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  1. Growcanine

    Standard Logos Megapack

    Cleared cache, restarted phone, uninstalled and reinstalled, reextracted files, redownloaded files, and west ham logo still doesn't work
  2. Update: signing at "end of season" does not work and is selective as well. Player that cannot be loaned back on signing also cannot be signed by the end of the season
  3. Title days it all. Same save, signing players from the same club, both with loan back clause, one of then mysteriously lost the clause, one didnt. Clause lost while signing: Clause remained while signing:
  4. Important Update Sorry for the lack of activity here. Recently, I lost all of my save files due to a weird issue. All data tied to /Android/data were all wiped (WhatsApp, FMM17&18, HiroMacro). Happened to me once but didn't think it will happen again. Last backup was 1/1/18 so unlikely I will restart this challenge again (a little bit demoralized especially because I was halfway through Hole 4). Will find a way to fix this issue before restarting the challenge. Thank you all for following, and all the best for your challenges.
  5. I'm currently playing Paris SG, with a decently large squad and many players on rotation (8 defenders for 4 places, 7 midfielders for 3 slots (+2 clear backups), and 7 forwards/wingers for 3 slots). Other than the occasional complaint that they're unhappy about training regime, or an injury causing a player to be unhappy about playing time (which was quickly resolved after playing them after they recover), haven't had a "new challenge" issue (maybe also I sold and bought players frequently - only 8 players from the original squad remained). Will see how it goes as this is my first season with a relatively stable squad (not expecting to sell players for profit and signing replacements). However the squad status is also similar ("key players" are world class established players - Neymar, Tah, and KdB; only "first team" player is my keeper who started every game - maybe that's the requirement?) Wages wise, I always tie a player down with a 5 year contract if possible. So normally I won't have to worry about players being unhappy with their contracts. This is, however, going to change. With the maximum wage limit being bumped to £725k per week this year, many players will ask for higher salaries (33-yo Di Maria (a backup winger past his prime) wanted £400k per week (while first team Mbappe, Dembele, and Havertz were earning £100k, £325k, and £150k per week respectively- I had to negotiate it down to £325k per week)
  6. Hole 3 - Flowering Peach (Update 1/1?) Scoring hat-tricks with 4+ players should be easy for my squad, with my amazing front line, this is going to be a smooth ride, like, look at my options! slightly off-tracking... going back on track... I honestly expected this challenge to last an entire season, because I had have issues with getting players to score 2+ goals in a match. But I completed the challenge 3 months into the season!! This is a huge confidence booster after getting a double bogey the last hole. I might add a side update for the end of the season but for now that's Hole 3 completed, with a Birdie to even up my score back at 0~! Proof of hat-tricks: Neymar: Dembele: Mbappe: Cavani: Scorecard as of Hole 3: For the next update...
  7. Is there even any other good American WBs in this game other than DeAndre and Kellyn spent 3 seasons scouting for potential regens but no good one coming up so probably gonna use those 2 also
  8. Hole 2 - Pink Dogwood (Update 3+4/4) As expected after not counting the goals Wood scored, we didn't make the cut, with Wood scoring 57 in 55 games. Decent, but not good enough. A +2 this early on is frankly disappointing. He was quickly sold for £46M to Monaco, which for someone that has been deteorating for the past 3 months is a bargain. Player Stats We recaptured both Coupe de la Ligue and Champions League, thankfully. Also went on another unbeaten season. With the departure of Wood, Neymar now is our primary striker, with Ousmane Dembele signed for £130M in January to replace Wood. Scorecard will be updated tomorrow when I get to use my laptop.
  9. Hole 2 - Pink Dogwood (Update 2/4) Alright so before I start on the update I'll just announce my schedule so anyone following this won't miss out/I won't forget about how long I should be playing and what to update. There will be 1 update every half-season for 1/2 season challenges (16 July/Jan ingame date), and 1 end of season update for half-season challenges. They will feature the player/squad for the hole, hole completion status, and manager/golfer profile at the end of the hole. Updates will be posted at least once every 2 days for weekdays, and once every weekend, by 2359h GMT+8. Moving on to the challenge... After forgetting that I needed to beat the goal tally next season, I forgotten to manage the player's appearances (appearing nearly every game other than injuries/suspensions), and he scored a whooping 65 goals this season. This is going to be hard to beat.... Injuries to key players like Theo Hernández (DL), Neymar (AML), and Wendel (DMC) derailed what would have been a treble winning season, and I lost to AS Nancy (0-1) in the Coupe de France Final while playing a second team eyeing the Champions League Final 5 days later, only to lose it against Chelsea (0-1). Bad decision making on my part also went on to hurt me, with the squad running low on wingers (selling Inaki Williams to Chelsea and Goncalo Guedes to Liverpool) later in the season. Now time to prepare for next season and hopefully I won't get a double bogey because Wood missed 2 penalties (he has terrible luck in penalties, going 7/17 penalties scored, not sure if that's a blessing or a curse) in the last game of the season and hitting 64 goals. more coming soon...
  10. Hole 2 - Pink Dogwood (Update 1/4) Striker from a club that wears pink (oh man why didn't I load Italy)... After searching around and picking from a glorious shortlist of 4 players, I present to you, Bobby Wood from Hamburger SV, signed for £16,000,000! An American international boasting an amazing 19 for shooting, with above average pace, stamina and strength, this looks like a sweet bargain and a smooth sailing hole! Well since this hole is all about scoring, he's going to be our sole striker, with FK and penalty duties. Let's hope he gets many goals this and next season! fast forward 6 months... Update 2/4 coming soon... Side note:
  11. Hole 1 - Tea Olive (Update) Alright so last save I lost my dear Mathew Ryan to a 3 month injury after going 8 conceded in 20 games, so I decided to restart the course. I guess we need no introduction to our (now) new GK to the club, Brighton's Mathew Ryan for a fee of £15,250,000! After a grueling season (including a 3-2 closing game of the season that nearly pushed me to a par)... We won Ligue 1 with 19 conceded (phew) Manager Golfer Growcanine's Profile: Challenge Progress - Golfer Growcanine Alright, time to pack our things, and let's move on to Hole 2... (to be continued)
  12. Hole 1 - Tea Olive The most straightfoward hole in this golf course. Asian GK that is good enough for top-tier European leagues? Mathew Ryan it is. Not many other choices anyway. We've got our man for a whooping £15.25M!! Goodness me Brighton wants money. But at least we got him. What else could go wrong? :thinking: fast forward 6 months... ...alright then. There goes our save. To think Ryan was doing so well also! 8 conceded in 20 games and that's a decent birdie! Alright then guys. Time to pack up. We're leaving this course... (more coming soon...)
  13. The Augusta National Golf Club Challenge Club Owner: @samhardy Golfer: @Growcanine If you think 1 challenge for a career is hard, think again. 18 challenges, 1 team, 1 golfer, 1 @Growcanine. The team: No brainer here. Financially rich, in an arguably easy league, and a stable squad to start with. Let the challenge begin!
  14. Hey there's me also!!!! But my GK got injured in training 20 games into the season so time to restart D:
  15. Growcanine

    FMM18 Bug List

    A Daniel Wass regen???