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  1. Great article.. I tend not to play any minefielder in the defensive position.. I know match ratings aren't the be all and end all but I find a def mid of any sort just hardly gets over a 7 rating and often less.. anyone else find that?
  2. So this is still driving me crazy. Playing in Germany Bayern my rivals play the evening game and I never ever see their result. I instead get premier league results. Have tried changing the news to National even though I don't want to. Anyone else have this problem?
  3. News filter is global.. I have it on that so I can see if any other clubs make approaches for players I might want to compete for.. when I didn't then players I had scouted just got snapped up. I think my playable leagues are Portugal England Italy and Spain. Is there any way I can tell exactly? This has always been the case when I play in any league other than England.. I always get before and after results of loads of English games.
  4. Whatever league I play in, I only seem to see the results of the premier league on my news feed. At the moment I'm playing in Portugal, I see a rivals fixture pop up but when I continue the game I don't see the result unless I go search for them but I do get the Premier league results. is this normal. Played with it like this for ages just finally had enough.
  5. I enjoy making teams full of that nations players.. it's too easy to find all the best regens but harder and more rewarding to have homegrown players from whatever league your playing in.
  6. Love this ruthless challenge!! Not allowing yourself any non vikings even from the start.. What will you do when Brexit kicks in.?
  7. Help The Next Ronaldo?

    The ronaldo in my current game came in at about 25 so that's probably him. Most other regens I see start younger.
  8. Poll Does anyone retrain

    Never had any success.. even a small change from a wing back to a winger.
  9. Been tinkering with this tactic trying to get the central striker to score. Has to be be a real world class striker (lukaku wasn't good enough). Inside forwards score loads but central striker doesn't. I've currently won 32 games straight with Tolouse. It works once your team gets used to it and the right players..
  10. Chat Best Match

    MP On my save his physique is terrible esp his stamina. I'm assembling a purely French squad but avoided him because of it.. does it change massively?
  11. How quickly do you guys get through a season?
  12. With goal ratios like that you have 1 poor game and the next he has to score about 7 or 8.. would love to know how that's possible.
  13. How would I do this Jack?
  14. I'm trying to sell a player from Tolouse. The best offers I get are from English teams, 24million for a player worth 12. The problem is they always fall through because of Brexit.. so I'm trying to accept the lower offers from other nations but cannot! So I basically can't sell him unless I take a low offer from a French team. Surely by this version of the game we should be able to choose which team we sell to.. I would avoid selling to rivals if I could.
  15. I've had intensive on every save ive done.. with low league teams and some more established teams. so it's either the update or a coincidence. Or it's French players!? Doing a Tolouse save and trying to keep the squad all French.