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  1. Good going foxy. Have you thought about playing Kai in the btb role. Might get some more assits?
  2. Snip

    Android Samsung

    Legend,, I really appreciate your help. I'll see if that helps
  3. Snip

    Android Samsung

    Putting the resolution down to hd definitely helped. It fills the whole screen in game, I don’t think I can change that, I did take a look. one more question, are you guys able to minimise the game and go back to it with it still open? The Samsung seems quit the game a lot if I switch to another app.
  4. Snip

    Android Samsung

    Thanks all. i hadn’t thought that the game might not be optimised. But then the S8 has a similar display and that’s been around for a while. I am loving that organising Ashez. Makes total sense, and yes that is one aspect of Android that is far better than IOS. This is the first time I’ve ever used the face & logo packs because they were so easy to do on Android. FM is the only game I play on my phone so fingers crossed I can find the problem, surprised nobody else has come across it.
  5. Snip

    Android Samsung

    Thanks Foxy Good idea to move the saves,. Just need to label them i guess to keep track. Do they need to be labelled back to how they were for them to work? I was shocked to get lag on such a top of the range phone. It must be fixable, it’s not like FM is even graphics heavy.
  6. Afternoon all. ive just moved over to a Samsung S9 from an iPhone and got a few questions. On my iPhone I had 8 game save slots, 4 for the device and 4 for the cloud, can I also get 8 on the Samsung? At the moment I only have 4. also gameplay is fine, but the in match highlights suffer from bad lag.. surely that can’t be right? I’ve googled it but can find a solution. A 3 year old iPhone had rock solid playback. 1 other minor one, but when selecting starting 11 and subs choosing players to fill the slots by selecting the box next to them is very hit and miss any ideas? Doesn’t need to be an Android vs iPhone debate. cheers all
  7. 16 seasons is incredible commitment. Well done.
  8. Love the French only theme. Did a Tolouse career with only French players, you get some lovely players come through the ranks. Congrats on the scores so far!!
  9. I was a few seasons into a Rashford one. But just got frustrated any time he didn’t score. I’ll see if I enjoy spreading the wealth between a few players
  10. There sure is, and I enjoy reading them. I’m going to try a triple threat. Will see how that goes and whether I have the staying power for it.
  11. I enjoyed playing with no strikers I’m tempted to do it more often. It’s also enjoyable because it’s not just about goals. added 0 minutes later I hope they don’t, im on the leaderboard.
  12. This was EME. Pogba was a lot, but I couldn’t get anyone to buy Aguero so included him in the pogba deal. Should have bought a few more players really as had to do a few loan signings in Jan to see me through.
  13. Oh I forgot to mention, I had 6 assists from my 2 goalkeepers which for me is completely unheard of! Anyone else seen that many in one season?
  14. So first time challenge post! Been playing the game for years but haven’t done any of the official challenges on here. Went with the strikerless challenge as it seemed to be a nice quick one, where you can share the love between a few players and every goal, assist and point is celebrated. The team I chose was Man City, and the players are Pogba Sane Bernado Silva It was a toss up between him and KDB but I prefer KDB in central midfield so went with Silva. Went with an overload attacking style and l had one of my best seasons in the premier league on this years version. Won the treble only missing out on the the FA cup. when this formation clicks its absolutely awesome, with performances like this a regular occurrence I just had a really bad spell around January when the fixture list piled up and I didn’t rest the key men enough. By the end of the season I was subbing them all off by 70 odd mins and this meant they could play most games and perform well. I think the English league is a tough one for this challenge. You need a big squad which I didn’t really have. Pogbas results Sane Silva So 38 for Silva, 40 for Sane and 48 for Pog + 101 points and 64 goal difference takes my total to 291 which I’m happy with. cheers for the challenge Fox!
  15. Brave choice of players! And love that tactic