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  1. Yes corners are ridiculously high scoring.
  2. I also would have loved this. In the past there were quite a few extra bits that weren't announced but we all found when the game was released. So let's hope that's the case.
  3. I like the look of the contract requests. Always drove me mad that you had to offer players contracts every time they requested them regardless. I think it looks like a smart update all round. Excited
  4. I get your point, but for the hundreds of hours a year I play I don't think £8 is much to pay. We would be gutted if they stopped making it.
  5. I'm checking this site all the time for updates. I get very excited on release day.
  6. Yep also found this. It's pretty ridiculous. A big drop across quite a few attributes
  7. Snip

    FMM19 General Discussion

    I'm playing in Scotland as rangers and have now had 2 season updates where I only get 1 promoted youth player, and they are always a goalkeeper. I decided to go back and keep going to the next season repeatedly and every single time I only had one goalkeeper promoted, must have done it about 8 times. I've got excellent youth facilities. Anyone else had this?
  8. Great challenge. Are you keeping an eye on scotlands league rating? See if it goes up as you progress in Europe further.
  9. Snip

    Winger help

    I find wingers work really well when placed along the centre of the pitch. As soon as you push them up to AM positions they don't produce nearly half as well. Just what I've found.
  10. Snip

    Winter Update

    They might be able to play ok in their early 90's but for me they would be so screwed by the end of the game they would have to be subbed really early.. So therefore in my view they aren't ok to play in their 90's
  11. Snip

    Winter Update

    How do I roll back too? I can't stand this. Mark mentions about not needing to rotate every game, but I'm having to. I'm sure I also saw him mention somewhere on this thread that he only subs players who go into the 70's.. I'm lucky if I have a single player who is over 70's by the end of the game. My 2 Cam's often go into the 60's and then can't play the next game. No intense training, no intense tactics,, and playing in bloody holland. Not even a tough league. like many others I only use subs to save people from death and not tactics.. It really is becoming such a chore to play. Does the android version differ to the iOS?
  12. Snip

    Winter Update

    Can someone summarise for me? There's too much stress on here. The fitness thing is still shit isn't it?
  13. I've asked previously but I'm loosing my mind here. Im playing in Holland with Germany, Italy and UK as the other leagues loaded but on my news filter I consistently get premier League results come up. I don't want premier League results to come up,, especially as I don't even get my own leagues results. I want to see how my closest rival got on with their match without searching for it. In the news filter I've chosen divisional, but still no change. Has anyone got any suggestions? This happens to me on every version of the game, I can't be the only one.? Ive just tried loading a new game without Belgian league instead of the UK and same thing,, I saw Belgian league results instead of Dutch results. That's crazy.
  14. Snip

    Winter Update

    Has anyone noticed a change in fitness? My players seem buggered after every game.
  15. Snip

    3 5 2 Attacking Tactic

    I admittedly used a different tactic in the 2 promotion seasons. But my first season in premier League was definitely an average side. Full of rejects from other teams and a lot of youth. And still finished in the Europa League places.