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  1. Hi, Have this message pop up after every single game. Everything is storing correctly, like goalscorers etc. Anyone else had it? Also, seem to be missing the trophy above the 'World' section on all players Achievement page. Just a niggle but worth highlighting. Also had T.Awoniyi (Nigerian) called up to Egypt on first internationals, clicked on Egypt and he wasnt there, clicked on Nigeria and he was on their squad. I know its a known issue looking at this thread though. Other than that, game is great. Updates where needed and new tactics/set piece creator is great. Really get the feeling that you made a difference if your team scores from corners, free kicks etc. And the new Friendly system is a dream! Looking forward to getting deeper into the seasons, see how the whole 'squad dynamics' and player conversations develop as transfers in and out start flowing. I never make transfers in the first window, ins anyway. I sell who I need to sell but dont buy anyone until atleast Jan.
  2. And my CDM got a Man of the Match! Theres something I have never seen 😂😂😂
  3. 5 games into my Liverpool save and I think this is great! Little changes make a big difference! Transfers, training, spot on. Replays aswell means you can use commentary only for games but still see the goals when they go in! Playing in the Prem, no VAR but looking forward to seeing how that works. More realistic staffing, squad status'. I have came across nothing that is wrong with the game!!!
  4. Quite a few people bemoaning VAR being included. This doesnt mean that the game will make errors on purpose to justify it. They set the ball rolling on FMM18 with this, having players running up to linos after conceding a goal that may of been offside or a foul may have been committed. In game commentary using lines like 'that looked a bit harsh' with red cards being shown and penalties being given. VAR being included allows them to develop on this and it may just be the difference between winning a game and losing game. Just like in real life. I think it could be one of the best inclusions if it is used right!
  5. We shall see. He is in my plans as a poacher. Hoping he can do a job. Cheers.
  6. Cheers mate. I've just got my squad and line ups sorted. It's looking decent.
  7. Introduction About Me I have never done anything like this. I have played FM for years, moving onto FMM for the 16 and 17 editions. I normally don't play any more than 3 seasons with a club before starting a new save. This is where that changes. I have changed my mindset. Rather than making this save about building the best team, winning everything and then getting bored, I am making this save about building the best manager (me) the football world has seen. Having read threads and comments on this very site, I feel I have done enough research to find a set of tactics and training regime to achieve this! Any tips or advice is always welcome though! So, let's see where I will start this 30 year journey and why I have chosen... Middlesbrough FC So why would I choose Middlesbrough to start a journey where I want to win as many trophies as possible? Why not a team like City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Utd or Arsenal with top class players and a massive budget where I would have a shot at winning trophies from the off? Because to become the best manager, I have to earn it!!! I love the Premier League so I definitely wanted to start there. But I wanted a challenge at the same time. Middlesbrough came knocking. After years of being away from England's top flight, they are back and with me at the helm, the only way they are going is forward. I come to this club under no illusions. It's going to be hard work. Whilst there is a good squad here to work with, this is a relegation battling team and that is something I hope to abolish come the end of May 2017. I believe that the Riverside Stadium will celebrate silverware whilst I am in charge, something which is pivotal to what I hope to achieve. I can see this being fun and enjoyable and I hope it's a good read for you lot too. Next update should be up by Sunday which will cover 1 July 2016 - 1 January 2017. Cheers. See you soon... Hopefully!