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  1. Ive noticed that when a player levels up they don't seem to always improve on the attribute you've focused training on. Technique for instance seems to be pointless to try and improve. Aerial can go up to 20 easily but technique doesn't budge 🤔
  2. Snip

    Stamina Confusion

    I'd be intrigued if anyone had the editor to see what difference stamina makes. It doesn't seem to have as much of an impact as the massive difference in attribute numbers suggests it should.
  3. Snip

    Ways to Adapt to A.I

    I've just found it's not a good idea to try and shut up shop, as I don't think any changes in tactics stop the goals from corners or long range.. In fact the opposite has been most effective for me and I've just kept attacking.
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    Stop Me Before I Breed Again!

    Which is your favourite son?
  5. Hey all I had a career with Pelegri as my main target man striker. It was loosely a 1kc attempt as I've never really given them a go. Into season 3 and I got his stamina up to 18, but still he couldn't last anywhere after 70 mins, and would often have to sit out the next game. Then reading other people's 1kc attempts i see 16 year old strikers scoring goals late on in games (80+ minutes for eg) so tried a new career with Mason Greenwood. Even with his stamina at 8 he was easily outlasting Pelegri and was able to stay on the pitch all game. What is that about? I didn't have intense training on either, didn't have an intense tactic. I know player roles can influence these things so I'll try them in the same role and tactic. Sorry for the ramble I'm just pretty confused by that.
  6. Good going! I'm amazed at that many goals from such a young player. Just can't seem to get a 1kc really going. Great news getting the portugal job so early
  7. Snip

    Morale Problems.

    Yeah I've started a new save at Benfica and I've never struggled so much. Nearly all the team has bad morale and our season has been a disaster. I'm rotating the squad loads, don't know what's different about this save. Didn't have this problem before.
  8. Going well, seems to be a big improvement from the first attempt. How long does he last each game? I was doing a doing a career with Haland and found he could only manage about 50 mintues before needing to be subbed to have any chance of playing the next game.
  9. Snip

    FMM19 General Discussion

    This gives you a timeline of key events across the top of the screen. You can click on goals and it will take you back and show you a replay of the goal. I constantly press it because its where I used to press to get to tactics
  10. Snip

    FMM19 General Discussion

    I'm playing in Spain as a Spanish manager but I get premier League results on my news feed sometimes instead of Spanish ones, I don't even get the result of my direct rival who plays the evening game. I don't want to change my news filter to only be divisional as I'll miss out on transfer news. This can't be right can it?
  11. I've noticed that my attribute focus setting often changes back to the default. For instance the default attribute focus for wb is pace, and even when I change his focus to something else I find it's gone back to pace after a while. Other than that I think it's a good improvement. Attributes used to jump up and down so wildly in previous versions, especially physical ones which is not realistic.
  12. Snip

    3 5 2 Attacking Tactic

    I wanted a link between midfield and attack. He does seem to pull defenders away from Isak and allow him space to run on behind. It might be worth trying through balls turned on as well.
  13. Snip

    3 5 2 Attacking Tactic

    I'm expecting better returns all round next year., but for only the second season with a young team I was pleased.
  14. Second season with Everton. I ended up with this formation midway through first season after being unable to hold onto games and it clicked straight away. Won the league, League cup and champions League while having a ball on the way. First things first get some speedy CB's. This formation seems to work well with the pressing as you seem to win lots of balls in midfield with the amount of players you have. I don't bother trying to shut up shop with a lead,, just kept playing this attacking way. You will ship goals but you'll score plenty. Get some speedy CB's, and I recommend high stamina in the wingers as they tire very easily and needed subbing a lot. I've never used a DLF before but will definitely in the future. Mostly played Richarlison there, but both Calvert lewin and Sandro did the business too. Expect lots of long range goals from that position but also a lot of assists to your poacher. Isak in the poacher role tore it up after a few injuries. He finished off lots of lovely intricate passing moves from midfield, again helped by the forward runs of the AP and B2B. Still need to get my AP really firing but I have faith in Fernandes. As you can see I've improved the Everton team a lot, but still had success with lots of original players. Lookman, Holgate and Baningtime in particular really impressing me.
  15. I requested an upgrade to training facilities.. it took about 10 million off my transfer budget. It's a realistic touch, but I was given no warning... Good job I didn't desperately need it. Anyone know what the prices are for each improvement?