, the changes take place.
  5. No i get that mate. But there have been so many times where i have pressed it. Then the ball goes out, game carries on. Then i end up having to press it again as it cancels it!
  6. Possible suggestion for the next update.... Is there any way it can be changed, so that when you press 'tactics' in a game.. it loads up straight away. Getting fed up of pressing 'tactic' to make a sub.. then it not opening till another 10minutes of game play has gone. Trying to get a sub on in the 67th minute, then not being able to load the screen till the bloody 77th minute! Good have scored a winner in that time!
  7. You need to add Jordan Brown to this list. He's a cracking striker. I got him for free and he's now worth 4 mil
  8. i mean look at that. 3rd in the league last season... and look at the goals for and against lol
  9. I thought this was just me!! Thought i had a leaky defense.. However i too have noticed this die down a bit now
  10. Would be better if you added the FMM2018 logo, and also the dark bar along the bottom.. Like the one i've attached.
  11. Anything been said about not being able to load up your save??? Didn't manual save for a few weeks, came out the game. Gone back in and it would load the autosave. Starting to get a bit pissed off!
  12. A gunner? I think not matey.. Pain in the arse... asin.. Pain in the bum... Asin IT IS ANNOYING... Try again sunshine
  13. Found a little tiny bug... On the transfer screen, whilst searching for a player. If you select 'value - then ANY' it changes the value to 'free' instead of 'ANY'.. Just a pain in the arse!!! Anyone else had this?