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  1. I mean if I transferred clubs and bought him at the new one, do his goals from the previous club carry over?
  2. Is it against the rules to move clubs during the challenge?
  3. How are you getting these kind of numbers?! I'm 2 seasons in to a 1kc at psg and I just cannot get my striker scoring! Tried every role, numerous formations with ridiculous amounts of tactics and nothing is working! My team is world class but my wingers and midfielders are outscoring my ST, I've even changed the roles to ones that don't encourage them to shoot and changed to control and disciplined but I just cannot get him to score
  4. I presume you do that by going into game interface and press reload skin? If so yes I did this, I also added a club icon pack with the real club crests, some of these loaded and some didn’t but the database is exactly the same, no new transfers
  5. I have downloaded and moved this into FMM2018 on iTunes through file sharing and nothing has happened, I’ve tried this several times
  6. I starts with a 4-3-2-1 and rotate the roles depending on how the game is going. GK - FB - BPD - BPD - FB - BBM - AP - BBM - W - P - W
  7. Ohh yeah barco is an incredible player after a season or two! As a winger he’d average you probably at least 20-30 assists per season in a decent team, never tried him as an inside forward though
  8. I tend to play him as a lone striker with the poacher role, I play wingers either side as they are the main positions that tend to provide the most assists! If you can get him in a good creative team he’ll hit goals for fun, however due to the poacher roll being more of a selfish he gets few assists
  9. Apologise for the lack of updates people but work is very busy around this time of year! Season Five The league was again won very easily which we would expect. We dropped just 8 points from 38 games and almost smashed the 100 goal barrier! Champions League We managed to get into the knockout round where we beat spurs 3-0 at home and got a 0-0 draw away only to be beaten badly by Barca in the next round? Transfers 2 huge out goings here... Barco finally left after months of complaining, 46 mill for a player who only cost us 5, huge profit but we struggled to get someone to replicate the 33 assists he had by January. And our strongest defender ajer went to Coruna for 51 million at the end of season 4! 2 big signings in Mina and cavaleiro to replace the departing ajer and barco, Mazzarri is a young central midfielder with bags of potential! The Player So how did Romero do... Here’s his stats which again haven’t developed a whole lot but he’s still at the tender age of 23, only concern is he’s made 10 appearances for Argentina without finding the net and the manager simply will not budge! HOWEVER... We smash the 100 goal mark as he starts to creep towards his peak!! Massive result after a slightly disappointing 4th season and looking forward to season 6! Games Played - 269 Goals Scored - 440
  10. Season 5 coming tomorrow people, been away with work so had very little time to update you all... Big season though, massive progress
  11. Thanks Bati, fingers crossed! He seems to be on the end of 80% of the chances but only seems to finish say 30-40% of them. Cheers taff, hopefully things will pick up, I stumble on a formation that yields amazing results for 5 games then stops working
  12. Season Four The league was won again at a canter however we did have an issue on the goal front... Yes 86 is a lot but my trusty formation just became ineffective, we were having tonnes on shots/shots on target yet barely finishing our chances, teams we were beating 4-0, 5-0, 6-0 we were scraping through 1-0! Transfers We invested a lot in youth, couple of Brazilian lads and some other quality bargains, llorente was a bargain! One huge departure in the form of our RB Anthony Ralston to chelsea for 30 mill!!! Europe Finally we managed to get out of the group thanks to a few good Away draws and a couple of wins, all was fine and dandy until we drew Barcelona? A draw in the first game when we probably deserved more on the balance of play... But here is the massive result, we take down Barca at the Camp Nou thanks to a Maxi penalty!!! However we were destroyed by spurs in the next round, didn’t last long? The Player So here are his stats after season 4, not much change to be perfectly honest... Now, the goal tally... 88 so 5 less than last year however he was injured and we had a tactical issue which unfortunately is happening in season 5, hopefully things pick up again! Games Played - 206 Goals Scored - 336 Thanks for reading??
  13. I find scoring goals is easier on OME in this game, far easier than 17! EME seems to be a lot trickier as I think tactics have a bigger effect where as on OME it seems as long as you have a decent squad you’ll hit a fair few goals anyway before even finding a high scoring tactic, in my opinion anyway
  14. Season Three Only a quick update for season 3 people, as I’ve said I’m mad busy at work! again the league was won comfortably however we did finally lose to Aberdeen but I forgot to take a photo! Yet another poor showing in the champions league as we fail to get out of the group stage again... However the main man managed to bag himself 93 goals this season, unfortunately if some of you didn’t know the stats from the 18/19 season disappeared but you can see them further back in the career post! I’ll post this at the end of every update now after we lost the season 2 stats, just to keep everyone up to date. Games Played - 152 Goals Scored - 248