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  1. I'm Celtic, 20 shots, 15 on target, 3 goals Dundee 4 shots, 3 on target, 3 goals OME by the way I don't even know if I want to continue playing!?
  2. Is it just me or are teams that play defensive, counter attack and men behind the ball just broken in this game?! I'm considering starting a 1KC career and been testing formations, the one I've used in the game below works as this is the fourth different team I've tested with it, yet no matter how many CCC's, shots on target I have defensive teams just seem to be insanely good at defending! How is anyone supposed to enjoy the game when every team is playing defensive football and it seem impossible to score past! Any advice is appreciated as this is so consistent and it's putting me off playing this game! Thanks.
  3. Tactics 4-1-2-2-1 The Time of Underdogs

    Great achievement mate, especially getting so far in such a short period of time! I haven't played my bournemouth save the last few days as im working on a tactic for higher teams but i'll be sure to try and go up from lower leagues. And yeah ive played about with changing the roles and its yielded similar results. Great achievement and thank for commenting
  4. Introduction This is my first challenge so go easy on me haha! Being a born Liverpool fan i felt this was a challenge that i could actually stick with, and with the great mans retirement and the fact i haven't seen another challenge for him i felt this was the perfect time to start one. The Challenge We all know the name, weather you love him, hate him or just love the laugh of him slipping I'm sure we can all agree he has been one of the best players of his generation. The challenge is to replicate/better this mans career: 1. Load up England and any other countries that you wish. 2. Start a save with Liverpool and sign a midfielder from your youth academy ( this must be from your youth academy and not from the transfer list/other academy ). 3. You have a maximum of 17 seasons to reach the following goals: Trophies 2x FA cup 3x League cup/Carling cup 1x Community Shield 2x European Trophies ( at least 1 Champions League ) 1x UEFA Super Cup Goals 120 League Goals 15 FA Cup Goals 9 League Cup Goals 41 European Goals 21 International Goals ( this is optional ) 4. If you wish to make it even better than win the elusive premier league and come in the top 2 players of the year award at least once. 5. All usual challenge rules apply, player must play in midfield never a striker ( can play AMC ), own formations, no reloading, no unlockables etc. Good luck and please leave any feedback, advice or questions as im sure there will be a few mistakes in this as its my first challenge.
  5. Tactics 4-1-2-2-1 The Time of Underdogs

    Great input, if I'm honest I haven't even touched the training side of things yet! I've been very lucky to avoid injuries and when they have happened they've only been small ones. Also I agree with the box-to-box idea but I've never really struggled to score goals, however it's something I'm considering trying. Just finished season 2 and if season 1 exceeded expectations then I have no words for this! We won the league by 18 points losing just 2 games all season, with Wilson proving his worth yet again! We almost made it a fairytale season but we lost 3-2 on aggregate to Bayern in the semi final after winning 2-1 at the Allianz arena in the first leg, we also lost 4-3 to arsenal in the FA cup final
  6. Tactics 4-1-2-2-1 The Time of Underdogs

    I tend to have more shots and shots on target than the opposition but depends wether the game feels like allowing my forwards to finish! Here's an example of that against Chelsea in my second season, virtually playing the same team as I was putting out last season apart from arnautovic. As for goals my forward tends to hit between 20-30 goals per season, wingers chip in with 6-8 each and same with the AP, assists mostly come from the winger too who average 10-12 each and the AP gets near double figures too, I just think this tactic gives the perfect balance. And I have tested it a few times in Europe as I was already qualified so the games were like free swings, it worked well but I thought why change a winning formula.
  7. Tactics 4-1-2-2-1 The Time of Underdogs

    100% agree there, had a few injury and fitness problems and couldn't figure out what it was but I can see clearly now haha! I've never taken pressing off because I have players with 17/18 stamina and the way I like to play is never let opposition have time on the ball. With the attacking I was finding players were trying to unlock the defence constantly which last season may have been a stumbling block as the players had 13/14 decisions. In my personal opinion I find desicions one of the most important stats for forward players and since the start of the new season with new players introduced its worked wonders as you can see... But I can agree with you in terms of fitness issues, fantastic input mate it's certainly saved a lot of head scratching trying to figure it out. And it's on EME mate:)
  8. So after taking a look at my original Bournemouth save I realised my mistakes... Probably the biggest I made was selling my star striker, and then trying to force wingers with poor shooting to play as IF's. So after some analysis I decided to start a new save and actually use my brain... After a slow start which brought 3 draws and a loss from my first 4 league games ( 3 of the 4 were title challengers to be fair ) I set about moving up the league. The Tactics/Formation ( Please ignore which players are in which positions as this is from my second season as I forget to photograph the formation at the start of season 1) As you can see below I had my heart set on a 4-3-3 as I see this as a perfect formation, very balanced in both attacking and defensive areas of the pitch. I chose to play with full backs instead of wing backs as I feel too exposed and, with a weaker defence, I thought the risk was far greater than the reward. Some may view playing a BPD in a lower team as a risk but the signing I made for that position had perfect stats to fulfill that role. A deep playmaker to dictate the flow of the game, central midfielder to assist in both attacking and defensive aspects and an advanced playmaker to provide that creative spark. Wingers who have pace and dribbling and have that direct style of play to take the game to the opposition and the striker which in my oppinion was the most vital part of the team, I ran poacher as they find themselves in the perfect positions as reflected in the stats which I will talk about later. As for team instructions, they went as follows: I find that playing attacking without joining it with direct passing or committed tackling affects your teams outlook when they have the ball better, it makes the wingers look to get on the fullback and the poacher to hang in between those centre backs waiting for that through ball. The only thing I changed was switching from attacking to balanced when I wanted to see out the game and the opposition were starting to get a foothold. The Results As I said earlier, the start to the league season was mixed as we held our own against Chelsea and Arsenal but suffered against Liverpool. Results started to pick up through September and October... They continued in on the same vain with the odd 1-0 score line here and there... Then came our best performance of the season at white hart lane, it may only have finished 1-0 but the restrict Tottenham to virtually nothing proved we could handle big teams. As new year rolled in we hit a rough patch as we went 5 without a victory. Then as they say good things come to those who wait, 9 straight wins and a draw put us right up the table. We finished the season with mixed results. However we went above and beyond our expectations and finished an astounding second and boasted the second best defensive record in the league! Transfers/ Star Players As I stated earlier my mistake was selling this guy in my other save, but he sure showed me what he could do! Our defensive singing who made a massive impact... And the last signing we made was one for the future who played very well when given his chance considering he was 18... Overall I found this tactic perfect for a club where a mid table finish would be expected and one that had a few stand out players, it was balanced very well and with the right player could may we go above my personal achievements! Please note that I am in no way saying manage Bournemouth and you'll dominate Europe! But if your smart with your signings and adjust your tactics accordingly when you notice a shift in the game then I think this tactic could serve most average teams very well! Thankyou for reading
  9. Help Poor finishing costing me points

    10 games ago i was getting 6/7/8 shots on target, now im winless in 7 and havent scored in 5, i genuinely have ran out of ideas, the game just doesnt want me to score
  10. Help Poor finishing costing me points

    Both my CB's and my RB have 16 decisions and my LB has 15! Now struggling to creat chances, forward players seem to be virtually ineffective
  11. Help Poor finishing costing me points

    What would you suggest as an alternative??
  12. Help Poor finishing costing me points

    I play a ball winning midfielder alongside a central midfielder, and play fullbacks instead of wing backs as i feel with such a weak defence that I'm over exposed. I play Attacking-mixed-mixed-mixed-normal-pressing I create a lot of chances but the finishing is lacking even though my striker has good stats, plus my defence is like jelly so if I don't score I generally lose. My defences is FB-CD-CD-FB
  13. Help Poor finishing costing me points

    Now don't get me wrong, I don't expect to go to Man City and win 4-0, but to concede 4 goals from 4 shots and 2 from 35 yard strikes yet be unable to convert 1 out of 8 chances is just criminal
  14. Help Poor finishing costing me points

    Seriously though, wtf is this about?
  15. Help Poor finishing costing me points

    Changed to 2 wingers and it's worked wonders, players seem to hit the target more consistently and the conversion rate has improved! My other issue is at the other end of the pitch too, whilst I was scoring 1 from 10 shots on target the opposition always seems to score with virtually every shot! I just lost 4-2 against Burnley from 3 shots on target, its unbelievably frustrating