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  1. Coach recommendation

    I would like to know good coaches if anyone knows
  2. 2017 Tactic Kits

    I really regret doing this revising since it's not pretty as i expected at first and it is applied to all teams. For example, if i choose Barcelona and put it in, i see the barcelona uniform in real madrid tactics NOT RECOMMENDED Sorry man for criticizing your hard work...
  3. Intensive training for FMM17

    General is supposed to be for midfielders though fitness and technical could be given in special situations when a player is lacking in a specific ability field
  4. Intensive training for FMM17

    That's why I sold Thiago after a season though I'm a Bayern fan
  5. Intensive training for FMM17

    I thought motivational is a special training section to maximize the other training effects, which doesn't cost many energy
  6. Managers Startscreens

    Could you please make a Baywrn Ancelotti one?? 한국인이신것같은데 정말부탁드립니다 ㅜ