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  1. Any chance of this list getting a winter update?
  2. Does any final third instruction work well with a fast tempo?
  3. This isn’t a record but I’ve equalled one. 11 clear cut chances. Is there also a most shots in a game/ shots on target as well. If so would this also count?
  4. Is it normal for a FA trophy 2nd round game to go to extra time after a 2-2 draw then we both scored to make it 3-3 after that. The game then went to a replay 3 days later...
  5. Are these results still the same since the winter update?
  6. That is strange I thought it would have been the Australian league So if I load Germany as my main league then with any other leagues?
  7. What are the best leagues to load to get the most Japanese players loaded?
  8. I've been using this tactic on the challenges, playing TNS we won 18 straight games scoring 84 goals and conceded only 9. I half expected to concede more after seeing others results.
  9. What version of this tactic did you use?
  10. Bloody typical!! Thanks Dec
  11. Can anybody help me I've just bought an iPad to go with my iPhone 6 and I thought I would save my current game to the cloud but I can't seem to swipe across on the save game page. This is the same on my iPad and my iPhone can anyone help me. Ps I haven't updated to iCloud drive.
  12. Second season over and still not signed a single player, but you don't need to when you have cisse!!!
  13. That's how to beat man utd in style
  14. This tactic is working really well for me and I have haven't signed a single playing in my first season, just used IT and this tactic.
  15. Cisse is playing awesome with this tactic
  16. Love this tactic so much...if only newcastle could be playing this well!!!
  17. Its for if you buy a new device and install your game onto it - it requests knowledge of all the achievements previously unlocked through GameCenter so you don't have to do them all over again (also resends any you might have achieved in case they weren't sent to game center because you were playing offline or whatever). Thanks Marc I thought it might have fixed the offline achievements
  18. What does rebroadcast achievements do?
  19. Yes...I have all of the standard ones apart from place on board but that would only make 29 once I unlock that
  20. What other hidden one am I missing then?
  21. I have unlocked veteran and loyal manager already...is there one if you do 30 seasons?
  22. I have unlocked 28 of 30 and one of them I haven't unlocked is place on board...what is the other because I can't see it?
  23. I am Melbourne victory and I have won the Asia CL ten times and the world club cup 8 times and the league 13 times...surely that would be good enough
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