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  1. How do I favourite?

    Okay thanks man!
  2. How do I favourite?

    As it says in the title, would someone mind telling me how I can favourite a topic as I want to keep the wonderkid topic in sight all the time
  3. The best wonderkids in FMM17

    How do I favourite this topic?
  4. Around the World in 80 goals

    That's a hard one to overcome, I think stick with the second idea you had
  5. Impossible to keep clean sheets?

    What's the difference? I had it on EME but see no difference to OME so I've just kept it on that
  6. Impossible to keep clean sheets?

    What does EME and OME stand for?
  7. Help for a story

    I've been thinking and would like to do a career/story to share with everyone on here, possibly starting in unemployment and working my way up to a top division club! But the problem I've got is I don't really know how to, what tips and advice would you go on me starting a story to share with you lot and for me to feel more involved with everyone
  8. Around the World in 80 goals

    And see how quickly you Can go to all the four countries with the same striker scoring 80 goals in each
  9. Around the World in 80 goals

    I think you should pick a club buy a play that will score 80 goals once done then move to another country out of the 4 you've chosen then bring the same striker with you and try to get 80 goals in that country and so on
  10. Logo packs?

    Would you be able to post the link please
  11. Logo packs?

    Can anyone please show me or explain how to get logos on Android. Cheers