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  1. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Yeah it’s got worse on my save.. I’ve now got about 3 pending transfers on players I really want to sign.. and the latest one I got an offer accepted only to find I can’t offer a contract.
  2. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Yeah this doesn’t work for me. Tried a few times
  3. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    This is happening to me.. it used to fix itself when the transfer window closed but it’s still there after. Anyone got any fixes for this?
  4. Help Stamina

    But that doesn’t make much sense does it? There wouldn’t be any point in having any 5 star regens if they are going to have a handicap. His stamina was never great, but it was 9 or so.
  5. Anyone think the bug might be back? Got Luis Suárez’s regen who’s stamina has dropped to 4, rendering him pretty useless. Seriously what footballer would even be playing the game with 4 stamina? He’s a 5 star world class player.
  6. This requires so much dedication! Hats off to you sir. I have 3 great strickers at the moment so might try playing them all at the same time. I’m guessing you play them close together up top? Do you still have wingers?
  7. This I find to be a major floor in the transfer system of the game.. it often takes days and days of small negotiations to up the price by a little each time, then teams often just walk away without warning. I would much prefer it if these offers came in and could be negotiated on the same day without days passing and a final offer warning was more common.
  8. I’ve got some very good loan deals on transfer listed players buy offering them a buy out that I’m never willing to pay for a player who I could never afford the wages of. Will you need to go down that road I wonder? Good luck
  9. Chat Work permits

    Are Work permits harder to get with smaller reputation teams? I’ve just got promoted to the premier league with oxford and can’t sign anyone who isn’t an international. And the appeal process always fails.
  10. Chat Morale

    I’m also interested in this. does anyone do team selections based on morale? I’ve never really bothered but also had low morale even after just winning the league with Newcastle and wanted to know why. In general never had any complaints throughout the season from players except the dreaded contract negotiations which seems to be far too often for my liking. I also have a gold star motivational coach, and good squad rotation and success.
  11. A good read! I liked your in depth early posts. Good luck. I soon plan to do a lower league career
  12. Yes the players have always been available,, I guess what I mean is that this year they seem more willing to join lower ranked teams.
  13. In the past few versions I’ve gone to clubs and set myself rules of only playing players of the same nationality as the clubs,, otherwise the game is just far too easy! This version it seems to be transfers that are too easy, amazing players are to be found on the transfer lists and willing to sign for poor teams. I rebuilt my entire squad in 1 and a half seasons and have found myself a little bored with the save already.
  14. I’m using the same formation with Newcastle. Have an Ap instead of the Cm and have an ap instead of one of the if’s.. doing very well in second season. But it’s all feeling a bit easy. I picked up loads of amazing players I had no right to get in my first & second season.. and how you possibly got mbappe and the rest just makes a bit of a joke of the game. Where’s the reward or challenge?