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  1. Guys, I think this challenge just died. Mbappe just got a 2 months injury in a match vs bordeaux after having already recovered from a few days injury meaning he missed a couple of matches and having a bad start to the season, scoring only 4 in 7. I think this kills it for me, with the new version being out I don't have the will to continue this challenge. Also, I hate the international breaks, half my first team comes back tired. I tried to upload the screenshot but my tablet didn't let me. Think it's time for the SAF challenge on fmm18 now.
  2. Oh... I tend to do something like that as well. Reading yours and Ashez's (I think) posts about youth development I got the feeling that youngsters improve faster when accompanied by older players while in the reserve team (that's where I keep my youngsters while I send them on loan, until 18-19) so I had to check.
  3. When you say B squad, do you mean the reserves/second team or first team substitutes?
  4. About that... Do you judge your players performances on their numbers? What I mean is, while Sidibe and Mendy have similar skills, sidibe usually gets close to 10 assists per season and Mendy about half his number. Do I consider replacing him in order to get better numbers or do I assume he does other good things for our gameplay that aren't represented by assists? Another example is Lemar, who despite having amazing skills doesn't really score or assist enough. This is my second save with him and he doesn't offer much in either of them. Even his overall rating is barely above 7, while most of the team is at about 7.5. Granted, he usually plays winger and they tend to get lower numbers than IFs and APs in my experience, but still. I usually sell a player when I'm not satisfied with his skills and/or his overall ratings falls below 7, usually the latter. Very rarely do I look at the assists provided. I just assume the team is playing better because of him even if it's not quantified (think Modrić).
  5. End of season 7: we finally hit 60. But only just. Had 2 minor injuries which sidelined him for 2-3 weeks, came back stronger than ever after the second one in january / february. Less games played, more goals scored, guess that's something to be optimistic about. He turned 24 this season so it's now or never really. Only 681 more. In other news, we won everything except the CDDL, where nice knocked us out. They're my bogey team, every season they give me some kind of trouble. We are slowly coming towards a transition phase where most of the team is in their prime but closing in on their 30th birthday so I have been looking for replacements this past couple of seasons. It's been hit and miss, but sadly mostly miss. CD and AM positions are settled, I'm having some trouble finding adequate WBs and CMs though.
  6. He is my Primary attacker, yes. Haven't noticed any type of passing to work better, but to be honest I didn't play direct enough to have more than just a feeling. We'll see about the rest. Edit: He does seem to start strong (e. g. when returning from a minor injury or just being given a rest) and then fade away a bit.
  7. Usually 4321 with dlp cm apm in the middle and a winger and an apm on the wings. Attacking+short, offside trap+pressing. Sometimes I switch to balanced mentality and/or play a 4231, but the above is my default setting. None of the things I tried brought me more goals so I always come back to that I think I do create a decent amount of chances and he does take most of them, the only problem so far seems to be converting them. No reason to panic yet, but if he doesn't start converting them soon we might be in for an epic fail.
  8. Welp, another average season from Mbappe, scoring only 45 in 50. I don't think he ever scored in more than 3 matches in a row. Had some injury problems this season with him as well as the rest of the team, but I still feel like he (we) should be doing better. It's all the more more surprising, considering we dominated (almost) every competition. Barcelona knocked us out of the Champions cup by one goal. We battered them in the second leg, racking up double figures in shots on target, but just couldn't score so the match ended 0-0. I took a closer look at some matches and it seemed like Mbappe is taking most of the shots, just couldn't score even if his life depended on it. Gives some hope for the future, I guess. Just 741 to go.
  9. That's what I thought, but he wasn't scoring as much as I would expect so I watched some matches with extended highlights and pitch view and the ball just wasn't getting to him. That's why I decided to try it without him being the primary attacker. Didn't see much of a difference to be honest. added 0 minutes later I'm sorry, but I don't know what KIU means.
  10. A short update this time, guys. We had a fantastic season winning everything except the CDLL scored some more goals than lot season, which also showed on Mbappe as he finally managed to break the 50 goals barrier. 56 in 54, 214 goals in total, can't say I'm thrilled but could be worse I guess. I played about half a season with the primary attacker setting off because it seemed to me that Mbappe spent most of the time isolated up front and didn't see much of the ball. It did produce some more goals for a while, but eventually I turned it back on and finished the season in spectacular fashion. He does tend to have 2 or 3 matches in a row without scoring, but if he keeps this form up there we might actually reach the 1k. And finally, we have a special player from our own academy. I'm always happy to see those succeed. Got some playtime this season already, there's certainly more to come. We had a proper sale this season, getting rid of some players who aren't bad, but have no room in a team as stacked as this one. Subašić, Glik, Diallo, N'Doram and Jean left last summer, followed by Riedewald in January and Lopes, Moutinho and Saint-Maximin this summer. Many of these were from the Monaco academy so it's nice to have at least one player likely to break through.
  11. I will look into the "first time shots" thing, not sure about that. I am aware of the tiredness problem, I usually substitute him around the 70-80 minute mark to make sure he plays as many games as possible. I started this last season with 3×intensive training which seemed a bit too much for him as he started getting very tired very quickly around october-november so I reverted back to 2×intensive. I rarely give him more than 1 game off though, might start doing that. Anyway, this is my first 1KC so I don't quite know what to expect. There's no reason to worry yet, but he's not getting any younger.
  12. First of all, thank you guys for the congratulations, hope I'm in for a long (and good) one. On to the next update: End of season 4... Still a lot to be desired from Mbappe. Another frustrating CL exit Domestically we were on the verge of a treble, however there's always Lyon (who el- wait what? no PSG!? yep, it happened) to spoil our plans. The return: only 45 goals I took the PSG screenshot at the end of regular time to turn your attention to my shot conversion. I seem to have a problem scoring goals (only 76 in 38 league games) and I can't figure out why. I have been experimenting with 4231, 4321 and 4141, but none of them score (many) goals. I seem to dominate teams and have a lot of shots, even some clear cut chances. I used to think (in)experience is the problem, however the team has grown now and I do have some world class players, they just don't perform at the level I would expect. For those interested, here are the players who are supposed to provide the assists (APs and Ws): The only thing I can blame now is Mbappe's shooting stat (15). Maybe that's just not enough to consistently score at this level (he is still only 21, of course, but the goals do have to come at some point ) Some frustrating matches in the spoiler: I mean I get there are supposed to be some of these matches in a season, I just have the feeling there are too many. In the CL group stage I played two games against Jablonec and only scored 6 goals. Those are usually (on OME) matches i score like 5 goals with my first team. I started the season with 4231, all of the 3 being APs, Mbappe scored 5 goals in the first two games and I thought I was on to something, but it didn't last. In the third game he was back to his usual 0-1 goals per game. After a lot of fiddling about I came back to that formation in March and once again he scored 5 goals in 2 matches, but once again that was it. I usually play attacking+short passing+pressing and look to exploit weaknesses in opponents positioning, if there are any. Sometimes I fiddle with the offside trap and direct passing, as I said it depends on the opponent. Is there anything I can do to score more? Is Ligue 1 just a defensive league and that's it
  13. Thank you! He must pick up the pace, otherwise it will take him more than 20 seasons to reach the 1k.
  14. Hello again my dear vibers, it's time for another Kylian update. It took me a lot of time to get back to it, as I said I just didn't have the time before (also I got married in the meantime ). I might just make it to 1k if I continue playing. To be honest though, seeing PriZe rock the Isak save isn't very motivating for me. So... The important part: We kick off the season with a loss in TDC against PSG (who else) Lyon kick us out of the cup in a bizarre match Juve kick us out in the first round of the Champions cup in two bizarre matches we were through on away goals until bloody Asamoah showed up. we also lost the league to PSG (who else) 84 points isn't bad, but PSG were on another level. We conceded too many goals to compete for the title. So that's it, we lost it all... No, wait a minute, we must have won something, right? Right?! Sure we have, there's also the mickey mouse cup of France we played in, winning against PSG in the final (who else) How did Kylian do? Well, not bad considering he played less games than before, but he hasn't yet gotten to the 50 mark. All we can do now is hope to do better next season and post a new update before FMM18 is released. Cheers guys!
  15. Wow it's been almost a month since my last post here... I'm sorry guys but I just don't have the time at the moment. I do hope to continue this at some point, hopefully before the new version is released.