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  1. Hey all I've always wondered why a 3 star player can often have far superior attributes to a 5 star player. Just seems to not make any sense to me. Look how good this goalkeeper is for his age. Could almost be one of the best in the game, yet he isn't deemed to be that good by the coaches. Time will tell whether his performances tell a different story. I know a lot of people don't trust the coaches, but I see this all the time. Jason Sancho is in my team with fairly average attributes but he is an elite winger and does perform well. So how much should I trust the attributes?
  2. Thats interesting. They don't come back to normal for me, but i'll keep a better eye on it from now on.
  3. At the risk of sounding harsh, teams like Man Utd don't need rebuilding on this game. 1 or 2 transfer windows is all it takes.
  4. Nope. I didn't hire either of those bronze level coaches. I hired a silver fitness coach and then suddenly looked and I had 5.
  5. Just popped over to my staff page to try and level up someone and suddenly I have 5 coaches. One of them I didn't even hire, so that's a bug in itself.
  6. Yep. A few people, myself included have put this in the bug list. I think it's being looked at.
  7. Ok so the news feed is bugged isn't it? If I press continue past a news item that I wanted to read, when I press back it won't take me to that news. It takes me to a random news item from ages ago. Then I have to press on the inbox and scroll all the way to the top to find the item I missed.
  8. Yes I'm having this quite a lot. I think I have a theory on why it's doing it. I was pressing the continue button which used to not let you go past a news item that needed an answer, whereas now it seems to skip this stage. See if you find the same? I'll do a test when possible. It's very annoying.
  9. Nah this kind of this has always just happened. Often sell loads of players to one club who would never be able to buy them. On my save Hannover just bought a player for 94 million..
  10. For me all 3 senior players I used for mentoring are now unpopular, which is fun!. Think I'll give it a bit of a miss for a while.
  11. Hey. Is this a bug? I sign a player and his attributes drop upon signing. I have state of the art training and gold star coaches. Happened in fm19 too. I just don't understand why? Before signing After signing Drops of 2 attribute points in some key areas. Realy bored of this kind of stuff.
  12. I found with in my second season with Newcastle I was absolutely screwed in the second half of the season, especially as we were in the eruopa league. I think im going to need a bigger squad and try and put everyone on rotation contracts. Stamina is a bit stingy for me since that infamous winter update.
  13. They seem to be fluctuating a lot this year based on form.
  14. I like the squad interaction. Players excited for upcoming games etc. Feel like it helps you get an idea for who has a good mentality.
  15. I really struggled to see where the ball was too.