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  1. Snip

    3 5 2 Attacking Tactic

    I admittedly used a different tactic in the 2 promotion seasons. But my first season in premier League was definitely an average side. Full of rejects from other teams and a lot of youth. And still finished in the Europa League places.
  2. Snip

    3 5 2 Attacking Tactic

    Wanted to give a shout out to my own tactic. Seems to just work every time, even with tweaks.. I'm currently Oxford Utd where I won the premier League in 4 seasons, League 1 to champions.. mental. Even had some of the original squad kicking around.
  3. Good going on the career so far. Shame you lost your striker so cheap. Has the Welsh league reputation changed at all since you started? Be interesting to see that improve
  4. I guess so,, but either way there are far too many players have that really low teamwork. Some 4/ 5 star defenders coming through with shocking teamwork. That I can't seem to improve at all.
  5. I think that teamwork might be this year's stamina bug? So many promising results coming into the game with 5 teamwork.
  6. Snip

    3-1-3-3 Narrow AF (EME)

    Love these interesting shaped tactics. Any reason for the sweeper defender? Do you find he works?
  7. Snip

    Ter Stegen to Spurs?

    I never have 2 really good keepers as I find they almost never get injured or tired and then it's hard to keep them both happy.. I'd keep lloris and wait for an up and coming cheeper option to replace him.
  8. Yeah this happens a lot. When doing big clear outs I've sold plenty to the same club. You'll see it a lot on careers posted here. Usually the club buying 6 or 7 players end up spending far more than their budget would ever be
  9. Snip

    Advanced Playmaker 1kc

    Yeah thought I might be just being greedy. Never had a great deal of success with any player in that AP position.
  10. Snip

    Advanced Playmaker 1kc

    I've just tried that so see how it goes. I wasn't sure if it was player related. Even coutinho struggled in that position, whereas AP out on the left wing he's killing it. Thanks for the advice
  11. Morning all I'm a novice to the 1k challenge but I've recently had a good one going with Greenwood at Barcelona. This season it's going great. About 2 goals per game and with plenty of the season left I'm hoping for a big total. The thing I'm struggling with and wondered if anyone had any advice is my AP just behind Greenwood. He just doesn't really contribute that much. I've had Bernardo Silva in there And Phil Foden I switched to attacking this season and have seen an increase in Greenwoods goals but a drop off in the productivity of the AP. Am I just been fussy / greedy? Also im a real sentimental softy and don't like selling players I've developed but when should I cut my losses on players like Foden? Anyway hoping this carries on well, if I complete it I might do a write up of the career. Cheers all.
  12. Ive noticed that when a player levels up they don't seem to always improve on the attribute you've focused training on. Technique for instance seems to be pointless to try and improve. Aerial can go up to 20 easily but technique doesn't budge 🤔
  13. Snip

    Stamina Confusion

    I'd be intrigued if anyone had the editor to see what difference stamina makes. It doesn't seem to have as much of an impact as the massive difference in attribute numbers suggests it should.
  14. Snip

    Ways to Adapt to A.I

    I've just found it's not a good idea to try and shut up shop, as I don't think any changes in tactics stop the goals from corners or long range.. In fact the opposite has been most effective for me and I've just kept attacking.
  15. Snip

    Stop Me Before I Breed Again!

    Which is your favourite son?